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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bloody Monday - Chapter 25

That's a really cool chapter cover~

  • Orihara wants to make a deal, huh. There's totally something fishy about it, but she had a nice offer.
  • I'm pretty surprised on how they got permission form the higher-ups . . . too fast. She's a terrorist after all.
  • Otoya's the grandson of the head? So one has an elite fighter father and the other has a very powerful grandfather. And one of them is a skillful archer and the other's a genius hacker. I love best friends that are so awesome and also have awesome roots~
  • Being able to tolerate torture is achievable through training?! Torturer says she was able to take a lot of sadistic thing he did to her . . . whoa
  • Enemy's geek boy's name is Mikhail . . . damn, when I see that name the one form 07-Ghost ALWAYS comes to my mind.
  • Oh the villains of this series are so smart. They were able to find a way to communicate without Third-I locating the device. So it looks like what our sexy terrorist is doing is based on J's plan.
  • J looks reeeeeeeeeeeeeally familiar to me now. I think it's someone from Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro . . . or maybe another series. Hhhmmmm . . .
  • Okayz, there's now a suspect on the most likely candidate of the Third-I spy~ Should I confirm this to you guys or not? Hehehe *already seen the raws*
I really really love how J looks here: