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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Shangri-La - Episode 12

I really don't understand why other people are being so disappointed with this show just because they don't get what's going on. What's a mystery genre if everything is absolutely clear?!
Well, fine, mystery isn't exactly one of the main genres of this show BUT STILL the show is full of mysteries. Things that don't make sense make sense later but it also brings more stuff that don't make sense leaving you having questions again. Complain about that if it's already the last episode, unless it's an open-ending.
Anyway, main highlights of the episode has something to do with Sayoko trying to find out what she isn't permitted to, Ryouko being so evil as usual, Kuniko practicing her leadership skills even if it's kinda lolz, other fun at Akihabara, and more importatly, our favorite transvertie is back in action! Hehe~ AND OF COURSE KUNIHITO WILL ALWAYS BE THE CENTER OF MY ATTENTION NO MATTER HOW LITTLE SCREENTIME HE GETS

  • Kuniko's one of the cutest female leaders in an anime series who doesn't exactly go moe, but she's still so adorable! That simple yet pretty bizarre plan of hers and her drawing . . .so cute~
  • I think the Metal Age is rich . . . they can buy a lot of stuff . . . and Kuniko just got the money in such a short period of time. I don't know how she managed to have such though. But like her grandma she knows the carbon market and stuff. Maybe she did it through that or . . . I don't know~
  • The pretty girl ad in the billboard reminded me of Basquash . . . which also had something like that. Thank goodness they're just extras, not exactly part of the story. I'm sick of pretty moe girls . . . especially magical lolis. I won't like them if they're shotas either *prefers evil shotas*
  • Karin decided to go shopping outside . . .as a favor to Digma Zero. Her teddy was discouraging her though
  • Speaking of her teddy . . . I wonder if it could really talk or it's just Karin's imagination. This is sci-fi fantasy . . . so I'm not sure
  • Karin si still afraid of talking to people, so she thought that wearing a MASCOT will make her confident. And it worked! And it was so hilarious!!! Hahahahaha!!!! Karin was so cute~
  • She highly depended on it though. She still fears being actually seen by others. It's so cute that she doesn't realize that her costume is more embarassing than talking to other people~ Hahahahha!
  • Karin was cutest in this episode when she thought of buying the WHOLE CITY of Akihabara. Oh that was so innocent of her . . . and oh it makes me jealous of rich kids . . .
  • Kuniko and Karin met again! I think they will make good friends. I wish they'll have more interactions soon~
  • By the way, Ryouko is such a bitch in this episode. A really merciless slutty bitch and she really purposely has a harem all over her. She's totally villaneous and eeeeeeeeeevvvvvvvviiiiiiiillllllllll . . . . AND I FIND THAT SO AWESOME! Wicked women acting like they're supposed to be. Most wicked women like her in the anime are kinda pathetic, but she is one of those exemptions. She's excellent yet very cruel. I applaud to the writers for making a character who's meant to be hated really despicable!
  • And aaaahhh . . . so that's why Ryouko and Sayoko seem familiar with each other. They were actually classmates at the university! Pfft! They're both bitches in their own way! Hahaha!
  • Sayoko asked Ryouko about the Digmas. Ryouko, being a bitch, wouldn't want to share any information if Sayoko won't kneel and beg. Well, Sayoko cared for Mikuni that much so she did even if she totally doesn't want to.
  • So we get a confirmation that Mikuni isn't the only Digma. And these Digmas seem to be candidates to be . . . I didn't get it. It has something to do with Atlas. So these three are actually in some contest? I hope the series becomes clear on what their destiny is exactly soon.
  • I really really think Ryouko is being soft to Digma 3, aka Kunihito Kusanagi. I don't think she really gives a damn about Mikuni except for her being a Digma. And though she's interested in Kuniko, she wouldn't mind her dying if she wasn't worth it. But with Kusanagi, he's often a special case. Like, for a young guy he got a high position such as a commander. Even if he had failed big time, his resignation wasn't accepted. And now about the survival on Medusa, he's the only excemption on being killed. Well, yeah, it may have something to do with him being a Digma, BUT STILL!!!! She really seems to be softest towards Kunihito. Do they actually have a relationship (as in by blood or something)? Or is it something really simple like Ryouko being bias towards guys? I don't think Kunihito knows her personally so . . . . DAMN! I want an interaction between these two! What exactly does Ryouko think of Kunihito??!!! (But I have a feeling I'll be a little disturbed when I find out . . . ehehehe)
  • Anyway, back to Sayoko, this series sure had a creative representation of hacking. And wait, the server's called Zeus? Some mythology references . . . I like that~
  • She was caught so early but when she had gone too far, they had captured her. Ehehehe~
  • Miko will be the one to take care of Mikuni now. I would like to see her have a bigger role than just babysitting Mikuni. I'm glad she decided to stay instead of going back to Momoko. Momoko takes too much of the spotlight. Haha~
  • Speaking of Momoko, she's able to escape now thanks to Miko:

It was a very sweet reunion between the two. I'm so happy that Kuniko remained strong and Momoko is back! Hooray! Hooray!


Ugh, he didn't appear much in the episode to my disappointment. Haha!
He was being a good boy for being concerned about his teammates first when he woke up. He's such a darling~


Wait, Momoko doesn't have a new getup? Or perhaps this is a flashback . . . I see the old Miko too.
Next episode is invasion time so . . . I hope it'll be fun~


Shounen A said...

Of course Metal Age has a lot of money. Remember the graphite blocks they sold in episode 4? :D

I also wondered about Momoko repeating a previous look, but I hadn't thought about it being part of a flashback. But now that you mentioned it, the next episode is just about the right time for a recap ...

Sapphire Pyro said...

Yeah, I remember that. I didn't see the point of them stealing from Atlas if they're THAT rich though.

But noooooooo . . . . I hope it's not going to be a recap. Recaps usually bore me x_x

Shounen A said...

I chalk it up to "enough to equip a tiny army, but hopelessly inadequate to support a town for more than five decades".

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