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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Flavors: Undead

by Terashima Masashi)
Hachiouji Tarou is an average 2nd year high school student. Since his father died, leaving him as the head of the family, he’s been constantly pulling his brother out of trouble. One night, when he came back home, hiss mother's head was rolling on the floor, and an evil spirit had hold of his younger brother. Instead of helping him, he hesitated and stood frozen with fear while the spirit got away with his brother. Now Tarou is on a quest to find his brother and exterminate evil spirits.

I thought of checking this out because seeing the word "dead" in the title attracts me. Haha! And I was looking forward to see zombies or the like. Hehe.

And I did. Sort of. It appears that "Undead Hunters" are like half-dead humans because they were only able to survive for having evil spirits within them. And yeah, they battle evil spirits and stuff. I think it's shounen after all.

I consider the story as the typical "angsty shounen" type. You know, where the life of the leading guy was so normal at first, until some monsters mess up his life. His goal is to rescue someone and has to become stronger. He may be scared at first but eventually thanks to his will or something he'll overcome it and gain the power he needs. And of course he won't die. And of course he'll have some training eventually. And of course there will be people with experience to take care of him.

It had potential to be good. And I could have adored it for the "brotherly love" thing in the story. But I wasn't sold to it. I couldn't continue reading after a few pages of the third chapter.

I find it surprising though, because all this monster stuff is my kind of thing. And the sketchy and spooky art style reminds me of Soul Eater. Art is cool but I find the Soul Eater style more appealing.

The characters didn't seem that great to me, except for the dude with glasses and this badass manager:

But overall, I really didn't like it much. So yeah, dropped.

People who like this type of shounen stories may appreciate it though. It is twisted after all. Messy style art had been awesome! It's spooky yet cool too! However, it just didn't appeal to me.

Plot source: Baka-Updates