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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shangri-La - Episode 11

I have been wondering what Karin had to do with all this ATLAS and Digma stuff. I see she's involved with the MEDUSA thing, but she really didn't seem to have any connection on the mystery/fantasy/supernatural part of the story . . .
Until this episode came!
Alright! A Karin-centric episode! We get to learn more about her and the Digmas. Very awesome and interesting episode overall. It made some revelations, but also made us ponder to more questions! Oh how could these mysteries torture and delight me at the same time, haha!


  • She's associated with a bird because she's like a bird in a cage it seems. And she had caged herself on purpose.
  • She's afraid to go outside, particularly because she's afraid to be near people. High level of social phobia it seems. She doesn't exactly hate people though, she just fears physical contact. Her parents included. So no matter how much she wants to be with them, it can't really happen since she doesn't want to go outside.
  • She's the same with Mikuni in a sense. The difference is that Mikuni COULDN'T go outside while Karin just WOULDN'T go outside.
  • She doesn't know how to talk with them. But she's fine if it's around animals.
  • She somewhat reminds me of the anti-social side of me . . . I'm sort of like Karin in a way, but not in high level of seriousness as hers! And I don't exactly go hysterical when I'm near people physically. Haha! *sweatdrop* But somehow I understand her. . .
  • She remembers some song about a Canary that seems to have been sang to her by her mother.
  • She has shown us a memory of her mother. Face not shown, but she has long hair. Perhaps this was the last time she actually saw her mother. Already separated from her parent as an infant?
  • She was finally able to go outside, thanks to a certain someone's persuasion power, hehe!
  • She had stayed inside Ishida Finance all her life, she says, but how come she didn't feel strange about the sunlight? I mean, even if she has seen the world through the computer screen, being able to experience the real thing still feels different, right? Wouldn't things she sees outside new to her or something? But instead, she's like doing things like old times. So it's either she had actually been outside before or it's a story flaw or it's just me. Ehehehe.
[ CANARY aka DIGMA Zero ]

  • He seriously looks very similar to Gundam 00's Soma Peiris aka Marie.
  • He says "You are me." to Karin, so most likely he's Karin's other self or inner conscience or something. I wish they were siblings instead . . . ehehehe . . .
  • He has been saying what Karin truly desires, and helps her free herself from her cage.
  • Hemay look like some ghost or projection now, but it's confirmed that he definitely existed before, but was recorded to have died not ever leaving the facility. What happened is a mystery ~
  • He seems to be connected to the kitty he owned before. It seems that he doesn't let go off it as much as Karin doesn't let go of her teddy bear. But it looks like his spirit or something resides on his kitty in present time. Of course I'm not sure. A mystery once again~
  • He is Digma 0, codename Canary. The Canary makes sense. Him being a Digma and connected to Karin shows that Karin does have a role on all this Digma, ATLAS and Hiruko staff. What his or her role exactly, or title at least (she's neither sun, moon, or earth of course), is a mystery~

  • Totally random: when I heard this creature's voice, I had been thinking that it's voice was so nice. Then recently I found out who voiced it: Kakihara Tetsuya . . . one of the voices that I'm in love with. Oh no wonder~
  • I forgot the boy's name . . . Ryouko's boy toy . . . seeing him blushing when Ryouko licked something from her lips . . . disturbed the hell out of me!!!! O_O So it's true that he does like her in some way. This boy is a freakin' masochist! And she's a sadist. What a pair!
  • Mikuni . . . I am beginning to get VERY tired on her pleas to go outside. Ugh . . . oh well, she's just a kid. And yeah, most kids are really like that. And you can't blame her for her little wish. But still!!! Uuuggghh . . . . I find that trait of kids really annoying. Just shut up already *not fond of kids*
  • "No plam, no idea." Haha! Kuniko! She's really back to herself now! Hehe! She just became a leader so she hadn't really thought of any plan. But when she finally used some time to think of a plan, she didn't exactly think of a very deep and strategic one. Haha! Just go girl!
[ OTP ]

Kuniko was asked if he has a lover waiting for him . . . he says "I don't have anyone."
Oh he doesn't have anyone alright . . . since he isn't exactly dating anyone . . .
I would like to believe that it's because . . .
And the anime already showed us the answer who that someone is . . .
Oh god anime . . . stop teasing us and make them have an epically entertaining reunion already! Kunihito is already SO OBVIOUS!!!!
But there's still more than 10 episodes to go . . . drats . . . oh please don't make me wait for TOO LONG!!!! *_*

How could I not include this . . . .

The many faces of Kunihito Kusanagi . . . .OHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!!!!!!!!!

Okay, he's actually in a lifeboat. They just survived from a sinking ship. Our Major was the hero of course. I find it surprising that he didn't feel seasick . . .

But before he woke up, he had a dream (but I think it's more of a memory) of his childhood. He saw the magical dagger and picked it up.

If it was a family heirloom, it's supposed to be something given to him, right? Now just picked on random.

Then like Mikuni and Kuniko, he also gets his message.

He repeats it too, though he wasn't able to finish it. But he didn't get possessed or something like the other two.

Then more of young Kunihito. So pretty~

From Kunihito's flashbacks/dreams, it seems that like Mikuni, Karin, and Canary, as a kid he had been isolated in some place too. He thinks he just lived a normal life but his memories could've been erased and his parents right now are fake. I even think he personally knew Digma 0 in the past, because of the scene of him talking to a canary. There was also a scene of a ruined cage and him opening the door freeing the canaries. So perhaps he had helped Digma 0 and other kids like them escape? This also makes me think that Kuniko and Mikuni experienced the same thing. The young Kuniko we saw in the previous episode is most likely around the same age as the young Kunihito of this episode. Could it be possible that Kuniko was taken by her grandma from this isolation facility? And oh yeah, it was said that they were all prototypes or something. Digma 0 just became a failure. The trio may really be some chosen kids who got isolated at one time then freed later and tasked to do some mission for ATLAS and/or the Hiruko.
Oh I don't know. My thoughts are so rambled right now. And sometimes my imagination goes pretty wild and my theories go pretty vague.
Oh well, hopefully there'll be some explanations on these already soon. Especially this question that I've always been wondering ever since I've heard the word from this series:
"What exactly is a Digma?"


It looks like Ryouko will make another WTF announcement and Kuniko and company will be doing some action. It also looks like we'll get to see a city like Akihabara again? I saw legs with a miniskirt in some billboard o_O
But it seems to be more like a Sayoko episode. I'm curious on what's about to happen!

But of course, the one I look forward to the most in the next episode is none other than:



Shounen A said...

Thinking again about Kanarina telling Karin that she's him, I'm now wondering if Karin literally is Kanaria reborn. Most of the episode may as well been a hallucination caused by Karin's previous life ...

And yes, Kuniko's "No plan! No idea!" really is just so much like her. :D

Sapphire Pyro said...

@Shounen A
I see that possibility too. I would have been more positive of that it Karin is about 5 years old (it was said that Kanaria died 5 years ago, right?)

Oh well, anime, give us explanations soon x_x

I forgot to add in the entry, of all times for Digma 0 to appear, why only recently?! o_O

Shounen A said...

Just thought you might want to mark May 24th on your calendar: I recently took a closer look at the Digma information screens, and noticed it's Kunihito's birthday. :D

Oddly enough, Mikuni's and Kuniko's birthdays are classified ...

Sapphire Pyro said...



xD Thank you!


Whoa, their birthdays classified? Odd indeed. . .

Their ages have been mentioned at the official site. I remember only Kuniko's age though (18 years old)

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