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Thursday, June 4, 2009

07-Ghost - Episode 9


Things to prepare before watching this episode:
  1. A "Jaw Returner" - too much epic awesome scenes and art amazingness will make your jaw drop without you realizing it

  2. A bucket/pail and lots of boxes of tissue - intense drama and touching scenes will make you cry so much that just wiping those loads of tears of won't be enough

  3. A "Hyperactivity Controller" Drug or the like - extreme cuteness will make you run wild from excitement and glee/bliss/delight/ecstacy that people might think you are mentally ill

Watch out for your heart as well, okay?

Now ready?

Episode began with a Mikhail VS Evil!Mikage battle. Their powers even have a color theme. It's Blue VS Red. It's pretty difficult to pick which side to support because both are seriously awesome! (But if bias shall be applied, I pick Blue! Wheee~)

Action scenes between the two were presented really awesome. You can see how powerful they are! (Mikhail's attack made me chuckle a little because the explosions sounded like fireworks. Haha!)

Teito had been no match for Evil!Mikage, but Mikhail, even with his limited power, was able to injure Evil!Mikage. I don't care if it was just a scratch. It's Ayanami we're talking about! And of course that can't be the only injury f Mikhail can go full power.


Mikhail is very very very pissed. He doesn't like the collar. He forces Evil!Mikage to take it away already.

Unfortunately for Mikhail, Evil!Mikage took advantage of the collar and used it to bind him. Supposedly Mikhail won't be hurt from this (he's an archangel after all!), however, he's possessing Teito's body. So if Teito's body gets hurt, he gets to feel it too.

The strings weren't in the manga though . . . but having them there makes sense. The command is "BIND" after all. It's actually cooler this way. I like this change anime staff!

But since Mikhail is my absolute favorite character in this series, oh it hurts me so much to see him suffer like that. But for some reason I find it pretty delighted too. Tortured bishies look sexy sometimes. *is shot*



Unfortunately for Evil!Mikage, after capturing Mikhail/Teito, Zehel came to the rescue!

They had an awesome battle as well. It was in a different style (more on physical attack than power explosion) but it was just as fantastic as the Mikhail VS Evil!Mikage scene.

It's Zehel who had taken Evil!Mikage by surprise this time (in the previous battle it was Mikhail who got taken by surprise).

They had a little chat. Ayanami reveals know that he knows Zehel. (In the manga, it was because of Mikhail how Ayanami found out though). He also mentions that he would want to have his scythe back someday.

Of course Frau/Zehel is surprised upon hearing this. Not only is the guy so powerful, but he also knows him and the scythe.

Upon hearing that Zehel, one of the 07-ghost and a god, is right infront of him, he begs Zehel to save Mikage.

How that scene was presented . . . seriously beautiful

Ayanami says again that it's absolutely hopeless to bring Mikage back. He got bored with this game, so he lets Evil!Mikage's wing get damaged. Evil Ayanami . . . so evil.

Evil!Mikage switches back to Nice!Mikage mode

Teito runs to him . . .

He gets closer and . . .



And that majestic church music in the background even made it sound more tragic!


Ayanami finally gets it why Miroku-sama wants Teito that badly. Ayanami's so awesome. He is a villain that does fulfill his role . . . very evil. Even if he's evil, he's not the pathetic or stereotypically evil type of villain. I'm so amazed with this character.

From what I remember, Zaiphon has different types: attack, healing, manipulation, etc.

But since Ayanami can cure himself, it seems he's got three types: attack and healing, and manipulation *shocked*

No wonder he's the big evil lord because he's so freakin' powerful! It makes me wonder why he's so obedient to superiors though. I can't imagine anyone else more powerful than he is. Miroku doesn't seem that threatening. So why, Ayanami? You could just kill them all off, you know. Like a certain someone form Bleach did. (referring to A***n)

Meanwhile, Teito's in despair. While Frau's carrying him to his room, he talks about what Mikage had been to him.

Mikage was his only friend in school. People avoid him but Mikage had been different. He didn't want Mikage to be bullied like him, but Mikage didn't give a damn.

Mikage had been so buddy-buddy to him ever since they met. One day, Mikage had spotted Teito eating milk and pills. Mikage almost thought they were drugs. Haha!

"Don't you have any YAKISOBA, YAKISOBA bread, or YAKISOBA rice?"

Oh god . . . Mikage having nothing but YAKISOBA in his head . . . I can't help myself from remembering Hetalia's Feliciano (Italy) on this. Both of them are addicted to a certain type of food. Feliciano is "PASTA BOY" while this dude is "YAKISOBA BOY". And both are even voiced by Namikawa Daisuke-sama! Uwaaaaaaaa~

Anyway, Mikage also got worried that Teito has been skipping classes. It seems that Teito does that because it had something to do with his days as a sklave.

Well, Mikage doesn't give a damn about it either and forces Teito to get proper nutrition or else Teito will stay chibi forever. Haha!

I noticed that Studio Deen likes to emphasize their "holding hands" scenes. To me there's nothing wrong with it. I mean, when girls hold hands doesn't particularly mean they're lesbian lovers, right? Heck I do that to many of my close friends and we're not lesbians. So what's wrong if two guys do the same?

The reason why I thought of that is because I fear people will think this is shounen-ai because of that scene. *sigh* It will delight the Mikage x Teito shippers though, but I only see it as a "best friend" thing. Hehe.

