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Friday, July 31, 2009

Bloody Monday - Chapters 37, 38, 39, & 40

Bloody Monday everyday . . . it was like a dream come true. And it get more and more bloody awesome. J is the star of the chapters for me. He had been so amazing and so evil~

[ Bloody Monday - Chapter 37 ]

J isn't really the top leader but he had sure fooled and had seen through Fujimaru~ J's the better actor too. I guess when it comes to psychological stuff, J is the better guy.
I think J is totally aware that Fujimaru is stalling them but . . . he just agreed to meet him because he's been wanting to meet Falcon. Hehe~
Oh J is so evil and awesome~
Lucky for Fujimaru, Third-i has contacted him and he doesn't need to worry about his sister anymore. But he had been too obvious. He made that news known to the enemy.

[ Bloody Monday - Chapter 38 ]

Falcon . . . being able to find a way to have himself tracked in such a situation . . . genius. Even J had been so impressed.
J is also a genius, his surrendering gesture is an obvious bluff. He's so awesome for not underestimating Fujimaru so he was able to plan an escape route. And it was bloody~

[ Bloody Monday - Chapter 39 ]

Cain and Abel were women in this series? Oooo~
Good that Fujimaru had calmed down and able to realize that the enemies are just bluffing and they don't plan on killing him yet. (The virus being fake thing is like what happened in the first episode of the Bloody Monday Drama. Cool~ but aaaaahhh!!! It's reminding me to marathon the drama already!)
That part of Fujimaru shooting J . . . . I want his hands to remain clean . . . but him killing with a gun would be cool . . . .but I don't want J to die either.
Anyway, enemies have successfully escaped. Oh villains in this series are so awesome~
Of course I won't fail to notice Otoya! Haha! He still wants to go help his best friend even if there were terrorists and a dangerous virus around~

[ Bloody Monday - Chapter 40 ]

Best friend moment . . . I can't help myself from going KYAAAAAAAAAAAAA~
It seems that J was scolded. Cute~
Fujimaru has a female bodyguard again? It's cool but . . . I want more guys as cute as Kirishima. Hahahaha!
A surprise that Kanou was able to get under the van! Good luck to him. So sweet that he still hasn't forgotten about Hoshou~