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Friday, July 24, 2009

Bakemonogatari - Episode 3

It's the first part of Mayoi Snail! The first half was more of a twisted Koyomi x Hitagi fanservice though. Haha! But they had been so much fun! And Mayoi herself seems to be a fun character (she's also harsh like Hitagi, but in a different way, Cool~ But poor Koyomi. Haha!)

Koyomi was so alone in a park. He spotted a little girl and felt happy that he's not the only one there anymore . . .but she suddenly disappears. But later he finally gets company, and of all people it was Hitagi. I'm relieved that she didn't have any personality change. Even when her problem was resolved, she's back to her usual bitchy self. HOORAY!

Hitagi wants to pay Koyomi back, and she says that she'll do anything for him. He hadn't been saying what he wants, she she gives him suggestions, and those suggestions are perverted fanservice style. Whoa . . . she's totally hitting on him.
Speaking of pervertedness, Koyomi was being a decent dude when he saw her naked, but now she's just in a sexy outfit, he's been having perverted desires. Koyomi, your perverted mind is so . . . backwards.

It was so cute that at their age they're playing at the playground! Hahahaha!!!! And the dragonball reference cracked me up!
And the hell . . . there's the virginity issue again. Anyway, we get a confirmation that Hitagi's a virgin as well, and she says that the only one who could suit a virgin Koyomi is also a virgin like her. Eeerr . . . kinda indirect way of saying that she's suits being his girlfriend? Haha!

Koyomi finally thinks of what help he could ask for from Hitagi, and even though Hitagi says she'll do anything, she quickly made an exception for this one (Hitagi, you're willing to do such embarassing stuff but with simple, and more important matters, you can't? Oh you just wanna flirt with him. Haha!).
What troubles Koyomi lately is his argument with his little sister. It's such a little thing but it bothers him greatly. . . . . .I understand how you feel Koyomi.

Hitagi shares her wild ideas later . . . wild as in she went to topics like incest and marriage of in-laws. She was joking though, but still, her jokes are so extreme. Haha! I'm amused with the part of Hitagi saying that she'll transform if she gets serious. What?! Haha!

They finally had a serious talk . . . when Koyomi asks what Hitagi would do if he wants to have a girlfriend. He didn't get the answer he wants unfortunately. Haha! But oh these two are already so obvious~

So finally the start of the next story. Koyomi wants to help the lost girl really badly (the part of him being able to read at such a long range was awesome~ eye color change~ yay vampire power!). He approached her, but she was being rude.
First trial: He offers help; she yells at him
Second trial: He offers help more causually; she ignores him
Third trial: He hits her; she gets infuriated
Of course, Koyomi won. And he was proud of it. Pathetically proud of it. And he realized that later.

Later, she lost consciousness and forgot wht happened. Anyway, looks like our new heroine has been infected by a snail (as Hitagi's was a crab). And it looks like her problem is that she keeps getting lost (if I remember the spoilers correctly). Koyomi and Hitagi help her out.

If I remember correctly, this story is just supposed to be in 2 episodes but it was pretty long so they divided it into 3 instead. So the Koyomi x Hitagi portion here is mostly fanservice? But they had been hilarious . . .I don't care. Hahahahaha!
I like the art changes in this episode . . . especially the chibi versions. They were so cute and funny~

AND HOW COULD I MISS THE AHOGE!!! Hahahahaha!!!! Sometimes only that was shown instead of Koyomi's face, but we stull get to know what his reactions are from the voice and the ahoge's movements!!! Bwahahahahahahahahahhaha!!!!!!! I wonder if his sisters' ahoges are also like this. But it'll be much funnier if only Koyomi's is like that. The special ahoge of LOLz!!!!!!!