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Friday, June 26, 2009

New Flavors: Megalomania

by Hiama Daisuke
Set in a future where humans are not the only beings, there are tensions between two races (humans and demihumans). Humans of an age before created these demihumans as slaves to their society. But then a war broke out and demihumans were freed from their enslavement though still restricted to lead lowly lives.
Canon Passacagilia, an officer of the East Side's Police Bureau's Special Second Division who are in charge of dealing with crimes related to demihumans. She patrols this city's streets helping all she can. (solitaryCross)

I love action series that deal with human-like creatures! I also find stories that are futuristic and deal with the clash of different races pretty interesting. Not to mention that I'm a sucker for manga that involve cops and criminals as well. Hehe~ So of course this series got my attention!

About the art, it wasn't exactly as amazing or eye-catching like many shounen manga out there, but the mangaka knows how to illustrate important scenes and cool moves. The fight scenes look pretty cool in this manga!

As for the story, the main character's situation somewhat reminded me of D. Gray-man. They both side with a certain race and belong to some organization that protects them. Both Allen and Canon is somewhat a combination of those two races (Canon being half human and ajin; while Allen is a human with an akuma eye), and they actually pity and protect both sides. How the first chapter went had been somewhat similar with those series.

As for the characters, they're pretty cool, fun, and likable. Canon is somewhat stereotypical though, but in later chapters she finally shows traits that makes her less and less stereotypical. I didn't like Merri though. She's simply annoying. My favorite here has to be Bachenbell! I thought he was just some extra dude in the workforce who does the easy tasks and leaves the difficult ones to the main character . . . but it turned out that he's actually highly skillful and actually an elite member of the division he previously belonged to. Yeah, he can do the job excellently without the help of Canon's extraordinary ability. He's also a nice guy and not discriminative. What I love about him the most is that he's crack! Haha! He has this cute habit of buying weird stuff, making the people who eats his stuff constipated or experience stomachaches. Haha! He's awesome~

I'm not that hooked to this manga but I really really liked it! I think it's worth a shot for fans of supernatural action shounen. If chapter one didn't please you, please give chapter two a chance. It's just so much better! Hehe~ If not, then it's just not your thing. And oh, those who are strict in incredibly well-drawn and detailed art might not appreciate it either. Some scenes have been drawn too simply, but for me, how they are presented/illustrated have been pretty good.

I look forward to reading more of this! Story seems pretty promising, even if I don't find it that addicting. Ehehe~

Sapphire Pyro
READ: 2 chapters (out of 2 scanlated chapters released so far of a 4 volume ongoing manga)
VERDICT: Following but Non-Priority
Demi-humans . . .action shounen . . . got my attention fast! Hehe!
It wasn't oh-so-incredible but it had been cool and story's pretty interesting. I liked it!