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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shangri-La - Episode 9

Drama and Horrorfest episode . . . but of course the crack is still there . . . even disturbing crack
So many shock . . . a lot of intense scenes
simply . . . WOW!
  • I find the part with Mikuni and Miko at the beginning so adorable and amusing! Haha! That bouncing . . . haha!
  • Miko was a sumo-wrestler? That explains the big tummy. I'm actually glad to know that. I though Miko was just some fat and weak dude that became gay. So she's also a fighter like Momoko, just not as skillful. That's nice.
  • I wonder what Miko will do next episode. She has realized that she has blocked Kuniko's boomerang (Kuniko doesn't know Miko was there though). I want to see her struggle on choosing between Mikuni and her old life.
  • I really love it when Momoko fights! Even if she flirts around for the comedy, she's really so badass and Sayoko is almost no match if it weren't for her secret weapons . . . guuuhh . . .
  • I am not sure if I should be amused or disturbed on the part with Sayoko showing her masochistic/sadistic (I think she's both ) mode to Momoko . . .
  • Momoko was captured. She thinks Momoko would be fun as a plaything guinea pig. She was so impressed on Momoko's fighting skills and also that Momoko was able to detect that they were being sniped. It seems that it's rare for people to escape from her sniper-shots.
  • I am so relieved that Momoko didn't die, but captured instead. Anything's better than dead! I don't care if they're applying supporting/main character immunity. Momoko's too awesome to die! And the mystery behind the earring should be revealed!
  • Speaking of the earring, it appears that Sayoko had noticed the similar earring. We can't tell if Momoko was lying or not. I hope this gets explained next episode.
  • Being separated from Momoko like that is of course a pain to Kuniko. Momoko was brought to Atlas after all! She knows how terrible the imprisonment there is. Even if it's not under Ryoko. Atlas hasn't shown any very positive sides so far (putting aside the compassionate soldiers and poor servant).
  • Speaking of Ryoko, I believe it hasn't really been explained what her position in Atlas exactly is. All I know is that she's a high ranking official and that's it. Is there someone higher than her or she's already the queen or something?
  • Anyway, it seems that in a way she's working for the Hiruko. The Hiruko seems to be something like an Oracle. Well, it does make premonitions, right? Though it still isn't clear who exactly the Hiruko is referring to. Kuniko is a top candidate . . . but who knows what the writers have in mind.
  • About the Hiruko again . . . I thought it was some high level spooky spirit in a form of a child. But this episode shows that it uses children as vessels . . . and they don't last long. Oh god . . . those poor children being used as sacrifices.
  • And I must add that the Hiruko is so freaky in this episode . . . COOL!
  • I honestly didn't get the part with MEDUSA. It suddenly wasn't doing anything, then after the Eclipse it was talking again . . . eh?
  • I think Karin doesn't have much friends that she gives spoiled Klaris some money to stay in good terms with her. Not that Klaris threatened her or something, Karin just seemed so generous.
  • Now to Kuniko, she's the type who hides her sorrows behind her smiles and laughs. She was of course dead worried about what happened to Momoko but at least she didn't forget about her promise. That had made her forget about her worries temporarily. Then only to know that her depression will be worsened . . .
  • I love how the part of Kuniko going to the corpses + the happy flashbacks with them were presented. It had been really beautiful and emotional. I'm very impressed!
  • The corpses looked horrific too! So bloody fantastic! *likes creepy stuff*
  • Oh the part of Kuniko finally crying . . . it was very sad.
  • I admit that Kuniko has a very good excuse to go angsty and emo after all the tragedy that had happened in just one episode but . . . I wish she can get over it soon. I wish she'll take Momoko's advice. Be strong and do something! I have faith in her!

AS IF I would miss a scene with Kusanagi even if it was just like . . . 2 to 3 seconds! Haha!
Man, he looked dull there.

Speaking of next episode . . .

For a long time it really can't register to my mind that Kuniko's already 18 because she looks too young for that, but after seeing that young Kuniko scene . . . I finally believe! She does look matured anough to be in her late teens. Hehe
Anyway, seeing young Kuniko makes me think we'll have a flashback on how Momoko became her guardian. I look forward to that!

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At least Karin has found some use for her piles of money besides just buying boxes of stuff at random. ;)

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