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Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Flavors: Medaka Box

Medaka Box
by Nishio Ishin (Author) and Akatsuki Akira (Artist)
Kurokami Medaka, a first year, is elected as Student Council President, and the first thing she does is establish a suggestion box. Since she was just elected as Student Council President, she's holding all the Student Council's responsibilities, and wearing their armbands.
So, she asks for her childhood friend, Hitoyoshi Zenkichi, for help.

I also found out about this manga from my online twin. Since she liked it, I'm sure I'll like it too.

And yes, I did. Hehe.

I like it that even if it has a little ecchi, at least it doesn't have scenes with so many women with big boobs shoving their breasts on the leading guy's face or are in positions like they are so ready to have sex. So I'm totally fine with the mild pervertedness of this manga.

Stories with the main character as a student council student is so overused . . . but only in shoujo manga, I think. I don't see that much in shounen ones. But for a manga with the typical student council thing, this had been a very fun read!

About the heroine of this manga, Medaka, she is so multi-talented and gifted! She excels in too many things that seemed seriously impossible! But this is manga so the impossible is possible. Ehehe.

She also has a strong personality, yet she is also very kindhearted. Everyone gets intimidated by her but they also admire and respect her. Even if she acts all powerful, she actually also has a cute and girly side. Sounds like a sort of Mary Sue, right? But at least she deserves such a status, for being so awesome! Unlike a gazillion Mary Sues who are loved only because their smile is nice or just because they existed *facepalm*.

But of course, even if she seems so perfect, she does have weak points. I really like it when characters show their imperfection. It seems that because she's TOO brilliant that sometimes she comes up with ridiculous things, thus ending up incredibly stupid. Haha! I also like her ignorance about the evilness of a human heart. She always sees people with goodness that she'll come up with any bizarre stuff as long as it's something touching even if in reality it's actually pretty simple. Haha! Even though she's pretty saintly or angelic, to her dismay, animals are afraid of her no matter how much she likes them. Haha!

What I like best about Medaka, aside from her awesomeness, is her ideologies/philosophies that has something to do with helping and trusting others. She holds the position of a student council president to serve the people no matter who they are, not to hold power. and abuse it I find that very admirable. I wish more extremely talented people are like that.

The saying "No man's an island" applies here as well. Even if Medaka can do almost anything on her own, she still needs someone to be her support. She also values the one who understands and cares about her. Well, it's none other than the leading guy: Zenkichi.

Usually, school shounen mangas with a strong leading lady have a weak leading guy for a partner. But it's not the same case in this manga!

Even if Zenkichi is pretty laidback and isn't exactly as talented as Medaka, he still has superb fighting skills! He had excelled in a lot of fighting clubs he just felt like trying out. Talk about hidden talent, wow!

He is also the one who brings sense in the situation when Medaka isn't. In other words, he acts as Medaka's common sense. Haha!

They can really mutually support each other. And that makes them a great pair! Even romantically! Kyaaa!

I believe it's already so obvious that they already like each other. Zenkichi had admitted it, at least to the audience. Medaka doesn't need to say that she loves him because her actions and dialogues already show it. She also got jealous upon hearing Zenkichi's hanging out with another girl. Hehe. And I'm so relieved that she wasn't the typical jealous girl who'll start hitting or arguing with the guy she likes all of a sudden leaving the guy without a clue.

I adore romances with childhood sweethearts! These two had known each other since they were two. They were so close that they even take baths together until 6th grade. Medaka is already so used to being open to Zenkichi that she doesn't mind exposing her body (not maliciously) to him. Haha!

I love those two characters and they have such cute interactions, so of course I love them as a couple! Hehe! I hope it becomes canon already! But since this series seems to be episodic, I doubt it will happen anytime soon. *sigh*

Aside from these two, there's another character who also shows up in this series: Shinarui(sp?).

I only like her sadistic side, but overall I find her pretty annoying. I don't exactly get why she's too close to Zenkichi in the first place. Their relationship isn't exactly clear. And she just appears out of nowhere and tags along all of a sudden makes me feel that she only existed for the sake of fulfilling roles that the main duo can't take. *sigh*

But I'm so relieved when this new character showed up: Akune.

He appears to be extremely talented in judo and is madly in love with Medaka. Since he sees Zenkichi as a love rival, they never got along since middle school:

The interactions of these two are so hilarious!!! Haha! I enjoy scenes when they fight or bicker! Wahehehehe!

This manga is so entertaining; I'm pretty hooked! ans who like the combination of comedy + school + badass may appreciate that don't mind a little ecchi may appreciate this manga as well. Hehe. I'm certainly following this though I'm not sure if I'll be featuring it by chapter here in Hyper Parfait. Hhhmmm . . . I still can't decide. Ehehe.


kanzeon said...

I'm lovin' this manga so far~

My fave chapter is where Medaka goes to the animal, where everyone's expecting that she's afraid of them, but turns out that they are afraid of her XD. Lol. I really love strong and awesome heroines ^^.

I can't wait for some more developments between her and Zenkichi because right now they're still on the "denial" stage XDD lol.

Sapphire Pyro said...

I LOVE THAT CHAPTER TOO!!!! xD It was so cute that she was able to tame that wild animals in that way xD Haha. AND HER COSTUME!!! BWAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

I can't wait for more developments of those two too =3

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