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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sengoku Basara - Episode 8

After such a long wait, subs releases fnally resume. But it was still worth waiting because the episode was awesome . . . AS USUAL!!! YAAAAY!!!!

This episode is very rich in shounen cliches as usual though . . .

  • OF COURSE, no matter how in such a disadvantage a good guy character, he will be able to endure it somehow and still perform awesomely
  • OF COURSE, no matter what happens, the good guys won't ever die
  • OF COURSE, no matter how strong the villain of the episode had appeared to be, he will always be defeated by the hero of the episode even if he had survived from the strongest character in the series
  • OF COURSE, no matter the time difference or unbelievability, the rescuer will always come on time
  • OF COURSE, no matter how unlikely and impossible escaping from those sudden bomb attacks are, the good guys won't ever die from that
  • OF COURSE, no matter how realistically impossible it is, characters get to have some shiny supoerpowers when they do attacks
  • OF COURSE, no matter what kind of negotiation they had with this ransom and hostage thing, in the end the hostages will always be safe and the ransom items will be back to them safely

Yeah, yeah, so many stuff to criticize on this series because it follows the shounen formula a lot no matter how overused these plot devices are . . . BUT I DON'T CARE since they are arranged and presented in a good way that they are totally ignorable because most of your attention will be the awesome and exciting stuff in this episode!

Anyway, it appears that Matsunaga is some greedy psycho. And I'm glad that Kojuurou had fnished him off. Even if Yukimura came to help, he honestly didn't do much awesome moves in this episode. The spotlight was given to Kojuurou! Haha! Sasuke had been cool too. In a way I find him tsundere, since he keeps on saying he only values his own life, yet he risks his life to save and aid his master. Haha!

I like the talk between Takeda and Masamune. In these two I see the value of the youth and the older people in helping the nation. The youth is the one who takes care of the next generation while the current older leaders are the ones who inspire and influence them. Both parties are that significant to development.


Kenshin and company didn't have screentime this episode, so it's their turn on the next one. I already saw the spoiler but . . . I prefer understanding better on what the heck is going on. Hehe.

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Lots of cool scenes in this episode. I have several favorites, or scenes I'ld like to say something about. I'll start with the star of the episode:


He is freakin' awesome with all the blue lightning stuff! Haha! So both him and Masamune have the blue aura powers . . .hehe




I love characters who take care of the horses. Bad Yukimura for not thinking about this, but good thing Sasuke did. Hehe.


But as if I can hate Yukimura. He's so adorkable. I love this guy. Haha!


I am pretty sure that this rescuing part (and the part when Yukimura yelled Sasuke's name thinking he got hit by the explosion) delighted Sasuke x Yukimura shippers. I don't see them in such a way . . . but damn this scene:

This is my type of carrying on couples. It's so prince/knight x princess like to me. Thus, romantic.
Damn it . . . my thoughts . . . stop.