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Thursday, June 25, 2009

+C: Sword and Cornett - Chapter 5

His cloak flaps in the wind
Light pours down from above.
Even now, in the heavens, it flutters still.
In summer, blessings of the rain.
In fall, a golden harvest.
In winter, fragments of white wings.
~ Hector's Song by Eco

A wonderful chapter as usual!
Eco made the people know about Belca's story; but he got into trouble because of that! We'll find out in this chapter how that matter has been solved, at least for the meantime.
Also, Orcelito gets to discover some secret historical data! He confronts Kiliko about this.
Lastly, the mangaka included an extra saying thanks to those who had helped. It was very cute and fun~

Let's see how our crown prince is doing:

He managed to get himself free and escaped through some secret passage (which Belca had taught him I think). He ended up in some secret archives room and discovers some ancient book. The language was too old for him but he managed to read some portions:
We must make the mountain people our resources for slaves..

Feign a cordial banquet....murder the last king...of the mountain people.

The mountain people refer to themselves as Hoclair.

Dark skinned and white haired, clothed in fabric woven from tree skin―

Rovisco and Reitz.

Re: Rovisco murder
It seems to be talking about the Amontel and about Hector's death. Orcelito says "Reitz" means a hero king, but he doesn't know what a "Rovisco" exactly is.

Those records that Orcelito has heard, they seemed to be prophecies or legends.

Orcelito decides to ask Kiliko about it. Kiliko had made a reaction upon hearing the word "Rovisco".

"Kiliko Lagen...I have something to discuss with you."

I wonder why Orcelito decided to confront Kiliko about it instead of escaping . . . since it's already a wonderful opportunity for him to escape already! However, I have a feeling that Orcelito will be cooperating with Kiliko because of this Rovisco matter (they seem to have become close in the later chapters . . . ) .

Now that's all we get from Orcelito's side, now to our main character's side:

Belca told his story to Eco . . . or at least most of it. It makes him feel uneasy to mention that his beloved older brother Hector actually planned to make an Amontel his bride. Anyway, after hearing about it, Eco sets off.

It will be dangerous for Belca to go around as a guy so he was forced to wear girl's clothes again! Haha! He wasn't allowed to laze around either, so he was given some chores:

However, our dear prince isn't used to doing chores. Hehe~ He was so cute on being so innocent on normal things. Ricolise says that if he doesn't want to do that simple chore, he could entertain the guests if he wants. Bwahahaha! Speaking of which, his fan has sent him flowers! The soldier had totally fallen in love with him at first sight! Bwahahahahaha! And Belca's shocked expressions . . . I cannot stop laughing! Bwahahahaha!

Meanwhile Eco . . .

He goes outside singing the song about Hector's story. At the end of the song he shares a secret he was learned from the townspeople:
And, behind that person's death...
There seems to be a terrible conspiracy hidden―
To everyone that is gathered here, I wish you could keep this secret.
This is a story that I heard from a nobleman, a close friend.
That young "rebel" that the guards are after.
The truth is that boy is not a rebel.
He learned about the truth of Hector-sama’s death. And for that reason, it seems the viceroy is now after him.
What's more is that he's no ordinary boy.
He's being treated coldly just because his mother is a commoner just like us.
At that time, he was third in line to succeed the throne,
Prince Belca.
Royal Prefecture, Neue Favrille
Eco sure had the townspeople hear of Belca's situation. This made them sympathized with him.

Rumors about it have been spread. Gossips spread seriously fast. It has reached the higher-ups. It had bothered them, so Eco was ordered to be killed.

One of the soldiers is having second thoughts though. He had a feeling that the rumors may have been true. After all, just like what he said:
It's true that Sana has become strange recently.
It's not just about the bard…
But also about the rebel.
Would a heinous rebel give up a priceless treasure for the sake of helping a stranger?
I am very pleased! A minor character who is just a soldier who actually thinks and doesn't just follow blindly what his superiors tell him to do! It would be fun if he becomes a major character in the future though~

The line of that I bolded of the soldier's dialogues is what I liked the most. It shows so much that Belca is a very kindhearted prince. And it's the pure obviousness that there's no rebel in the loose!

Anyway, our dear soldier can't ease his mind so he goes off to see the love of his life:


Bwahahahaha! The soldier wanted to see "Mariebell" no matter what. Apparently, it's the name given to Belca to hide his true identity and gender~ Wahahahaaha!

But Belca still doesn't want the soldier around to stalk him so he tries his very best to make him go away:


Oh dear lord . . . Belca could actually act like some pretty girl if he wants to . . . and he has done it oh so perfectly!!! It's totally MOE and CUTE . . . he's seriously an expert about this! Hahahaha!

However, when the soldier mentioned about Eco being in trouble . . .

Belca blew his cover! Ehehehe~ He also borrowed the captain's sword and set off to look for Eco. . .

Speaking of Eco . . .

Well, Eco did expect to be in trouble after what he did, but not that soon. And he had ended up in a dangerous situation . . .

Luckily for him, our favorite guy in drag came to the rescue!!!! Bwahahahahaha!!!! It's supposed to look cool but I can't help myself from laughing because Belca was still wearing a dress! Bwahahaha!

Belca going tsundere again~ Hehe~ He's so cute! And yay it's his turn to do some rescuing this time!

Our favorite soldier had spotted them while escaping but . . .

Instead of capturing them, he helped them out instead. He gave them some goods they need and pretended that he was trying to attack them but in reality actually letting them escape through the water.


Alrighty~ End of that chapter (and volume since it's the last chapter for volume 1), the managaka and assistants had expressed that the soldier dude had been their favorite! Haha! I hope it means we'll get to see more of him soon~ But anyway, reactions of other characters about it have been illustrated. I love Hector's reaction:


I knew it that he's the crack and overprotective older brother type who also has this brother complex!!! Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! I hope he shows up more often . . . I don't care if they do it through flashbacks or they make a miracle of Hector being alive after all or have him resurrected. I just want more Hector~

~ raw from okkk_0426
~ translations by b1px
~ "scanlation" of panels by Sapphire Pyro (SP: I apologize for the cleaning made of epic fail. I'm no perfectionist nor expert. Ehehehe)


fabelyn said...

I started reading this manga this week and I already love it ^^ Nice to know someone else is reading it.

Belca is the best trap I've seen, lol. If Eco was a girl, I'd already be shipping the two...(or maybe I'll just ship them anyway XD)

Btw, I hope I'm not bothering you, but where did you find these pics of chapter 5? I only found the translation...;_;

Sapphire Pyro said...

Nice to know that there's another person reading this too ^^

I love Belca as a trap xD Bwahahaha!!!

I also might ship Belca x Eco if Eco was a girl *_* I actually thought of him as a girl when I first saw him o_o but Eco's more hilarious as a guy though . . . hehe

got these pics from mangahelpers ^_^

hikotaru said...

Wow, very informative :)
Awww, I can´t wait until Chapter 5 gets released. Thank you very much for the summary.

Sapphire Pyro said...

Thanks and you're welcome =D

Elky said...

I read the translations of this chapter; it was awesome. Female!Belca is so darn adorable! x33

The Eco x Belca pairing is getting on me. |D;
And yes Belca is the dern uke because he is too adorable to not be it. :'>

Belca would seriously be better off as a girl. -nodnod-

Sapphire Pyro said...

Belca's not so bad as a guy, but he's darn cute as a girl too.

I'm also wishing Eco was a girl though . . . Oh any of those two (Belca or Eco) as a girl! I wanna ship them!!! Wahahahaha!!!!

But I'm also liking Soldier x Belca/Mariebell . . . bwahahahahaha! So crack xD

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