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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Eden of the East - Episode 11 [END]

Unlike the promo picture, Akira and Saki hadn't exactly ridden a carousel in an ordinary day.

One of the best shows from Spring 2009 has finally ended . . . or not?

Last episode of the series had ended up with a cliffhanger. It was done well but it also did a good job in driving a lot of fans cray because of the wait! Haha!

  • Saki totally fits the title of "the one who understands Akira the most". By just spending time with him and occasionally hearing what he's been doing through his phone, she was able to tell what exactly Akira did and felt before he got his memory wiped.
  • The three boys . . . trying to retrieve the laptop from the NEETs . . . that whole part . . . FREAKIN' HILARIOUS!!! Hahahaha!
  • Hooray! Ohsugi hadn't been an a$$ in this episode! He and Akira finally met too. There was no jealousy crap whatsoever! I didn't expect Ohsugi to be a lot taller than Akira though.
  • A hero doesn't always do anything on his own! Akira got his help from the NEETs! I still don't get why they're butt naked though. But the idea of ordinary citizens actually the ones saving the country from missiles is really cool! Behold the power of technology! Don't underestimate communication devices! Hehe! The NEETs seem to be dedicated to their err . . . job. When they came out, the first thing they looked for were their phones, not their clothes whatsover.
  • Takizawa pretended to be a terrorist so that all the hatred will be focused on him . . . this reminded me of Code Geass' Lelouch, who also acted as the bad guy so the masses can focus their anger to him. YOU TRAGIC HEROES!!!! DAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWW!!!!!
  • In the end, he thought of wasting the rest of his money by making himself the king, or rather prince, of Japan, which is a country that doesn't have such anymore. I didn't expect the prince thing from episode one is actually hinting/foreshadowing this event! Cool!
  • I think he might become a king for real . . . he's got billions of yen left! He can have a palace built and bribe all politicians for that! Oh well, who knows~
  • But aside from that, I've heard that he got his memories wiped again (I actually didn't see that in the episode. When did he exactly ask that from Juiz? But that's what the others have been saying . . . ). I don't see the point though. The first time he did it makes sense . . . but now . . . he already has Saki and other people who trust him! What's the point of rediscovering things about himself all over again in the future? It's wasting time!
  • About the other Selacao numbers . . . Mononobe was calm . . . the woman (I can't remember her name) wants to be saved by Akira as well . . . . Yuki is being emo . . . the other guy, I thought he's just the type who doesn't care, but apparently he actually looks up on things.
  • I'm surprised that Itazu's still alive! Well, with his skills, he would be a very useful character in future events. That's probably why the creators didn't let him die yet . . . ehehehe~

The ED theme scenes had been accurate. He was really just pointing at those missles with a bang and BANG they go! It was so awesome!!! Really really really AWESOME!


This is my favorite scene among all the Akira x Saki moments in this series =3 I really love it when the guy carries the girl that way. I find it so romantic~

The part with Saki saying it must be a lie when Akira's been declaring himself a terrorist. Aaaw~

Oh she wants to go with him . . .and they go away . . . hand-in-hand.

They stop for a while . . . then head patting . . . cute~

I love the part when Akira screamed Saki's name and held her in his arms like that. Hehe. Good thing she's okay.

Ooooohhh . . . .the way they look at each other . . . . so sweet~


Anyway, that's the end of the series.

It had been such a wonderful and amazing series! We couldn't get enough awesomeness!!!

But don't worry, there'll be more!

It has been announced that there'll be two thearatical films this coming November 2009 and January 2010.

However . . . .

Yeah . . .