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Monday, June 8, 2009

Bakuman - Chapter 40

Two Major Events in the chapter: (1) Conclusion/Closure on Azuki's Struggle (2) Ranking Worries
Overall Impression: As usual, this manga surprises and impresses me at the same time! Rarely do I find excitement from slice of life manga series! hehe!

YES! Saiko did run to her place out of so much worry. Screw the deadline! His girlfriend is not alright! Haha! This simple event shows how much Azuki weighs more than his manga dream. Hehe.

But of course, someone still has to do the reality check (I am glad someone did! If this was a typical shoujo manga, other characters would even be supporting the guy to go after her to show how much he means to her. The hell! Love doesn't always mean that way. And please wake up to reality!). The duo will be facing a lot of problems over a simple thing if Saiko doesn't make it to the deadline. So when Shuujin sees Saiko running to Azuki's place even if it will take him 4 hours of travel time, he calls up Azuki and scolded her for it. Haha!

Upon knowing that Saiko is going to her place forgetting about his important deadline, Miho isn't the type to go emo on why Saiko did such a thing. She takes action at once: she calls him up . . .

and she apologizes for making him worry and tells him to work on his manga already! She doesn't want him to be ruined (even if he'll be willing to if it's for her sake) because of her. The reason why she didn't talk to him is because she doesn't like him seeing her so down. I guess it shows that she doesn't want him to worry about her while he's busy working. She prefers to be the one who cheers for him with enthusiasm all the type. Such a sweet girl Miho is~

Well, because of this incident, she promised him that she'll tell him even if she's in a bad situation. Hehe.

She has already decided not to take the photo book offer, but she would still want to know what Saiko thinks. He won't be able to answer at once if it will have something to do with her voice acting dream, so she asked him if it's alright for him to have a photo book thinking that it has nothing to do with voice acting.

And he answers honestly. Haha! Lover boy wants her for himself, and him alone. Well, to girlfriends that is something very touching. Hehe.

I am so happy that Azuki isn't the type to go emo for too long and just cry until she runs out of tears (if this was a typical shoujo manga, that will definitely happen, unless the leading guy will comfort her. Uuuggghh!!!). She had actually already cheered up after reading her elementary graduation yearbook/album(?) . She wants to focus on her real dream, instead of just being popular.

Then they start talking about their plans when their dreams come true. Oh this couple, they could already do such as soon as possible. You two with unbelievable patience!!! But well, in this way they look sweeter, and purer. Oh I love this couple! Haha!

Saiko goes home and apologizes to Shuujin and Miho. Shuujin looked so cute when he said he can't get angry when Saiko apologizes. Haha!

Now that that's over, they are currently worrying about another issue:

The rankings of their chapter releases keep on dropping, so of course it's making them worried. But their editor just tells them to relax and not to worry since they're still in the top ten.

I had already noticed that their new editor is too optimistic, and this chapter had confirmed it. It also appears that this editor lacks experience too. Their assistant adds that when he submitted his manga to the contest, the editor said they were fine but none of his works made it to the finals.

Another thing that will make them worry more about their rankings:

Their rivals from the Golden Cup finally gained serialization! I'm proud of these two, and of course their rivals are happy about it as well (I love how Eiji celebrates. Haha!), but still, there's more competition.

Shuujin decides to rewrite chapter 7. Screw their current editor's opinions. Hatori's hell better. Hehe. The other director isn't exactly a bad guy (sorry if I still can't remember his name) but it will be a very bad thing if Saiko and Shuujin goes down because of him. It makes me miss Hattori's genius. I hope he becomes their editor again. Hehe.