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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Eden of the East - Episode 10

"I wanna beat the crap of all of you."
Lots of revelations in this episode. Not only to the viewers, but also to Akira himself, and Saki and her friends. We get to learn more about Akira's past, also finally why the hell he wiped out his memory, who exactly is Mr. Outside, who Juiz really is, what the missiles are actually for, and so much more!
  • Ato Saizo = Mr. Outside is a very lame pun. Seriously.
  • No. 1 says that he's most likely a dead man. Even had cancer. And if ever he lived, he'll be a hundred years by now. But later events in the episode make them doubt about what they thought on what exactly happened to Mr. Outside.
  • My guess about Mr. Outside is that he's no longer human (some android or AI machine or something like that), or the previous Mr. Outside is dead and someone related replaced him, or No. 12 = Supporter = Mr. Outside.
  • Saki finally confronts Akira about the phone. He lets her listen to what's happening again and tells her to forget about him if he turned out to be a criminal. I'm happy he's letting her know. Usually when the leading guy is involved in something incredibly serious, he doesn't let his girl know to not make her worry or get involved. It's pretty caring, but overused, and I'm sick of that. I'm happy on the little differences this series makes.
  • Saki and Micchan also get to know about who's behind the missiles and about Akira's past from listening to the phone. I gues they could confirm now that Akira is not a bad guy. The other group got a copy of what Itaze found out, but they don't know which is Akira. Of course Ohsugi would suspect that No. 10 is Akira, but I'm so happy that the missing NEETs showed up later to prove how wrong he was.
  • So, Juiz seems to be some incredible AI machine. But the woman with the bottle sounded like her. She even knows about the game. Perhaps Mr. Outside's secretary?
  • No. 1 is such a serious guy . . . I'm not sure if I could see him as a villain anymore because he even told Akira what he needed to know even if he had stopped their plans last time. And he let Akira go even if Akira obviously wouldn't want to help them out.
  • No. 10 is so emo . . . . annoyingly emo. 'nuff said.
  • Whoever that other Selacao is . . . I don't see the use of adding him in the cast if he doesn't care at all. Doesn't talk much. Or maybe it's to show another point of view of society to what's happening to the world: "I don't care. Let's just get this over with." Ah, reality . . .
  • So many things have happened in this episode! They had been interesting and intriguing but it kind of makes me worry of how the last episode will be like. I'm not actually sure if the movie will be the remake or the continuation of the series. I hope it's a remake/summary, because it sucks to wait for such a long time to see what happens next. Ehehe.

About why Akira wiped out his memories, it sounds simple but it totally made sense. It was so depressing that he wanted to forget about it.
Saki cried upon knowing that. She felt worse that she's just as bad as the people who have betrayed him.
For some reason I find scenes wherein the girl cries for the leading guy's loneliness really romantic . . . dramatically romantic.
Speaking of romantic, WHEN AM I GOING TO GET MY ACTUAL ROMANCE?! Make them officially canon already! Don't make me wait for the movie! It'll drive me and a gazillion of other fans CRAZY!!!!! @_@