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Monday, June 29, 2009

Axis Powers Hetalia - Episode 23

Hetalia never fails to surprise me . . . with ADORABLENESS AND LOLz!!!! Hahahahaha!

This episode features two sibling nation-tans, specifically Switzerland and Liechtenstein, also North Italy and South Italy. First pair is full cute; second pair is full of crack. Haha!
We also get to see our two main characters together again. Ludwig (Germany) is going to find out what made Feliciano (Italy) so useless. Haha!

This episode features these two new nation-tans this time! (Fine, the other one isn't exactly new since he showed up briefly in several episodes)

This episode has introduced to us a new nation-tan called Liechtenstein. She is Switzerland's younger sister in the series. We get a little background of her and get to see some of her moments with her beloved brother.

"I want to prove my obsession to my Onii-sama by trying as much as I can to look like him."

I feel sad that Liechtenstein had cut her hair. It was soooo pretty~ What a waste.

"Success! Now I look so much like Onii-sama that I have mistaken myself as him while I'm looking at myself in the mirror."

"WTF?! Are you a doppelganger or something? You look like a female version of myself though."

"It's me, Onii-sama. I want to show to the world that I'm so obsessed with you that I'll try to be like you even physically!"

Liechtenstein is sooooooooooooo pretty! I'm usually annoyed with girls that go "Onii-sama" but she's just soooooooooo cute!

"Errr . . . but still. Doesn't this look awkward?"

"I don't look cute?"
" . . . . . "

I tell you . . . Vash (Switzerland) is under his younger sister's little finger. He can't let her stay upset. Little sisters could be really powerful for being cute! Hahaha!

By the way, when these people are talking, I know some people will have Fullmetal Alchemist on their minds! Haha! Yeah, to those who don't know, their seiyuus are the same as Edward's and Alphone's! They're siblings again in this series! Such a coincidence~

Brother and sister go outside . . . and they're holding hands. That's sooooo sweet~ They are so close~

I really love it when violent and easily-tempered characters cool down and become incredibly nice to another character~ Yeah, Vash is actually one of them. His violence wasn't presented much in the anime so far, sadly. (To those with no manga background, Vash is actually the type who shoots people when he's angry or pissed off. Haha! Now someone like that to do things like this to a dear sister . . . isn't it a sweet scene? Hehe~)

Someone has noticed the siblings, unfortunately she has mistaken Liechtenstein's gender . . .

"You old hag, she's not my brother, but my sister."
"My chest . . . *checks* . . . flat . . . too flat? Is that why? *despair*"

Oh poor Liechtenstein! Haha! Is it just me or there are really many many anime series with girls that are bothered for having flat chests?

Vash looks cute in that scene . . . 'nuff said. Haha!

For an interval of the Switzerland + Liechtenstein episode, we get to see the two main characters again!

"Hey Ludwig! I'm so cute that I am emitting some pink stars, right? And oh, by the way, that bastard Arthur gave me some pizza once . . . and it was really disgusting~"

"I don't get why this guy is so weak. He is supposed to be strong somehow since he's got Roman Empire's blood in him. "

"Hey Ludwig! There's something going on over there! He's like saying that tomatoes make people useless. Haha! How could he be so stupid~"


Haha! So tomato is the cause?! Romano's another idiot of course! Antonio's (Spain's) fault? Haha!

Comparing this to its manga counterpart, this scene looked nicer in the anime version! Yaaaay! And oh god Namikawa Daisuke did such a good job in making Feliciano (Italy) sound really stupid in that scene. Hahaha!

This one is based on the strip when the Italian brothers were going to bed. It was a little different in the manga though because those two brothers actually slept NAKED:

But well, this show is also aimed for kids. They can't show pretty disturbing stuff (Ouran High School Host Club anime did it though . . . okay, almost, because the other brother had pants on). I already expected that but oh who cares! It's still animated! Hehe~ I'm glad that this actually had an anime version because I thought it would only be part of the Italy mini-drama. Ehehe.

