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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Eden of the East - Episode 9

It wasn't as exciting as the previous episodes, but revelations on this one had been pretty interesting! (except for the part with Ohsugi, that dude is becoming more and more annoying)
  • Okay, (this is already mentioned in the previous episode but I would still want to complain) Itazu's reason for not leaving the room is because he lost his pants. Well DUH! Where's the freakin' harm in buying a new pair? Even though he's not fond of buying online, he has managed to feed himself! And with his genius, he could do something to earn even if he's stuck in his room! So what's with the damn angsty reason for secluding oneself from the world just because of not having pants!!! UUURRRGGHHH!!!!! Lame! Cheap! Whatever!
  • Anyway, when Itazu's room was shown, I couldn't believe that it's a room of an incredible genius at first until I saw his secret hideout. Pretty cool~
  • Such a genius engineering student. He was able to open and get data from that Selacao phone in such a short period of time! Surely that phone was created by experts but he had cracked/hacked it so easily! Wow~
  • Akira had been worried about himself being a criminal but he's actually a hero! No wonder there were no injured civilians on such a bombing.
  • I still hope the reason why Akira explained his memory will be explained soon. Anyone who had lost his/her memories would naturally want to get them back, so what's the point of erasing them on purpose? Akira from before had even erased the phone's record and even disabled its capability to receive updates from other Selacao members. If he wants to win this game, why is he making things much harder for himself? Geez . . .
  • So, Number 10 (?) and Mononobe (Number 1) are the criminals behind the Careless Monday case. I already expected that there will be bad people or terrorists among the Selacao Numbers . . . but what I find surprising is that the Supporter hadn't caught or dealt with them. Mr. Outside did mention that the Supporter is a fearsome enemy but a great ally. So why does it seem that the Supporter isn't that fantastic after all?
  • If the Supporter is really an ally of justice, and not just some person that Mr. Outside made up in order to scare the Selacao Numbers nor is actually a tool for Mr. Outside's real goal (if it's actually to destroy the world), I hope to see him/her work together with Akira! I want him/her to be someone cool at least, if not that impressive . . . so far.
  • I had mistaken Number 10 as Akira with his hair less messier. Ehehehe . . .
  • Back to Itazu, when he discovered something really important that he needs to tell Akira as soon as possible, when he can't contact him by phone or e-mail, he was made to go outside the room to run after him. I find it a little stupid . . . I mean, if his phone's battery is dead, can't he just charge it? As in, attach the charger and while it's charging turn it on and make your call. I can do that with my cellphone, isn't it similar to other mobile phones? With laptops it's also like that. So why didn't he think of that??!!! Unless he doesn't have his charger . . . which I doubt. Or maybe he didn't think of it out of panic or urgency. Ehehe.
  • So Itazu died . . . Mononobe is so evil. I like Mononobe.
  • I don't exactly like or dislike Itazu, so no feelings of when he died. But it had been fun when he was with Akira. The Lucky Cat joke cracked me up a lot. Bwahahahaha!
  • And about Akira, the tornado missles in the ED and with Akira just pointing at them kinda makes sense now. Juiz is incredible.
  • Akira still doesn't want the others to know about this so he made Itazu keep this secret. He doesn't know that Saki knows. Saki tries to get some information from Itazu, but Itazu's lips are sealed. He gave her a hint on how dangerous it is though. And I believe she's already aware of that. Oh I want Akira to let her know already (according to spoiler for episode 10, he will). I think Saki would be able to do something, even fi I can't even imagine what.
  • Okay, Ohsugi showing the Akira hate messages is actually helpful in complicating some things. Akira is being seen as a criminal even he's actually a hero. Nice plot ideas but with only two episodes left, it really isn't a good time for that. What's worse is that it was Ohsugi who found and showed it! Having the one who is jealous of Akira to do such crap just sucks so much. Can't the writers just make Saki's friends find it by coincidence or something? Having the love triangle thing involved in it is just annoying!
  • Well now, at the end of the episode, Mononobe called Akira! I can't wait for them to meet up next episode!