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Monday, June 15, 2009

Axis Powers Hetalia - Episode 21

I'm so happy that even if the end of the first season is pretty near, Hetalia's still introducing to us more nation-tans! And this time it's the adorable little Peter's (Sealand's) turn! YAY!

This episode is focused on Peter, but we have a little random scenes of other characters. So let's start with the extras:


I thought it's not going to continue anymore, but well, this episode did. I'm lazy to look for the strip to reread but it looks like the part of those two soldiers asking HRE is he's ready to go for battle or something. One of them seemed to have an accent. Cool~

Oh this boy only had Chibitalia in his eyes, thoughts, dreams, and wishes. Hahahaha! So in love~

And speaking of the devil! Chibitalia shows up all of a sudden. I guess THAT part is coming next. HRE x Chibitalia fans with webmanga background would certainly know what I'm referring to. Heehee~


Here's a fastforward of Chibitalia and HRE all grown-up. We're back with our main duo! This seems pretty familiar but I can't recall which strip. My guess is that Ludwig (Germany) is telling Feliciano (North Italy) to prepare for battle or something. Feliciano becomes so scared (as usual) especially on Arthur (England), the most evil torturer, and Francis (France), the biggest molester (LOLz!). Hahahaha! I usually hate scaredy cats but Feli's just too cute to be hated! Hehe!

He gains confidence all of a sudden. He's been saying "Itariya no tamashi" so he's referring to something like the "Italian soul" or "Italian spirit" . . . I'm not sure.

Then well, Arthur (England) passes by and later on top of the cliff he sees Feliciano waving his white flag.
Italian spirit = surrendering with pride?
Screenshot merging was epic fail though . . . but it made me see how high Feliciano actually is. Haha!

I wish they also showed Arthur's reaction after he saw Feliciano waving his flag so adorably! Hahahaha!
Feliciano keeps on saying "pata" . . .well, according to my ears (can't really be trusted because it's sometimes deaf or impaired). It wasn't the riht time for me to hear it when I was hungry . . .it made me thought of a local food "crispy pata" (some kind of pork) . . . it made me wanna eat dinner asap. Ehehehe~


Well, at the beginning Peter (Sealand) was just introducing himself. Telling us some background around him, skipping in a big ship, watching a view, and then working inside as some laborer. Poor kid~

Peter claims that he's going to be a nation so he thinks it's just right for him to be in a world conference. He tries to socialize with the other nation-tans . . .

Vash (Switzerland) ignores him . . .

Lovino (South Italy) does the same . . .

Peter wonder why those two nation-tans didn't respond to him even though he's being so friendly.

Later he spots another one, and Asian this time.

For some reason Kiku (Japan) can't entertain Peter because of Arthur's glare. Did Arthur threaten him to make Kiku not be friendly to his brother or something? Kiku seems to be so obedient to him, but he's still as polite as ever, so he acknowledges and makes a physical response on Peter's greeting at least.

It made Peter sad that nobody wanted to talk to him. OH HE'S SO ADORABLE!

Oh well, he's not the type to emo for long. Haha! He drinks his . . . err . . shake? tea? whatever? then . . .

He notices another nation-tan and greets him with a happy face again! I think he asked about being a nation or something.

Toris (Lithuania) gets worried that such a small child is getting himself involved in the adult world.

He gave Peter some advices . . . many of them have some connection with Ivan (Russia). They don't know that Ivan's actually nearby~


Now something outside of the episode. . .

You know, the more I see anime Peter, the more I see him being so alike to Arthur and Alfred (America). See the similarities:

Oh god . . . what is the anime doing?! In the webmanga, Peter looks more like Arthur junior, but in the anime, his physical features are having some Alfred similarities! The hair, eyes, EVEN THE EYEBROWS is the combination of the two!
I know Alfred also insults people but not as much as Arthur! And when Peter insults Arthur, including the word "jerk/bastard" is always part of his dialogues! He can also be like that to other people he dislikes or doesn't agree with.
I think Peter's rudeness (he didn't show that here, but he's like that around Arthur, and I remember him doing that too at Prussia's/Gilbert's blog), I believe, is inherited from Alfred! Haha! Alfred's also a very rude teenager (he's behaved when he was younger though).
Alfred's self-centeredness is very obvious, while with Peter he from what I've noticed he often talks about just himself. He's also been thinking that he'll be such a great nation someday and be able to beat up the existing powers. I don't think he will even exclude Alfred. Hehe~
But come to think of it, Arthur's also pretty self-centered. He's always claiming that he's invincible, undefeateable, in other words the greatest! He's GREAT Britain after all! Haha~ Well, I didn't think of that when I was doing the picture *lazy to edit*
As for the trio's similarities . . . oh come on . . .all fo them are goodlooking blondes, YES? Wahehehehe!
And they can all eat Arthur's cooking. I'm not very sure on Peter actually, but since I think he lives with Arthur, then he had most likely gotten used to it. While with Alfred, he complains but at times he's so fine with them. Even calls for Arthur when he's hungry at times~
All three don't have much friends either. We can see with Peter's case in this episode, Arthur is actually a lonely guy, and with Alfred his only actual close buddies are just Arthur and Kiku. Oh this lonely trio.

As usual, I don't know what to expect next episode. I just know around episode 22 to 26, there will be a conclusion on the Chibitalia strips. Also the continuation of the Sealand portion of this episode. Hehe~ *playing safe* There are gazillions more strips that can be animated. I look forward to next episode's surprise!


Anonymous said...

Haha actually the patapata sound that Italy makes when he's waving his flag is supposed to imitate the sound of the flag waving in the wind. XD

kanzeon said...

OMFG Peter is definitely Arthur and Alfred's lovechild!!!!!!!111
*gets shot*

Sapphire Pyro said...

Hehe, I know xD I just shouldn't have heard it while hungry xD Hahahaha!

IT'S TRUFAX!!!! *gets shot too*

tieuwest said...

Woa, I love your picture. I saw that pic about Arthur family some days ago and it made me laugh a lot. I love your way of analyzing thing. Woa.

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ tieuwest
Fufufufuf~ It's absolute truth. Bwahehehe.
I'm glad you liked it. Made me laugh so hard while making it as well. Haha!

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