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Friday, July 17, 2009

Bloody Monday - Chapter 26

I am already so spoiled but why does this manga still amaze me? Oh yeah, it was EPIC AWESOME~
EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER, simply epic awesome~
  • When Orihara's been saying that she has already planned her escape with her comrade, it really seemed that the enemy's outsmarting them again, then later, it turns out that protagonist also gets to outsmart the enemy too.
  • I love this manga for making the protagonists and antagonists so equal. Sometimes the enemy's winning; sometime the heroes win. And both are so incredible~
  • How this chapter deceived the readers was really cool~ We thought Fujimaru is already convinced that a certain person is a spy, then later it reveals to us that it's someone unexpected! It doesn't connect with the end with the previous chapter though, but I think later chapters would explain that.
  • I really love it that J really thinks highly of Falcon and he doesn't ever underestimate the guy.
  • About Fujimaru not being able to track what's suspicious on the laptop given to him by the enemy, I think he just lied to make the enemy think that they're at at an advantage of him not figuring it out when in fact he actually did, but just wants to trick the enemies since Orihara's listening, and the spy too.
  • Oh come on K, show your face.
  • Kirishima kinda reminds me of a Death Note character. One of those in the police. I don't know why I remembered that dude, but this guy from Bloody Monday is certainly much better than the other guy. speaking of Death Note, don't make me compare anyone here to L. He's just the lovable cute weird genius that I will never ever forget~
  • Nice cliffhanger . . . it's the type of cliffhanger that makes me excited instead of crazy (Bakuman cliffhangers drive me crazy!) At least it didn't cut on Fujimaru pointing the gun at the woman. It'd leave me hanging on the curiosity on why the heck he did that. But instead, what they're gonna do about the true spy being revealed is saved for next chapter.