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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Flavors: Kimi wa Boku no Toriko Nare

Kimi wa Boku no Toriko Nare
(You Are My Captive)

by Tsuzuki Setsuri
The heir of the huge Fushiki corporation, Tomoe, comes to Japan as an exchange student. He is his father’s youngest child and on top of that - his mistress’s child, but he was still appointed as heir. There’s danger that people will aim for his life. They attach to him a new maid, with glasses, naturally clumsy and ill-mannered... who turns out to be his new bodyguard, defending Tomoe with her mop!
(Source: Aerandria Scans)

It's not usual for maids in shoujo mangas to have combat skills. Most of the time they are either so womanly perfect or a complete ditz or just there for cuteness/moe display. So I thought this was worth giving a try.

Well, it was okay and I was amused on the twisted crack! Hehe! The art is also very pretty. I like the leading lady when she's in crack or combat mode. The leading guy kinda reminds me of Pandora Heart's Oz Bezarius because they're pretty relaxed even if their life is in grave danger. Oz shows more reactions though, but they're both twisted in that sense.

However, I don't think I'll be continuing this manga anymore. Blame it on the angst and emo stuff wherein there's master-doesn't-care-what-happens-to-him-but-deep-inside-he's-in-so-much-pain and servant-that-only-protects-for-work-then-claims-that-she-hates-her-master-then-also-states-that-onle-she-can-protect-the-guy-and-yeah-she-actually-loves-him CRAP! I'm so sick of this. I've experienced the same headache in all three chapters. It's annoying!

So overall, it's not really bad. If you admire fighting maids or master-servant aka forbidden relationships, go for this! Art is also pretty~ I like how the main characters are drawn. I think some shoujo fans may appreciate it. I'm just one of those . . . who don't really hate it but . . . just can't read more of it. Ehehehe.

Sapphire Pyro
READ: 3 chapters (out of 3 scanlated chapters released so far our of a 2 volume ongoing manga)
VERDICT: Dropped (wasn't really that bad but can't follow)
I acknowledge that it's not your typical shoujo manga for having a fighting maid, and not to mention she was awesome. I also happen to like the leading guy, but even if the couple's cute, I am not enjoying how the story's going, much more when the characters go on their emo or angst mode. This manga has given me headaches.

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