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Friday, June 12, 2009

Pandora Hearts - Episode 11

It's a Gilbert episode with some background on Vincent and Break. Totally loyal to the manga, but I love how the anime presented this event more.

So in this episode we get to learn what exactly happened to Gilbert when Oz was brought to the Abyss. Break picked him up and promised to help him rescue Oz by joining the Nightray family.

Vincent,a pretty twisted boy, welcomed him with open arms. I thought they couldn't possibly be biological brothers at first, but seeing them together makes me realize how alike they are. Gilbert also had some memory recalls upon meeting Vincent again. But his devotion now is more towards Oz, and he doesn't care about using his own brother to be able to do it. (But I think he began to really care for his brother, since the hat he's been using and couldn't ever let go is given by Vincent . So it's precious because his brother gave it, hehe [ edit: okay, I'm no longer sure who actually gave that hat ]).

One day Gilbert asks about the Raven, which can help him in going to the Abyss. Even though he was surprised that Gilbert knew about it, Vincent still led him to it. Gilbert almost got harmed from the Raven's presence if Vincent hadn't rescued him. From that day Gilbert swore that he'll get his hands on it. And he did, after 10 years.

After telling about the story of his life, Oz and Alice just slept through it. They find it very boring I guess. Haha! They looked really cute~

Oscar had been there. Break wondered why he didn't greet the boys (and balancing the candles on his head with flapping hands was so crack! Haha!) but oh well, his interaction with the boys will be saved for next episode:

Finally! The usual Pandora Hearts crack will be back! There seem to be bloody serious tough too . . . and they seem awesome *_* And there will be the Alice rescuing event too!! Yaaaaaay!!!! I am very very excited for that!

Sorry if I can't provide larger versions for the screencaps of this episode . . .

The star of the episode is freakin' hott . . .

Even when he was younger:

Freakin' adorable psycho

I almost saw them as twins O_O

He's not exactly the focus of the episode, but looked so adorable and gorgeous in many scenes!

Most gorgeous ones:

They are simply twistedly adorable

The duo that mattered to Gilbet the most . . . daaaaw

[ OZ ]
Main character didn't have much screentime this episode, but he's still gorgeous even when sleeping! Hehe

The goddess looked beautiful while sleeping as well! And oh she's damn sexy. And haha! I love women who just changes clothes naturally even if there are guys around. Oz didn't seem to have been bothered by it. Oh they act like a married couple already~ Hehe.

Looking forward to see more Pandora Hearts prettiness next episode! Hehe~


vivz36 said...

Just to mind you, Gil's hat wasn't given by Vincent; it's by someone else xD

But yeah, this is a one nice episode . I'm totally waiting for thr next episode! *LOL, Oscar...*

Sapphire Pyro said...

Eh?! It wasn't Vincent? Oh no memory fail ;_; The who?

I'm excited for next episode! It looks so much fun =3 Yay Oscar xD

vivz36 said...

Wait till they're done with CC arc <3

Or, if you're too curious, check out, a Pandora Hearts dedicated fansite by the amazing bearmoon-san xD

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