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Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Flavors: Prunus Girl

Prunus Girl
by Matsumoto Tomoki
Maki-kun goes to look at the results of his high school entrance exam results and meets a beautiful girl. Could this be a fated encounter? He's thrilled to find out that the same girl, Aikawa Kizuna, not only ends up going to his school, but is in his class. However, he's not so thrilled to find out that Aikawa is really a guy!

I'm always amused with manga that have male crossdressers. Hehe~ Latest one I've read/seen was Maria+Holic, and it was fun! So when I found out that this one had a guy dressing up as a girl too, it had been fun as well!

But there had been speculations that Aikawa might really be a girl just having delusions that she's actually a guy or something. Well, either that or it's really a guy who thinks he's a girl. Another possibility is that . . . is a guy that had sex change? Or maybe he could change his gender through magic or something. So many possibilities . . . . but I think it's most likely that Aikawa's currently female.

Oh come on, if he had really been a guy, then this manga would've been classified as shounen-ai, right? But I've been checking its genre in different sites, and still no shounen-ai. So this is just a romantic comedy . . . . but shounen/seinen. It's a little perverted so it's romance for the guys. It'll only be shoujo is it's too mushy. Ehehe.

Anyway, this series seems pretty fun to read. There are story cliches here and there, but some parts have been interesting and made me think (like what exactly is Aikawa's gender).

However, this is the type that's worth reading if you have plenty of time to waste. Ehehe. I am following too many more addicting series so I pass on this one. But I didn't dislike this. I did say it had been a pretty enjoyable read. It's just not the type I'd want to look forward to every week/release. Hehe.

Sapphire Pyro
READ: 4 chapters (out of 4 chapter released so far)
It was pretty fun and interesting!
However, it's just not the type that I'll be addicted to. Besides, rarely do I get addicted to slice of life series. Ehehe~


galimagery said...

Oooo gender bender stories! *adds in to-read list*

Sapphire Pyro said...

*also fond of gender benders* Wheee~

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