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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bakuman - Chapter 41

In this chapter:
Eiji: most freakin' adorable character in this manga~
Shuujin: such a paranoid freak in the chapter~
Saiko: good thing didn't really join the panic wagon~
Their Editor: Bakuman had proved me wrong! He's actually a decent dude!

The duo are still worried about their rankings that it made Shuujin decide to call the director and talk it all over again. They had agreed to meet on the next day.

Saiko calls their friendly rivals to congratulate them. Eiji gets to speak with him too, and he compliments Shuujin's story for being unusual. I also love the unusual. I am so sure Eiji's and my tastes are very similar. Hehe~

*glomps Eiji*

I thought the editor (whose name I forgot again! Starts with an "H" or "M" I think. *lazy to check*) was being too optimistic and doesn't really know what he's doing, but it turns out that he's just being calm about the situation. He can't show a worried face to the authors or else it'll jsut discourage them even more. Going down in the results could be really distracting.

Shuujin's so desperate to make Detective Trap popular that he's even planning on making it a battle manga for easy popularity. I guess he had forgotten that he sucks in writing for battle manga. Ahahaha!

But Shuujin's stories seem to be really good that many people are so impressed by it. Their editor just suggests to just continue what they're already doing. Mystery manga gets popular by time . . . gotta have patience like when one is solving a mystery! Hehe!

It seems true though. I mean, take Death Note for example. I believe it's under the mystery genre, not exactly detective though, but it still involves crime and police stuff and . . it's mysterious. Ehehe. Well, I already knew about Death Note when it wasn kinda new. I'm a huge sucker for mysteries, and the story was awesome, so I got hooked. But it still wasn't that popular during that time. Then months later, I see people buying and using Death Notes! DN merchandises are now found in all anime shops, and gazillions of people talk about how epic Death Note is. I guess it really takes a while for the majority to notice the brilliance of a mystery manga. Ehehe~

So back to Bakuman, Saiko understands the situation and decided to agree with the director. He's pretty confident that they can attract new fans with what they're currently doing.

But Saiko wouldn't actually have thought of that if it weren't for Eiji's compliments. And he thanked Eiji for it.

Oh I like rivals who help each other out~

It seems that Bakuman isn't just about the competition between the different mangakas of Shounen Jump . . .

but it's about how these talents change Shounen Jump. It's like they're going to make it in Shounen Jump history. That's so awesome! Looking forward to how they'll be accomplishing that!