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Friday, June 26, 2009

07-Ghost - Pilot Chapter

I didn't actually know about this until a few weeks ago . . .
Apparently, before 07-Ghost became serialized in Zero-Sum magazine, it started out with a pilot chapter and won the top award! I'm not surprised because this series is really freakin' awesome! Haha!
The pilot chapter is actually pretty different from the 07-Ghost that we know right now though. . .


  • Title used to be "Seven Ghosts"
  • Teito's military life wasn't shown much. It started on how he met the bishops
  • Teito's best friend was named Ciel, not Mikage
  • Teito was just waking when he escaped, not on a vehicle
  • Teito has a mark/seal on his forehead which supresses his power
  • Razette hangs out with the bishops and can speak
  • There was actually a professor who went after him with an army
  • No Kors
  • The military was actually able to enter the church . . . no secret invasion either
  • The "Ghosts" aren't shinigami-like creatures but just clergymen being badass
  • Mikhail was used really early
  • No Mikhail possession occurred. Teito used Mikhail's power while conscious
  • The collar punishes the slave if he doesn't obey, not the three commands
  • Teito turns into a baby dragon but not as cute as Burupya

  • Teito still has the amnesia/brainwash
  • Teito overheard about his past from Ayanami
  • Ayanami is still the absolute evil of the show~
  • Teito escapes from the academy with the help of a friend
  • Teito and the bishops meet through an accident
  • Teito was treated as a guest in the church
  • Frau, Castor, and Labrador are still the same, personality-wise
  • Teito has the Eye of Mikhail in his hand and has remembered how to summon it through what was taught to him by his father
  • Teito wanted to avenge his father and his best friend
  • Frau and Teito had been connected because of the collar's power
  • Frau and Teito also couldn't be separated from each other for a long time

The pilot was awesome but the current version is still much better!!! I am really happy that the "seal on the forehead"thing wasn't included anymore. It's just so "Harry Potter"-like. The Lloyd guy was annoying, I'm glad he doesn't show up again. And though badass fighting bishops are cool, deadly shinigamis are still hell better!

But there are also some little things that I like more in the pilot: I think the name "Ciel" would be cooler than "Mikage". Ehehe . . . Also, I wish that Razette isn't just a mute mermaid but can also speak, mingle with the others, and also fight!

Overall, the current 07-Ghost is really better than its pilot. I'm happy for the changes, even though there are minor things that I wished that the mangakas have kept. Hehe~ But still, for a pilot chapter, it had been really cool and interesting! Even if it's hell more cliched than the current series! Hehe~


choux said...

Arggggh! Every time I come here I realize that there's something else that I wish I read. Anyway, love the 07ghost manga, and will be hunting for this now.

choux said...

Hunting has failed. Where did you find this?

Sapphire Pyro said...

I found it at the 07-ghost lj community. Ehehe~

Hope you get to read it soon ^_^

Joana said...

I want to read it,but I was searching for it on LiveJournal Community of 07 Ghost and I don't find anything!
Please give me the direct link for "07 Ghost - Pilot Chapter" and "07 Ghost - Begleiter".
Please!I want to read it T_T

shiroamashi said...

Ugh! I really want to read this, but I can't find it on lj! I didn't see it on the 07ghost community at lj.....

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Joana and shiroamashi
But it's really there. You have to be a member though.

It's so way back, I'm getting dizzy to find it x_x And I remembered that the uploader doesn't want the direct link redistributed, so I'll respect that.

Anonymous said...

I FIND it!
I find Begleiter and the Pilot Chapter!
I'm so happy XD
As Sapphire-chan said...the scanlator doesn't want the direct link posted here...

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Latest Anonymous
Thanks for seconding what I said that they're REALLY in the community and the direct link can't be shared ^^;

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