Now back to the episode:

Sleeping Lovino (Italia Romano) is so cute~ He totally looks like Feliciano~ Oh they're really brothers~

Feliciano: It's been a long time since we've slept together like this, Nii-chan.
Lovino: Aww, shut up! You should've had a spare matress or something.

Wait, does it mean that Lovino's sleeping at Feliciano's place? I thought they only had one house . . . or maybe they did get separate houses when they got divided . . .

"Is that weird? I sleep together with Ludwig and Kiku all the time."

ALL THE TIME??!!! Feliciano you . . . bwahahahahahhahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

"WHAT THE F????!!!!!"

"You dare sleep with other people aside from your brother? Damn you!"
"Nii-chan! I can't breathe!"

Animated version:

Lovino's epic headbutt!!! (Boy he sure has a hard head) Hahahaha!!!!
They look so cute and funny!

And haha, Lovino's actual line is more of because he's pissed that Feliciano is still being friendly with his Axis Powers buddies, especially on Ludwig because Lovino hates Ludwig. But I'd like to see it as a brother complex. Oh Lovino you're just jealous that Feliciano's friends are gonna take him away from you~ Hahahaha!


It cannot process to Ludwig's brain at first on how Feliciano could get into trouble with his own brother. But since he's asking for rescue anyway . . .


Bwahahahahahahahahhahaaha!!!! Oh come on . . . Feliciano's acting like a damsel-in-distress anywa for calling for help like that, right? Bwahahahahahhahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ludwig and his serious expression . . . .he looks handsome but I can't help myself from giggling either . . . wahahahahahha!

Why are Ludwig's WTF expressions always so EPIC???!!! Bwahahahahahhahahahahahahaha!!!!!

"Ah, Ludwig! What took you so long? We're in a middle of a crisis, ya know. Our hair, you see. . . Ehehehehehe~"


Seeing Feliciano in pink . . . . I cannot unimagine this as a husband-and-wife scene . . . Bwahahahaha!!!!!

Oh yeah, I find it nice in Hetalia that even weak guys actually have muscles. In some series (especially in shoujo ones), a guy could be incredibly strong even if their bodies are freakin' thin/slender but no muscles AT ALL! Pfft!

By the way, anime didn't include it, but this is the aftermath of the scene:

Haha! The brothers are still crying even after Ludwig had helped them! Hahahahahaha!!! They are soooo adorable~

We get a continuation of the stories regarding Switzerland, but with Austria this time!

We see a flashback of them as children too:


And they met again . . . .

What a reunion~ It's like it's shouting "THIS IS FATE!"

This episode is full of fun and cute~ I am very happy that Liechtenstein was able to make her debut! Paku Romi really suits being Switzerland's voice~ And of course I'm happy to see Romano again! And I won't ever get tired of the main characters (heck I love ALL Hetalia characters). And I'm so happy that Austria made an appearance even briefly! Yay!

However, I don't get why the anime is adding more stories that need continuations even though the first season is already ending! There are several stories that don't have continuations yet (like the one with Sealand!). Or maybe there's no more division between the two seasons at all? Season two will continue like it's just an extension of season one, perhaps? Ugh, whatever. It's doing great anyway. So anime, just continue the pending ones . . . . and show The Awesome already!!!! But of course I won't complain if more random stories get animated. Hehe~

~ click images for bigger versions, except for manga panels and gif.
~ gif image by juniormint @ livejournal


Sarynn said...

Gah! This looks WAY too adorable! I love it already. Yes, even though I haven't seen the show yet. xD If only my Death Note friends could see me now...

Anonymous said...

It's just too adorable! <3

You have no idea how much I love your review/rants whatever they're called. Keep it up!

Kiiru-Sama said...

UWAAAAAAAAAAAA~!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS EPISODE! Especially the headbutt~!!! XD

Sapphire Pyro said...

Hetalia's full of adorableness. Haha!

Adorable indeed! And thank you very much ^_^

I love this episode too (heck, I love all episodes). The headbutt is so epic! Bwahahahaha! Oh Romano~

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