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Thursday, June 18, 2009

07-Ghost - Episode 11

"Do I dazzle you?"
Haha! Of course our new character didn't exactly say that, but that's the line that came to my mind when I saw that scene! Hahaha!
Anyway, previous episodes have been a dramafest. There's a little more of that in this one, but it's more of a light episode where a certain doll acts hilariously crazy! Haha!
One of the funniest episodes of this series ever!

Teitos' days started by doing chores like mopping such a looooooooooooooooong hallway and carrying some stuff to such a hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh place. Burupya had it easy though, because it just rides on Frau's head. Haha! Such chores they have. I bet if Teito sees our world's elevators and escalators, he'll think they're world wonders! Haha!

After that, he's back to remembering Mikage again. I know Teito's being too emo but he can't help it since Mikage was his FIRST and ONLY friend before he met our wacky bishops and friends. Hehe.

Castor thought of a wonderful way to distract Teito from emoing once and for all by teaching him a way to get revenge~ He suggests him to try becoming a bishop so he could have a lot of privileges that will help him fulfill his plans. This reminds me of Fullmetal Alchemist. Replace Castor with Roy then Teito with Edward. This scene is somewhat similar to the time Roy is inviting Ed to take State Alchemy exams, right? Hehe. I love seeing similarities between my fandoms!

With Frau's tone, of course he's obviously just tricking Teito. Something like revenge isn't supposed to be taught by a bishop. Haha! And Frau knows that, but Castor keeps him silent. Haha! So cute~

Teito likes it and takes the offer . . . with a really serious face. Castor's plan had worked in a way. Haha!

And like many exams in a shounen anime, aside from physical combat exams, there are written exams. This reminds me of the chuunin exam in Naruto. Hehe. But whoaaa . . . those books are really so many. Even if I love to read, it's impossible for an ordinary human being to memorize all that in less than a month.

Frau says it took him three years to memorize them all. Just one thick book already traumatizes me, I understand his pain. But it was really funny when Castor called him dumb for that. Haha~

Teito took a peek and surprisingly, he found it really familiar. So Castor decides to test him~

Castor asked some random questions and surprisingly Teito got them all right. He already knows it so well without finishing any of the books. Frau's reactions on every correct answer are so amusing! Hahahahaha!!!!

Teito mentions that the writings seemed like a part of a lullaby. The manga explained that part early. Teito actually already knew that this early. But I don't know why the anime thought of delaying it . . .

Anyway, even if it seemed that Teito already knows what he needs to know, it's still better if he reviews. So both him and Frau are going crazy now . . . haha!

For the physical combat exam, he needs to master using a weapon usng a Bascule. The bishops give him one.

He was taught to use zaiphon weapons at the academy, so he's pretty familiar on how to do it. So he tried it out, however he had been epic fail. Hehe~ He needs practice.

To officially become an examiner, Frau gives him the badge. That last scene . . . beautifully presented I must comment!

So while Teito continues practicing (for three hours), Drau watches him, Castor did some Frankenstein-like ritual, and Burupya just rolls over. LOLz~

Castor shows his completed masterpiece: A FRAU DOLL! It will help him in his training. There's an actual Kor inside. So in a way he's getting experience now. However it was freakin' fast. Even Teito admits that it's seriously too fast for him.

The bishops decide to leave for Teito to be able to concentrate better . . . and when they left:


It already had such a hilarious voice and those stunts/moves/dances/whatever that he's been doing are even more hilarious!!!!!!!!! BWAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

It stopped all of a sudden when it spotted the three pretty nuns. HAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!!

"Could it be Bishop Frau?"
"It can't be. It's just some random pervert."
"Then it IS Bishop Frau!"
Those dialogues . . . together with more of the Frau Doll's crazy moves . . . . BWAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

Frau Dolls launches at the girls later. Teito notices and it really pissed him off. Haha!

Like with many series, some power that don't work at the beginning works all of a sudden when the character's in angry mode.

Frau doll goes evil mode later. Poor Teito, can't get his magic work again. Ehehehe~ The power limiter is even gone. So Kor can go on full power on him. Haha!

When it ran to Teito, Burupya helps him. IT WAS SO CUTE~ And funny that even though it was paper, the doll really does see through it like a real face. Haha!

Burupya got flown on top . . . and sees Teito later . . . staring moments . . .then . . . AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! Bwahahahahah! This is so comical~

Fortunately for Teito, Labrador comes to the rescue. I usually dislike guys with plant/flower powers because they look so ghey but . . . LABRADOR'S ADORABLE~

They take a break. While Burupya eats some flowers, Labrador and Teito drink some flower tea. When Teito tasted it, he says it's really sweet. When anime characters taste something delicious, does it always have to have characters showing some shocked expression because of the oh-so-incredible taste and stuff?

Anyway, Castor adds that it's only sweet to injured people. Teito's so broken alright . . .

He remembers Mikage again . . . and that made him so teary again . . . Burupya looking at him is distracting me from joining Teito in the mourning! Haha~

Labrador cheers him up, saying that Mikage truly cared and loved him. Mikage's freakin' sweet . . .

But Teito's not satisfied with that. Even if Mikage won't forgive him for what he wants to do, he's still doing it. He had decided to make it his goal now. Fulfill his destiny as the Raggs heir and avenge Mikage.
Off-topic: I really love it when Mikage wears his jacket that way. It's so cool~

The Eye of Mikhail lights up all of a sudden, perhaps in response to his master's serious decision. To my disappointment Mikhail didn't show up . . .ehehehe . . . but at least Teito finally ables to see it while conscious. Everyone stares . . . Teito . . .Labrador . . .even Burupya. It's so shiny, isn't it? you cute widdle darling~

Later Teito thought he saw Mikage. Of course the boy's having hallucinations~hehe~but he approached the guy anyway and only to find out that . . .

He's totally not Mikage. They totally don't look alike. They're both goodlooking blondes though and . . .are taller than Teito! Haha!

The new guy's Hakuren. He's a goodlooking character with a pretty cool and fun personality, so fangurls love him. He's also voiced by Jun Fukuyama, and he's using Lelouch (of Code Geass) voice on him, so bias FukuJun fans can go bias on this. Haha~

I find it so cute that Burupya jumped to Hakuren's head without him even noticing.(reminds me of Hetalia's Prussia/Gilbert/Gilbo and the little chick! Haha!). Come to think of it, Burupya also rides on Frau's head too! I think Burupya rides on characters that are or will eventually be very close to Teito~ Oh Mikage you have some sixth sense on people who will eb very nice to Teito? Haha!

"Beauty's a burden."
Hakuren assumes that Teito went after him because he had fallen in love with him for being oh-so-gorgeous! Wahahahaha! HE SPARKLES!!!! I'm so amused~ And wait, he's got a mirror ready on his hand? Oh you narcissist~ Bwahahaha!

If it wasn't "crush", Hakuren assumes that Teito's jealous of him. Haha! Such a cocky guy~ And oh Teito and Burupya's expressions! They have been similar all the time when Hakuren's been thinking so highly of his beauty! Hahahaha!

Teito feels sad for coming across some crazy dude . . . hahahaha! but later Hakuren notices that Teito's got a badge too.

"You're my rival, huh?"


More scary seriousness next episode because Aya-tan and his harem will be back!!!! YAAAAYYY!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!! Hehehehehe~ and of course I would love more Hakuren ~