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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pandora Hearts - Episode 15

Episode actually didn't turn out as good as I expected it to be. It's based on my favorite chapter but I'm not that pleased with how the anime presented this part. But still, the manga's story was just too good so the anime wasn't able to ruin it totally. And oh adorableness and bloodiness . . . I love 'em.

Break had been very bloody awesome in this episode~ Cheshire's a poor darling, but still, Break being badass just wins! He throws up blood when he uses much of his powers though.

Even if it had been short, there was still crack in this episode. Break saying that complains are for later and Gilbert still freaking out about the cat really amused me~

I don't think Oz or Gilbert are gay, but poses they make can be really . . . misinterpreted. Ehehehe . . .

The part that I look forward to the most was Oz becoming insane because seeing a dead Alice is too much for him. In other words, what he can't accept the most is having his precious Alice dead. Even though he's actually a smart kid and can control his emotions, Alice's death is such a huge blow to him that he lost all rationality and sanity.
However, I'm disappointed on the animation and the voice acting of that part. It didn't seem . . . . crazy. I was worsen by the voice acting . . . because Oz just sounded dead. Not crazy dead, just dead. I don't feel the emotions. Uuugghh . . . how am I going to explain this. My main point is, he disn't seem insane enough for me.

But well, I'm happy that my OTP moment had looked so adorable~

Alice is still so tsundere even in that situation . . . hahaha . . . this is so cute~

AND THEY HUGGLEZ!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAYYY~ They're canon, see? Come on, stop teasing us. They're so canon damn it!

It's very very fun to sandwhich Oz . . . wahehehe~ sandwich thing, damn, why did Kyou Kara Maou come to my mind. My happy family there . . one is a blonde . . and the other has black hair and . . .shet


YAY FOR EQUES!!!!!!!!!



I just love how Alice and Oz were illustrated in these scenes:
[[ alice ]]

[[ oz ]]


I can't remember what happened after this episode in the manga, but that is possessed Oz, right? I so look forward to that~


vivz36 said...

It's the hero in the child <3

I truly hope that Both Daisuke and Minagawa-san will voice together at that scene!

kanzeon said...

Kyaaa~!!! Oz is just so huggable~. Alice x Oz ftw! And the Oz sandwich is cuteness overload~!!! XD. *wipes Alice's nose in there* lolz.

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