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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

07-Ghost - Episode 12

Some Hakuren and Teito bickering fun~
and oh, also: BLOOD.

It was a hilarious episode
thanks to the quarrels between Teito and Hakuren. Their jokes are
pretty lame and overused, I admit, but they were so cute. One can't
get tired of them! Haha!
And aside from the fun parts, it also had serious parts, and its
serious parts are pretty horrific to the point that there are
bloodsheds, taken souls, and of course, deaths.

Episode began by showing us how exactly people become Kors:

They usually target people who are going angsty about their life. They will tempt you by granting your three wishes in exchange for your soul. Sounds like a contract with a devil, right? Well, like other contracts with the devil, the price to pay isn't really something good. Not that worth it even, especially if what you wished for are out of selfishness. Oh humankind . . . if such things happen in the real world, there'll be a gazillion Kors out here in just seconds. . .

Before the new Kor went on a killing spree, Frau went ahead and finished him off. This is the first
time we see Frau kill a Kor victim. Perhaps it's because it's hopeless to save him now because he's already in a critical stage? Other victims didn't exactly have the eye popping and distorted faces thing.
Anyway, Frau licking blood. If you look at it logically, a bishop fighting evil + licking blood like a monster doesn't make sense. Unless you take in account the scythe with him, since it's actually
the enemy's. Him acting pretty monstrous might have something to do with his control on that weapon.
But if you look at it in a fan bias way, Frau licking blood is freakin' hott and smexy! Hahahaha!

Now let's go see how our main character's doing:

Teito and Hakuren met again. Hakuren has a nickname for him: "elementary school kid" or "kiddie". Hakuren reminded Teito of Shuuri . . . their relationship became worse. Haha!

In the manga it was actually Hakuren who offered his hand, but it had been the opposite here. But still, outcome's the same: they're really pissed off at each other and want to beat the crap out of each other if only they weren't inside a church. Haha!

When Hakuren left, Burupya jumped on top of his head. This reminds me of Hetalia's Prussia/Gilbert/Gilboagain. Why do awesome people do not ever notice when there's something
adorable riding on top of them? Hahahaha!
I have noticed, Burupya rides on the heads of Frau and Hakuren, right?And these two people end up being important people to Teito, like Mikage. These two people also bicker with him and had given him nicknames, like Mikage. Frau uses "brat", while with Hakuren it's "kiddie" then for Mikage it's "chibi". Haha! All have something to do with Teito's height. Hahahaha!
Back to Burupya, I really think Burupya/Mikage is choosing friends for Teito. It/he sure has good senses on whom Teito would get along with. Haha!

Anyway, while Teito was going after Hakuren and Burupya, he comes across some purification show. Assistant Archbishop Bastien is doing the presentation. We know that the three bishops can do purifications more advanced than that, but sometimes seeing less advanced techniques could be amazing too. I mean, it's like learning to play an instrument. When you hear an expert play it, you'll be amazed. When you try to learn the basics, some basic stuff also amaze you too. . . .alright, I suck in explaining my thoughts. . .

After the show, Teito gets to meet the bishop trio again. They explain to him that Bastien's the healer type, like Labrador. Teito is more of the offensive type, but he could be good in other skills with hard work. Castors tells him that he'll be getting special night classes from him.
I remember a blog comparing this series to Harry Potter, well this part made me think of Harry Potter too. Special lessons . . . reminds me of Harry's lessons with Lupin and Snape. Hehe. Fandom similarities are awesome~

So later Teito was able to find Hakuren and gets Burupya back. Apparently, Hakuren really didn't notice AT ALL that Burupya's on top of him. Teito wondered about that in the manga, weird that he didn't in the anime. I don't get why the anime doesn't include the parts that Teito should be wondering about no matter how minor they are. Like in that episode with Mikhail, when he got his consciousness in the anime he didn't even wonder why he's in a different place! Guuuhh . . .
Anyway, Hakuren thinks Teito's like trying hard to be his friend. So of course this annoyed Teito. Hehe~

It delighted Burupya though. OHMYGOD WHY ARE YOU SO FREAKIN' ADORABLE YOU LITTLE DARLING!!!!!!!!!!! *pokes and cuddles Burupya*

Since Teito's one of the applicants now, he doesn't need to stay in the guestroom and gets to join in the dorm. It turned out that his roomate is none other than Hakuren! Haha! They both so don't like it . . .but unfortunately they can't do anything about it. Haha!

Later they leave early for the little training. They meet the receptionist who is actually an ex-convict. Hakuren tells Teito to be careful.
Even though Teito is someone Hakuren dislikes, he has been nice enough to give warnings to the guy. Our Hakuren isn't exactly the snob and cocky sort of dude. Hehe.

But after that, something happened to
the receptionist. Teito reacted quick and when he needed help, Hakuren
was already there to give a hand. Oh these boys have a heart~

Hakuren still blamed Teito for their lateness though (it wasn't in the manga. It was cute they added this) but they made it anyway. Hakuren does most of the explanation of the nature of their surroundings. We could see from that that Hakuren really did a lot of advanced studying and preparation for the exam.

And oh, he also used this opportunity to boast his zaiphon shooting skills! Haha! A bascule used like a gun,
really cool~

Teito realizes that Zaiphon are actually based on words, specifically one's thoughts and feelings. At the military, the weapons are meant for killing, so of course killing intents would be effective in using it. However, the bascule isn't for killing, but for helping others. Or in other words, it will only work for good intentions.
Off-topic: Seeing two Teito's make me glee~ Hehe. It's like seeing twins *loves twins*

Teito gives it a try . . . . but once again he was epic fail.

Hakuren didn't mock him, but even gave him further tips and some encouragement. Bastien did the same (he was actually there?! O_O). So that motivated Teito to give it another try . . .

This time, he centered his thoughts on Mikage (oh who else?! Haha!) and it worked . . . so well! It shows that even without Mikhail, he's already incredibly powerful!

He broke it though~ Hehe~ Bastien mentions that it's actually Frau's bascule (so the blood in it was most likely Frau's then). Hakuren heard the magical name . . .

"What's your relationship with Bishop Frau?!"
"Err . . you mean that perverted bishop?"
"How dare you say that to the one who ranked highest in this exam!"

Waheheheheh~ . . .*ehem* so episode ended with the receptionist being killed:

"May god be with you . . . "

And look who's the handsome bastard behind it again:

"Why, me of course! Sweet dreams."

I love it that things are getting bloodier and more dangerous~ Hehe~ You are such an awesome villain Aya-tan~


Next episode we get to see some Frau and Teito drama . . . and also more Teito flashbacks. I think the anime won't be as consistent to the manga as the recent episodes have
been on episode 13. Just a feeling~