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Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Flavors: Choku!

by Tanigawa Nico
Here’s a new shounen series that’s a comedy involving bloody noses and taking a shit. If you actually expect to see shitting, this is not the series for you… I think? I don’t know what future chapters will entail. Anyway, it’s about a girl who seems to lack social skills who likes this short guy who she finds to be really cute. The two go off and do things basically.

Honestly, the sole reason why I thought of checking out this manga is because the picture of a nosebleeding girl huggling the leading boy had intrigued me. Haha! It somewhat reminded me of Maria+Holic, but of course these two series don't really have much similarities at all (except for having a nosebleeding leading girl and seriously random bizarre crack).

Now that I've read the chapter, I have to say I didn't appreciate it. One thing is because of the art. I'm not exactly the type who only appreciates series with pretty or well-drawn art, and I understand that comedy series don't exactly need to look good to be funny either. But . . . the art just seemed to lame and rushed. It's like reading a badly drawn doujinshi. I can't find anything appealing on the art style. Or maybe it's just me.

The story's even worse. Okay, since it's comedy, I shouldn't be strict on the story either. Comedy series can do fine without making any sense, hehe. But this manga is just TOO nonsensical for me. It's making my head ache instead of making me laugh so hard. Yeah, I'm not that sold to its humor as well. It's funny, yes, I get the jokes. Especially that leading girl. However, some of the jokes are pretty overused (in just one chapter) so it just makes me giggle a little then get tired of it later. Most of the time it makes me go: "WTF?!" Ehehe. Well, some people may appreciate this type of humor. Actually, I like insane stuff but this just didn't click to me for some reason.

About the characters, the leading girl is seriously TOO WEIRD for me while the leading boy is just some loser. I admit they had cute moments, but reading more of them wouldn't be something fun for me.

To my relief, there isn't any perverted fanservice in this manga, despite the insanity, at least in the first chapter. It's pretty disturbing in a way though (e.g. "LET'S SHIT TOGETHER"). This manga isn't my type, so yeah, dropped.

Sapphire Pyro
READ: 1 chapter (out of 1 chapters released so far)
VERDICT: Dropped
It had been so wacky and funny, but it's simply just not my type of insanity and humor. Ehehe. This manga is TOO weird for me, I guess.