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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Shangri-La - Episode 10

The Moon! The Sun! The Land!
~ The voice of Atlas ~
What the Hiruko has been saying for episodes are honestly not very clear yet, but at least we get to confirm which is which.
An very good episode as usual! The art on some scenes looked weird to me, but many of them are so wonderful that the bad parts had been ignorable. Hehe.
  • I am so happy and relieved that it didn't take Kuniko a whole episode to go depressed and emo! It took her a while to get herself together, but in the end she's back to her normal self but with a serious decision this time.
  • It was mentioned that her grandmother had brought her there to become the new leader. I wonder where she had lived in the past. And where the heck her parents are?! Most likely they weren't with her around her age in the flashback though.
  • I adore cute little girls who are more amazed on an Okama's boomerang move than an Okama's prettiness. Hehe
  • I really don't get why Momoko and Miko were eating food on a fastfood/canteen tray in the middle of the street and everyone's watching them. It appears they were poor at that time (maybe this was before the bar was built or when the bar was closed down) so Miko had been really really hungry. But still, what's with the fastfood/canteen tray?
  • So Momoko's weapons weren't high-tech before. She only used to play with a wooden boomerang.
  • I really wonder how Momoko manages to look different (as in entire get-up) EVERYDAY. It seems to be everyday, as long as she can go home and change. I wanna see her wardrobe *_*
  • Ah, so it was Momoko who gave Kuniko her highschool uniform. The uniform is nice, but I see so many female anime characters who have such a costume already. Can't she wear something different next time? She's not exactly attending school anymore anyway. It may be because it's her favorite clothes, but oh come on!
  • Momoko wants Kuniko to live a normal life, and not get involved with this Atlas rebellion stuff. This may have something to do with Kuniko not wanting to become the leader of Metal Age at first. She wants to be ordinary.
  • But well, in this episode, Kuniko has finally decided that she will become the leader of Metal Age. I like it that her reason had nothing to do with what happened to Momoko and her prison friends. Usually in other anime when a major characters makes a major decision, it has something to do with what just happened. That's just so overused. And well, she said that she had planned to do it for a long time already. I already expected this, since she's already acting leader-like and she cares so much for her people. Usually in anime, leader-type characters are like that.
  • Now to Momoko . . . I dunno how the hell she wasn't influenced with whatever drug Sayoko had given her, but it was pretty cool. It was cool in the sense that she almost fooled me for being under the drug's . . . errr . . spell? . . . I mean effect . . .whatever. The names she made up . . . and she still insists on being 28! Wahahaha! It's definitely a lie. Kuniko's already 18, and she had definitely not met Kuniko when she's around 10+! Hahaha!
  • I am so amazed with Momoko's observation skills! By just judging Sayoko's body, she could precisely tell that Sayoko had given birth, with the correct number of years, and also mention the emotions she had felt and the pain she had grown through. Wow . . . I can't tell if this is something realistically possible, but if it is, WOW. Even if it isn't, still, WOW.
  • So . . . Sayoko had a daughter named Midori. Where the heck this girl is now and what exactly happened to her, it wasn't mentioned. My crazy imagination says that Mikuni may be Midori. Midori suddenly possessed some godly powers one day but in exchange for that sunlight will kill her. She also lost her memories and when Sayoko saw her again, she's now some person of high command. Sayoko only became a close subordinate for promising a cure to Mikuni's illness. Well . . . yeah, that doesn't seem likely. But I can't find an explanation why Sayoko is so devoted to Mikuni. I hope that gets explained soon. We already saw a "How Kuniko met Momoko" flashback, so a "How Mikuni met Sayoko" flashback next time please. Hehe.
  • Sayoko and her injecting habits . . . it's so psycho . . . it's somewhat beginning to scare me. Haha!
  • Now about Mikuni, oh she's really such a kid. Not to mention stubborn and spoiled. She acts so adorably on escaping form Miko then going to the surface. She is even wearing her umbrella, but unfortunately for her light shield turned off and it hurt her. Nah, I didn't feel sorry. She asked for it! And no, I didn't find her cute either.
  • It annoyed me more when I see Miko and Sayoko apologize even if it was all Mikuni's fault. I'm not exactly a Mikuni hater but . . . she just annoyed me in this episode.
  • Now about another little girl, Karin starts to worry because MEDUSA was discovered. She also says that she needs to make more money for her to be able to eat with her parents. . . . I don't see the connection.
  • I'm also beginning to wonder . . . DOES KARIN EVER LEAVE THAT ROOM?
  • And about Klaris . . . she's still not as rich as before but she already has a lot in mind to spend her money for. Haha
  • I wonder where the other person that Karin talks with go. Only Klaris has been chatting with her recently.
  • I'd like to comment about Ryouko's . . . SEXINESS! Usually, when sexy big-breasted characters of GONZO have GIGANTIC BOOBS!!! (e.g. Dragonaut) and their outfits look them all slutty disgusting! But with Ryouko in that damn sexy revealing black outfit, she looked HOTT! And her boobs aren't unbelievably gigantic either. . . . Nice.
  • voice of Hiruko = voice of Atlas? ; then, Hiruko = Atlas? (not Atlas as a city/organization/the like)
  • Anyway, the Hiruko is as vague as ever, but at least we get to know who the moon, sun, and land that it's referring to:

"Moon . . . ascend to the heavens and illuminate the night sky."

"Sun . . . ascend to the heavens and illuminate the land."

THE LAND?????!!!!
The Sun's (Kuniko) task is to illuminate the Land (Kunihito?!) . . . does this mean Kuniko and Kunihito connection? I wish that's a YES because canon possibilities (or at least moments together) of Kunihito x Kuniko go higher!

And of course how could I not stare on scenes with Kusanagi even if they're oh-so-few! Mwahahahaha!

But this is my favorite scene:

Kusanagi . . . seasick . . . I like that . . .


It seems that it's gonna be Karin centric. Well, end of the episode is about MEDUSA after all. I wonder who that blonde woman is. And Karin's also saying that she is like a bird. What?! Why?! For being caged? Explanation! I want next episode now!

I look forward to this part the most:

KUNIHITO'S TALKING TO A BIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A BIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just wanna make fun of Kunihito . . . .
Or perhaps the bird is symbolizing or is actually Karin? Then there's gonna be some Kunihito and Karin interaction next time?


Shounen A said...

Karin seems to be the ultimate hikkikomori, and I would not be surprised if she never leaves that room. Just look at what happened when she saw the virtual form of Kuniko: I would guess it would be much worse if she experienced the actual physical presence of another person.

BTW, have you noticed that the only other person to even come close to changing styles as often as Momoko does is Ryouko? Coincidence? I think not! The only explanation is that Momoko is Keyser Söze! ;)

Sapphire Pyro said...

Yeah, she seems to be a hikkikomori, but not the ultimate I guess. Since she wants to eat with her mama and papa . . . which I believe isn't planned to be done inside that room ^^; A hikkikomori would already be satisfied to be just by herself physically.

Whoa! You're right! Ryouko does change her clothes often! (AND BOTH DRESS SO HOTT xD)

Keyser Söze? *does research . . . a movie? crimnal . . . eh? lost . . . *

Shounen A said...

Keyser Söze is a character in the movie "The Usual Suspects" who pretends to be a minor thief throughout the movie but turns out to be the king of the criminal underworld in the end. With the totally unfounded assumption that more fashion exploration means more evilness, this would mean that Momoko is the ultimate mastermind behind everything. ;)

It may have been too old a movie reference. I am so old ...

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