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Friday, June 5, 2009

New Flavors: Otomen

by Kanno Aya
Asuka is a guy who has likings for girly things like shoujo manga, baking, and sewing. However, his mother forbids him being so and wants him to grow up manly. He starts learning kendo and karate and grows up to be stoic guy. But can he fight the urge of falling in love and hiding his real identity?

I first heard about this from my online twin. The plot seemed cute so I added it in my "Mangas to Check Out" List. When I finally get to read it, I confirm:


It's very amusing! And I'm glad that it's about a guy acting like a shoujo manga heroine, because it would be too the same with the others if he had been a girl. I'm also relieved that even if it's about a girlie guy, he isn't exactly gay, since he's not harassing other men and he's actually in love with a girl. This is not a very common type of character in shoujo manga. I'm impressed.

The main trio in the story

The story is fun but sadly I don't think the characters are fleshed out that much. Main character got some of course, the other guy got a little, but with the leading girl . . . I don't feel it at all. I don't hate her, and she's not an annoying type of leading lady either. But to me, she seemed so . . . plain. She's pretty cool but I don't find her . . . interesting. She's not dynamic enough that makes me feel that she's only there to make Asuke go lovey-dovey mode and the series could actually go on well even without her. I've only read the 10 chapters though, so I can't say if she'll stay like that until recent volumes. I really hope not.

MANLY!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . .?

It's cool to have characters that can fight. But fights in shoujo manga don't bring much impact to me. And yeah, this is one of them. Or maybe that's just me. Anyway, even if I wasn't that awed on the fighting moves (thank goodness for shounen manga to provide me that fanservice. Haha!), shoujo characters that fight are still cool. And we can stare at their faces when they do so . . . because they look awesome. Hehe. So yeah, just look at the pretty faces~ Wheeee

Overall, I really like the story idea but I am not that impressed with the story flow . . . because they all seem similar, and also have some shoujo manga cliches (come on, there's still the fiancee thing . . . and also the too-shy-to-confess-to-the-one-you-love stuff . . . oh geez). And it actually annoys me that Asuka's descriptions as an Otomen are OFTEN, if not always, COMPLETE. (that he can cook, sew, etc.)

So I don't think I'll get hooked to this (I might with the upcoming JDrama though. I think this will be hell more hilarious as live-action. Haha! And they can improve some story parts.) but I really enjoy reading it and will definitely continue reading it once more scanlations are out! Here are extra stuff that made me giggle in this series that I would like to add in this post:

I am not really that girlie . . . for a girl . . . Asuka's girlier than I am in fact . . . but we totally agree on something . . . .

And oh I am so amused that others see Asuka as female. Aside from a princess, he's also wanted as a . . .

Leading lady's father even approves!!!

He's also a . . . .

Even the kid wants him to be his mommy!!!!
And he plays along . . .even to his dismay.

I think shoujo manga readers who want a little girlie fun should give it a try. Also those who enjoy this type of comedy. Hehe. I think even guys may be amused with this. I can imagine a guy friend of mine screaming "WTF?!" yet laughing while reading this one. It's "gay" as in Ouran Host Club level I guess.

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