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Friday, June 19, 2009

+C: Sword and Cornett - Chapter 3

Of course, Belca, our main character, didn't die from the fall from the previous chapter. He has the leading character immunity because the series is just beginning! Haha! But how he had survived and how he's doing now had been fun and interesting!

Before we go to Belca, we are shown first on Orcelito's situation:

Poor crown prince not being respected nor obeyed by his own people. Fortunately he's no pathetic or cowardly prince so he doesn't want to act as the bad guys' stupid puppet. But his main concern is Belca at the moment. He demands Belca to be found. The bad guys would of course be looking for him since he knows the dark secret. but most likely Belca will be killed if ever he was found.

Remember the guy that found Belca when he fell? Here he is:

Meet Eco! At first I thought he was a girl, but apparently he's a guy. He just looks pretty girly . . . though all his clothes had ribbons. Haha! He always, or at least usually, this cheerful expression.

He's also seems to be CRACK! Haha! Beary delicious . . . it's so cute and corny . . . I'm beary amused. Hahaha!!!

Anyway, he treated Belca's wounds and gave him some breakfast. Later some soldiers came looking for Belca and they hid inside the closet:

I find it really nice of Eco to help out a stranger. I also find it cute that he picked a pretty obcious hiding place. They would've been caught if the owner of the cabin didn't arrive scolding the soldiers! Haha!

Even though Eco is usually in happy-guy mode, he seems capable of going dark mode if he wants to. Haha! And he looks cool either way~

And it seems that Eco isn't exactly just some naive traveller. He is knowledgeable of stuff and he knows that the accessory on Belca is a proof that he's of royalty. Cool~ I thought it was just an accessory that can be worn by anyone at first. Ehehe~

Oh like many leading characters that have gone through such a terrible experience, almost died, and are in despair, they go emo and desire to die.

Well, Eco gave him what he wants. Whoa! That part really surprised me! Eco really didn't seem to be the murderous type, even in evil mode, but it seems that he had really planned to strangle Belca to death just because Belca wanted to. Simply creepy . . . but wow!

And well, once Belca was near death again, he remembers his brothers. His beloved brother, Hector, got killed. His dear brother, Orcelito, had cared for him until the end. Hector was wasted and it's Orcelito's turn next. . . .

That gave Belca a reason not to die yet!

He knows it would be really difficult for him to see Orcelito, especially now that he's some wanted criminal, but well, he has to do something.

So he left, also leaving a note to Eco with his thanks. However, he's still not in a very good condition . . . and that made Eco worried. Haha! We'll definitely be seeing these two meet again in the next chapter!

There are several missing pages in the scanlation of the third chapter though. From the raw, I think I saw some fights between humans and Amontale. I think it'll be interesting if there'll be an Amontale included in the main cast soon!

Okay, something kinda random:

I thought Belca won't become a favorite character of mine because he seems to be the usual bad boy that is so tsundere and emo. But it seems that he's pretty open in showing his kindheartedness, and how could I forget that he's crack! And most of all, he is MOE! CUTE MOE TYPE:

OHMYGOD HE'S SO CUTE!! KYAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! He's the character who I think often goes chibi mode in this manga. Not to mention he also blushes A LOT! Not exactly the love/romance blushing, but more of because he's shy. It kinda reminds me of K-ON's Mio. Oh he's so cuuuute~ Totally loving him next to Hector . . . but uggghh . . . why no more Hector . . . makes me so sad.