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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

07-Ghost - Episode 13

This isn't one of 07-Ghost's great episodes but it's still enjoyable nonetheless.
Basically this episode centers on a few things: 1) The Murder 2) The Eye 3) The Past
It had some Teito angsting, but not much on Mikage this time. We also get to learn more about Teito's childhood.
But what's an 07-Ghost episode without the crack? Haha! Frau and Hakuren (also Teito and Bastien) had mainly provided that kind of fanservice! Hahaha!

It began continuing the part when people have witnessed Aldo's murdered body. They speculate that he was punished for his sins by the Seven Ghosts.
This reminds me of extremely religious bastards, you know. When something bad happens to people they prejudged as someone evil, they call them as God's punishment or other crap like that. I don't exactly find enjoyment on being reminded that such zealots exist, but I like the feeling when a show emphasizes it as something people had seen wrongly (like in this case, people thought that Aldo was punished by God but in reality he was simply murdered by someone).
And I believe it's also true that not religious people are close-minded bastards. Hakuren in this scene had at least prayed for the poor guy, unlike the others. No matter what their pasts may be, or even what they are right now, they all deserve sympathy if something really tragic happens to them.

Anyway, during that event, Teito has noticed (does the kid have spider senses or something?) that up above was evil!Frau watching the event. Teito has even noticed that Frau had such cold eyes as well (oh, he also has binocular eyeballs?)

Later that night, Teito walks up all of a sudden. Couldn't sleep perhaps. He might've also been wondering why Frau was like that back then. Then he sees some beautiful glass art at the church window.

07-Ghost isn't exactly Christianity, but it's somewhat based on it. The painting there is like Mary and Baby Jesus. It reminded him of the scene of a priest and his young self (Teito is this show's Jesus. What an angsty Jesus. Haha!)

He gets some memory recall again, but with no memories this time. Seems to me that's the time wherein they had first entered the church.

After the short flashback, he goes back to the room and sees Hakuren was awake. Hakuren suspects (in an obviously teasing manner) that Teito had been spying on the sisters. Haha! Well, Teito denies it of course, but he can't tell Hakuren what's really troubling him. Hakuren understands that Teito is still not ready to open his heart to him (Oh so you're already so ready to become his best friend, Hakuren~)

The next morning, the sisters were so shocked on Teito's changed of routine so they go starry eyed and cheer for him. Haha!

Teito wasn't exactly studying in the library though. He was researching for some information about the Eye of Mikhail (Oh stupid Mikhail for giving your master the trouble of researching about you when you could've just told him yourself). He reads some interesting info, then the wind blew to the page about Veloren. Come on, wind inside the library and stop at the right page? This has to be jsut Mikhail's doing! He wants his master to have an idea on the dangerous stuff he has to look out for. Haha! Or maybe it's the enemy because . . .

Teito got into some dimension again. I have no idea where he ended up in.

It was either just his hallucination/imagination or he just returned to the real world without anyone noticing. People jsut ignored him for doing something weird. Only Hakuren, being such a good friend already, came to him to ask if he was alright. However, Teito still can't be honest to the dude.

Later, Frau shows up and pats Teito like a little puppy. Haha~

Hakuren, so honored to have finally met his idol, hands him the book of epic awesomeness. It's a book of epic awesomeness because IT GLOWS! Hahaha!

Frau approves. He asks for Hakuren's name, and they have become buddies in an instant. Teito finally got what happened, and as usual he got pissed. But someone else was more irritated that he had hit Frau in the head. Haha!

Bastien had also spotted what's actually inside those books ("OH YEAH!" Bwahahha) so he confiscated them. Haha! The idea of an assistant archbishop confiscating the belongings of a bishop is amusing~

Serious time again: Teito asks if the Seven Ghosts really did such a thing to Aldo. He wasn't given a direct answer of course. But they did confirm that the Seven Ghosts do punish what's evil.

Teito and Burupya simply look freakin' adorable in that scene. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~

Later, Frau and Castor were discussing about what happened, and also concerning about the Eye of Mikhail. Teito was on his way to Frau to apologize for the broken bascule, but later he overhears them.

Well . . . Teito goes moe . . . apologizes . . . goes moe even more . . . then leaves:

Frau wondered if Teito overheard them. Castor confirms him to him, and saying that he might've been listening the whole time even. He says it's because Teito's powers are awakening.
Yeah, right. Just when did reawakening powers have something to do with eavesdropping? This just looks like an excuse for Teito to go angsty and rebellious again, like the time he had also overheard something back at the military academy.

Well, when Teito was running away, he had flashbacks again. He recalls that he's been the subject of teasing/bullying (has that ever changed? Haha!) Father doesn't want to spoil him any longer and advises him to become strong.

You know, Father is so light that he seems like Teito's guardian angel. But anyway, that scene is just so sweet~

Little Teito becoming frendly and helpful to other people with Father watching over him. He's simply adorable~

Father was very proud of our little boy. This is the second Teito-being-patted scene in this episode. Why is it so fun to pat him? Ah, oh yeah, he's so cute like a widdle puppy (Yes, until now his little! Bwahaha!)

He also gets to recall their separation. It's also shown in this scene how the heck Teito lost his memories in the first place, which is because they were purposely erased. But it seems to be a special case for him that he was able to recall them back at the right time though.
That scene of Father saying "I love you" to Teito. So touching~ I like family (or rather family-like) moments a lot~

People that are very important to Teito get killed before his eyes. Recalling such tragedies of course make him so angsty again . . .

He feels that the people that he loves always die . . . so he doesn't want to love anyone anymore . . . DAAAAAAWWWWWWWW . . .

Hakuren shows up with Burupya (oh they get along so well already~) and sees Teito going angsty. He decides to call Frau to deal with it.

Frau goes to Teito, and Teito asks why they're protecting him. He's suspecting that the church is only protecting him because of the Eye of Mikhail. (Too bad the anime didn't add his drama that he feels bad of not trusting these church people) He unfortunately doesn't know that the bishops only knew about Mikhail when Mikhail himself showed up. Hehe~ Stupid Frau for not explaining that, so Teito went even more angsty and attacked Frau . . .

Well, of course Teito was easily beaten. I don't like the slow motion on that part though. It just . . . doesn't feel right . . . or natural. They should avoid doing that.
Anyway, Frau tells him that he's actually protecting him and gives him a speech of becomign strong because he won't be able to stay by his side forever. It's very similar to what Teito's Father had said.

Later, to ruin the intense scene, Razette shows up carrying the bascule. Burupya also appeared biting Frau's head. Haha!

These two are so cute~ I don't care if they're pink *isn't fond of the color pink* they're so freakin' adorable! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE~

Later, Frau ends their conversation by saying the the Eye of Mikhail is the light of hope that the Father left him. So Teito's got to protect it. Teito agrees . . . but later . . .

Teito wonders how the heck Frau knew about Father when he was so sure that he hadn't mentioned about him to anyone. Frau was screwed . . . but he also got saved by the bell. Frau looked really hilarious~ Hahahaha!

Teito demanded an explanation but Frau just assured him that he'll find out eventually. They're saved for later episodes. Haha!

Castor was watching over the two, and it looked like among those crowd of students, there's also something that's keeping an eye on him.

Ayanami's men is on the move~ Yes! No more Kor bullshit please! More of Ayanami's men now. Heehee~


Next episode is definitely going to be better than this one (How could an episode with the Frau dolls be not awesome? Bwahahhaha!) And there seems to be more fun and action too. I can't wait!

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this episode was very touching. i liked it alot. plus we got to see teito's past!

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