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Monday, June 29, 2009

New Flavors: Bara no Maria

Bara no Maria
( A Brave Heart of Red Rose )
By Jyumonji Ao
Maria Rose is burdened with debt after a strange event, and her sword, "Fake Consuming Inferno" is confiscated. At that time, Katari, a member of her clan, got a hold of some profitable information, but to obtain it, they have to go to an "Underground Raid", but things aren't as easy as it seems...(iskultrip scans)

The plot seemed interesting and . . . I liked the name of the main character’s sword. Hehe~ Art looks nice anyway so I gave it a try.

It got me disappointed though. The actual story didn’t seem to be as good nor as interesting as the plot seemed. I didn’t feel the flow of the story . . . things just happened. I didn’t get most of what’s going on. For me, there haven’t been enough explanations and backgrounds (story and character background).

But what makes me appreciate the series despite my disappointment is these characters:

Guy on the left – He’s simply my type! Haha! Spiky hair style, cool getup, and big sword (somewhat like Cloud from FFVII, right?)! He seems to be a nice and skillful guy. Not to mention he’s cute! Hehe! But the trait he possesses that got me more attracted to him is . . . . HIS NAME! Know what his name is? It’s TOMATO! Bwahahahahahaha!!!!!!! First time I’ve heard such a funny name from a non-gag manga! Bwahahahha!!! I can hear Hetalia’s Romano singing his tomato song (~ Buono Tomato! Buono Tomato! Buono Buono Oh Tomato!~)

Guy on the right – I am very very amused to his obsession and undying love for the leading lady! Haha! He’s so hilarious but at the same time cool! I believe he's the most skillful character so far . . . but he’s definitely the craziest character among the main cast! (He is crazy as in Morita of Honey & Clover level) He amuses and entertains me a lot! Haha!

Alright, overall, even though the story hasn’t impressed me much, the manga wasn’t that bad and have become pretty interesting around the third chapter. What still bothers me in the series I guess is that Maria’s being called a transvertie and she claims that she’s not a “little girl”. I’m not sure if she’s just saying that she’s not that young anymore or she’s not actually female. It’s confusing! But oh well, what’s saving this series from being a complete failure to me are the characters. The characters themselves and their interactions with each other had been fun~ (I hate Safina though).

This manga didn’t meet my expectations but it gave me some interesting surprises (specifically my character favorites). I still can’t decide whether I’ll want to read more of this or not, but I guess I’ll put it on hiatus or something. Other people might also appreciate this type of humor. I don't think those who are strict to good storytelling will appreciate it though. But other people might not see the story as the way I have so maybe it's just me. And I think some will still find this pretty interesting. Hehe.

Sapphire Pyro
READ: 3 chapters (out of 3 scanlated chapters released so far of a 2 volume ongoing manga)
VERDICT: Undecided
It wasn’t as good as I expected, so it got me disappointed. But I loved two certain characters there. I didn’t get hooked at all but I’m readng more because of them. Haha!


Anonymous said...

= =" Mariarose is a DUDE!!!! Go read the original came out before the manga and is clearer!!! LOL, won't be disappointed. At least i liked the novel better....Azian got hugged by Maria...hahaha. and there are also new characters that are cute as well if you're into characters.....

I won't spoil it go check it out if you're interested.

Sapphire Pyro said...

Whoa!!! Thanks for confirming that!

And I didn't know there are novels o_o . . . though I doubt I can get a copy . . . and I dunno if there are translations out there. Huhu . . .

Anonymous said...

Uh, read the 4th chapter, Maria Rose is a girl.. she's even wearing a black dress along with the fact she's referred as a girl by her friend. I think that people want her to be a guy so it can be yaoi.. but it's not.. Check it out on

Sapphire Pyro said...

I did. But a guy can crossdress and that friend might've also just mistaken her gender *okayz, not really sure who you're referring to because I can't remember that chapter very well* So I was still confused about Maria's gender. Ehehehe.

Anonymous said...

Well, don't forget their were mentions of groping her boobs as well, I guess the only thing that can be done to prove otherwise if we see her in something really frilly, or that we see her naked..

Sapphire Pyro said...

Why do I fail to remember x_x I'll try to reread that chapter (if ever I find where I saved it). With that kind of scene it should have already been very clear to me that Maria's female.

Anonymous said...

The gender in the novel might be a guy but the author may have turned Maria into a girl in the manga. Perhaps the author wanted to see the character as a girl.

Anonymous said...

I believe Maria is a girl, when she said" i'm not a little girl" she meant she wasnt a kid anymore or at least thats what I precieved by it. She also later denies that she is a transvetite so she is indeed a she. Besides she could be a boy in the novel but be a girl in the manga I've seen it happen before.

naomi said...

in manga i can only find 4 chapters. i looked everywhere for the 5th chapter! is there even a fith chapter or is it over for manga?

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Latest Anonymous 1 and 2
That's possible

@ naomi
5th chapter isn't out as far as I know. If you want it that badly, try to buy the manga ^^

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