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Monday, July 13, 2009

Axis Powers Hetalia - Episode 25

This episode provides us even more Switzerland and Liechtenstein adorableness. Also some flashbacks of chibi Switzerland and chibi Austria as well. And surprise! We also get to see more young England and kid America in the beginning~ Yay!!!


In Europe, Arthur (England) is being teased by Fracis (France) (who else? LOLz) for having no friends. Anime just made Arthur look a little irritated in that scene. But in the manga he was actually very pissed and he talked back at Francis.

Though he feels alone at home, there's actually someone else who saves him from that loneliness.


I prefer how the manga did it though. Arthur was still so angry when he arrived to America then his mood instantly changed upon seeing young Alfred greeting him. Hehe~
But the anime drew that scene so nicely that it made me forget my preference on how the manga did it. Hehe~

Arthur is obviously pedo
Arthur . . . being genuinely happy . . . it's so rare it makes me so teary . . . crying for joy . . .

See why during the "America's Storage Cleaning" episodes Arthur was crying so bad when Alfred won against him? It means bye bye to all these sweet moments. And I can totally imagine Arthur's miserable days whenever Alfred's birthday (independence day) arrives. There's an actual sample though; there's a picture of Arthur eating on his misery during Alfred's birthday that even Francis took pity on him . . . baaaawww . . .

Wait, I'm going off-topic, now back to the happy moments:

Alfred is the only nation-tan in the world (not sure of Peter/Sealand yet) who actually looks forward to and misses Arthur's cooking!!! Wahahaha!!!

He's also the only one who smiles about eating it. How could he be so cute, damnit.

Arthur looked kinda weird there, but of course Arthur wasvery happy to cook for his baby boy.

I'm crying from so much happiness again~

Anyway, Alfred is also so far the only nation-tan who can eat Arthur's cooking, still smiling and still . . . alive. This kid is so unbelievable! Hahahahahaha!!!!

But this kid starts to wonder about something . . .

"Is this what you call delicious?"

In the manga, Arthur quickly said that of course it's something delicious. While in the anime it made him kind of speechless at first and spoke uneasily on confirming to Alfred that that's what he believes as something delicious. Haha! I like either way~

Young Alfred is still brainwashable . . .bwahehehe! So he believed Arthur and happily continued his meal.

I just noticed something . . . only Alfred was eating? So they're not having lunch together? After cooking for Alfred, Arthur just watches the boy? Hhhmm . . . I think watching a loved one eating your cooking is pretty fulfilling? (I'm sorry, I dunno the feeling. I don't cook at all. But I think there's some sort of satisfaction upon doing that, right? It means something~)


We're back to thse siblings. (I think this is the first strip that's separated by episodes but are aired continuously . . .aside from the ones based on the main chapters).

Liechtenstein holding her present . . . so cute . . .

She's still a little shy in giving it

Vash (Switzerland) becomes curious . . .

She gives it anyway . . . in a really cute way . . .

She walks away . . . . in an even cuter way . . . .

And continues to walk away from him . . . getting cuter and cuter . . .


Oh well, as if Vash won't accept what his dear sister gives him~

He reads the love letter included in the present in his room. Full of "Onii-sama's"

He finishes reading then gets the present . . .

AND IT'S PINK AND FLUFFY (Kinda reminded me of Wolfram from Kyou Kara Maou's negligee. And these two are both blondes with green eyes. Shet . . . my imaginations~)

When Vash slept, he recalled his moments with chibi Roderich (Austria) again)

SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!
*dies from extreme adorableness*
His voice sounds familiar. I just can't recall. Seiyuu who???

Chibi Vash is very cute too~ I'm so tempted to poke his face *does it anyway*
Chibi Vash keeps on calling chibi Roderich an idiot but he helped him out when chibi Roderich had been bullied. Daaaaw~

Look how long he walked~ (LOLz, it could be mistaken as a pic wherein the two chibis have multiplied! Bwahahaha! I just merged them~)

By the way, heard how chibi Roderich laughed? He sounded like a retarded maniac . . . chibi version. I'm so amused~ Bwahahaha!

Vash wakes up from the dream~

Liechtenstein had been up earlier~

Wahahahaha!!!! Vash is wearing his present~
In the manga, it was actually a mistake. Liechtenstein accidentally gave her night gown to him. It's not sure if he's in a night gown or in pajamas though, since only the top part was shown. But that being an accident or done on purpose . . . .I dunno which is funnier! Hahahaha!

Liechtenstein greeted him a good morning.

Vash tried to do the same . . .

but he epic failed. I don't get why Vash keeps on saying "aru". I thought only Yao (China) does that. Weird~

We were given a little background on Switzerland and Austria's past.

Well, basically they used to be close to each other . . .

but got separated later. Oh they're faces~

Another sugary sweet sibling moment:

Seriously, the look like a couple there if only they weren't siblings. But of course, this can't exactly be interpreted as incest. Some siblings can really be this sweeeeeeeeeeet~

I don't get tired of taking screencaps of her. She's so pretty~

She leaned on her brother . . . daaaaaaaaaw~

even held his hand~

Vash's face was like this first . . .

but suddenly became more alive when Liechtenstein held his hand.

He likes the feeling~

but something similar actually already happened between him and Roderich you boys are so gay

He doesn't lke that memory . . .

And he punishes his head for it. Wahahhaha!!!

So much sibling and sibling-like adorableness in this episode. I don't think there's actually a division between the two seasons (first season's supposed to end next week). SO I also don't think that the next episode will be a season-finale like but will do that on the second season's last episode (hopefully there'll be more seasons!) instead. Besides, there are still several pending stories! They even added another pending one in this episode (PLEASE CONTINUE THAT SOON!!! I WANT ANIMATED CRYING YOUNG ALFRED . . . .NOW!!!!!)