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Monday, June 22, 2009

New Flavors: Absorb; Ability

Absorb; Ability
by Yoneyama Setsuko
Japan wields the power of a new form of influenza so lethal that only one person out of a million can survive an infection. Kazuma, a man able to withstand the infection of the unknown virus, "Cherubim [kerubimu]," has obtained the power to save his twin sister from facing the influenza! While Kazuma saves other people's suffering by using his new power, he will also encounter many surprising and painful things… A serious and comedic story of new abilities begins!! (iskultrip scans)

Stories involving virus infections will always catch my attention (one of my top favorites is about it: Bloody Monday). I'm also a huge fan of the supernatural genre and I like stories about beings with super powers. And of course, how could I ignore: TWINS!!!! *loves stories with twins*

Well, it had been really interesting. It's nice that it has some crack comedy, but most of them are kind of out of place. As it happened at the wrong time. It ruins the story's mood in a negative way. Ehehe~ And yeah, story narration wasn't done that well either. Things just happened then everything gets revealed and explained by some random character nearby who only hinted that she would have some big role by stalking the main characters for a while. The end of the two chapters made me exclaim: "WTF?!" Seriously there have been many stuff here that just happen without any explanations or sense! It's making me confused in a negative way. . .

So yeah, overall, the story's actually pretty interesting and promising but story narration and presentation is just bad, in my opinion. Characters didn't help. They are fun and not exactly stereotypical but . . . they just didn't make up for the story's flaws.

What I did love in this series though, bias this may be, is the twin siblings love~ I was so touched that the leading guy cares for his twin sister very much. I find it very very sweet.

Though this series gave me some headaches, it had still been interesting and entertaining enough for me to continue reading it. Hopefully it became better in the later chapters.

I guess fans who would want to read a manga somewhat like Bloody Monday but with a supernatural twist may appreciate this too. Compare to BM, it had more biology stuff instead of computer stuff because it had talks about DNA regeneration, etc. And well, if you ask me to compare this to BM, of course I think BM is still better but this one is decent. Hehe~

Sapphire Pyro
READ: 2 chapters (out of 2 scanlated chapters released so far of a 2 volume complete manga)
VERDICT: Following but Non-Priority
It was interesting but I'm not that impressed with the story narration.


PhillipMorris said...

the main hero reminds me so much of Ayumu from Spiral...maybe they'll transform it into an anime series..that way we can feel the thrill of an infection a lil bit better

Sapphire Pyro said...

I haven't seen/read Spiral though, but yeah, infection stuff presented as an anime seems more thrilling *_*

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