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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sengoku Basara Musical - Cast Update!

We've heard about the actors who'll play Masamune and Yukimura last time. Now let's get to know more about the rest of the cast!

Kubota Yuki (伊達政宗役) as Date Masamune (久保田悠来)

Kataoka Shinwa (真田幸村役) as Sanada Yukimura (片岡信和)

Tomokazu Yoshida (片倉小十郎役) as Katakura Kojuurou (吉田友一)

(猿飛佐助役) as Sarutobi Sasuke (村田洋二郎)

(濃姫役) as Nouhime (長澤奈央)

(森蘭丸役) as Mori Ranmaru (椎名鯛造)

(織田信長役) as Oda Nobunaga (窪寺昭)

??? as Mitsuhide

I like the casting! Fits the characters a lot! Except for Ranmaru I guess. He became older. Ehehe. But I freakin' love the actors for Yukimura and Kojuuro!!! I am really going to start watching contemporary sentai shows for the sake of seeing more of these two. Yukimura's actor, if I remember correctly, in in Go-onger while Kojuurou's is in Dekaranger! My younger brother is familiar with these. I might buy or download episodes *_*


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kanzeon said...

The guy who's playing Yukimura is so cute! <3 KYAAAA~!!! And omigod Kojuurou looked 500x more hotter with that actor lol. And the one who'll be playing Nouhime is purdy~ ^^.

And yeah, they should have picked a more younger/shota-ish guy for Ranmaru ^^.

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