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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bakuman - Chapter 43

Detective Trap is becoming more and more popular!
It's giving pressure to Saiko and Shuujin though but at least they are getting closer and closer in fulfilling their dreams!
  • Eiji has been really accurate on his manga-related predictions. He was able to tell which ones will get the prize, and he's aware that his toughest rivals will be Ashirogi Muto. They're tied now! Competition getting more and more exciting~
  • Wahahaha! Seems to me that it's Mihoshi who helps Shuujin in coming up with hilarious jokes. "Lighten the nude". . . bwahahahaha! Cracked me up!
  • I didn't know that they really aren't paying Mihoshi for her work. But I think she really won't mind since she loves Shuujin too much. Haha!
  • Saiko's forcing himself too much. Not getting enough sleep. He almost missed a deadline. Good thing he had realized it before it was too late.
  • Nice that Aoki listened to Nakai's advice. Well, they're in a shounen magazine. It's natural that they make it more shounen~ Ehehe. Cool that they're doing well.
  • Eiji and his language . . . it's the type I understand instead of the technical way. Haha!
  • Hiramura is freakin' hilarious and adorable! Bwahahahahahha!!!! And it seems that him and Eiji had become pretty close, since he thought of hiding at Eiji's place. Haha!
  • I find it cool that even though Hiramura doesn't like what he's doing, he's still doing it so well! Haha! His relationship with his editor is so funny~


I am not used to a serious looking Eiji . . . haha!