Either it's really like that or my shounen-ai radar is just that poor.

"Do you have something easy to digest? LIKE YAKISOBA?"

They went to the canteen and Mikage demanded the cook to give him something to eat . . . of course he mentioned yakisoba! Wahahaha!

"If you eat yakisoba all the time, you'll turn into an idiot."

I love the cook's reply to Mikage. Since Mikage loves yakisoba so much, him = idiot. Wahahahaha!!!!

Seeing Teito eating makes Mikage so jubilant. Hehe. This moment was really cute and sweet. Everyone was looking at them. They're making a scene! Haha! And the cook was chuckling! Hehe!


Anyway, I am so amused that Mikage didn't actually get why Teito cried, but the reason he came up with cracked me up so much:

"Is that porridge good enough to make you cry? Miss! I'd like some porridge too!"

"Mikage . . . was my light"

How this scene was made . . beautiful . . . simply beautiful.

Teito has all the right to go angsty/emo for the meantime. It's his most beloved whom he jsut lost after all.

But 07-ghost doesn't waste too much time on such scenes . . . hehe (unlike gazillions of shoujo manga who give me such headache!)

Labrador, Castor, and the sisters are very very worried about Teito. But later Frau just busts himself in.

I am most amused with Castor's reaction. Haha!


Teito begins to have doubts on god again because Mikage wasn't saved. He begins to think that everything that happened was his fault too.

Frau cheers him up, saying that Mikage was able to fulfill his final wish: protecting those dear to him even if it kills him (oh Mikage!)

Teito says that Frau just said that to comfort those who were left behind. Frau doesn't deny that.

I find it really sweet that even if Frau is the one who teases Teito the most, he's also the one who knows best on how to comfort him (aside from Mikage).

I like this talk about doubts on god. It makes you think of your current thoughts on religion in real life as well. I really love series with religious elements!

Anyway, Frau says that Mikage got reincarnated and is by his side at this moment.

Teito meets a little pink dragon that fans call BURUPYA because it's the only thing it says (aside from animalish sound effects)! Haha!


Upon reincarnation, Mikage had wished to protect his best friend, no matter what form.


Labrador and Castor decide to cheer him up more by offering food and drinks! This reminded Teito of the yakisoba boy . . . haha! He is very overjoyed.

During that happy moment, Frau recalls his encounter with Ayanami.

That symmetrical art . . . in the previous episode we had Teito and Evil!Mikage have such scenes, the now Frau and Ayanami! It's so creatively awesome!

And I freakin' love symmetry! Also the black and white combinations.

So pretty.

And oh what is 07-Ghost without crack? Haha!

That part of where Frau plans to remove the collar with giant scissors was hilarious! Frau's sparkling eyes! Bwahahaha!

The part when he was bitten made me laugh a lot as well! Haha!

Ad I am more amused on the part when Castor beat him up for it! Hahahaha!

Castor and Labrador explain that it was actually a "promise collar". It's sealed by blood, and Frau became Teito's master. They collar will explode if they separate for 48 hours.

I am beginning to understand girls with megane fetish . . . for some reason I find the way Castor pushing in his glasses very cool.

And Labrador . . . I think he's an adorable sadistic psycho. He says terrifying things with a smile! Hahahahaha!

The two are forced to get along and be together 24/7. This does not amuse the two. Haha!

It appears that Burupya isn't pleased either. It was so adorable when it bit Frau and blowed flames on him! Wahahahahha!


Frau thanked Mikage for being reborn. Labrador mentions that he have heard that Frau had been really desperate to look for Mikage's soul. That was very sweet of you, Frau. And thank you for bringing Burupya to us!

Oh god . . . this scene . . . it's like Frau is playing with a human infant. I dunno. I often see this between people playing with babies.

I do that with my puppies before though . . . . *can play with baby animals but doesn't know how to play with human babies . . ." (yeah, am not that fond of little kids . . I highly prefer playing with baby animals. Haha!)

Teito becomes teary again. Burupya notices and goes to his side. The way it flew/jumped and clinged to Teito was SO DAMN CUTE!!!! *squishes Burupya* KYAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

Oh god it's so tiny . . . I don't care if it's pink! It's too adorable to be true!

Frau had been wondering why Mikage didn't wish to be reincarnated as a human, then he realizes that Mikage might not have cared as long as he gets to stay with his best friend.

I actually prefer Mikage not to be reborn as a human. Though I still want him to return as a human.

I mean, because he has returned as an animal, he will grow faster, since animals grow faster then humans. By the time Teito will be able to bring him back as a human (I don't care what miracle they use, just do it!), then human Mikage will be in the age equivalent to his animal self. Hehe.

And besides, it would suck if they're going to be looking after a newborn baby. There will even be issues on the baby's new family.

Anyway, I like this series' concept of reincarnation. It has religion stuff anyway, so there are connections. It's quite different from the ideas of reincarnation of religions in reality, but it's an interesting concept.

Last thing about this episode . . .something random . . . in this episode was the first time I realized that it's those spirit women who fix the ruined doors and stuff. I thought Frau does them (since in the manga they were ordering him to do chores). Things to be repaired magically . . . so cool. Hehe.



Most importantly . . .


I do not need to see it first for me to know that next episode will be very very very very very very awesome. Haha!