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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Special Parfait of the Week: Detroit Metal City

Soichi Negishi moved to Tokyo to chase his dream of becoming a musician playing stylish, Swedish-style pop. Instead, he finds himself leading the death metal band Detroit Metal City, or DMC, as the costumed and grotesquely made-up “demon emperor” Johannes Krauser II. Although he hates the role and the things he has to do as a member of the band, he has a definite talent for it. Adapted from the hit Japanese comic book by Kiminori Wakasugi, the movie follows Negishi’s antics as he tries to reconcile the two very different sides of his life and find out what it really means to achieve his dream. (IMDB)

I like death/heavy metal! Watching a series involving it made me happy so much! I first knew about its anime. It's so freakin' entertaining and the show totally rocked! It's very insane and weird, yes, but that's what made it so awesome and hilarious! Many things don't make sense here, but it's meant to be that way anyway. Wahahaha!

The story's pretty good and interesting too! I like the twist that the popular metal band vocalist is actually a goody goody boy. Looks like he has some bipolar personality that he gets to switch in a different personality when in his costume or when he's angry. And despite the series' absurdness, it actually has a theme (like achieving dreams, etc.). The show may also be showing bad stuff (like worshipping the devil, bwahaha!) but they're presented in a comical way. And at times it actually teaches some good lessons (evil metal lord actually told his fan to study! though the reasons why he says that had been for evil reasons . . . but yeah, even the good stuff in this series are presented in a comical way).

Characters are so crazy yet very likable. Negishi's boss had been so badass . . . and Negishi himself is such an interesting character. The love story in this is so cute~ I like the dilemma wherein the girl that the main character likes hates the type of music he plays. Nice complications on the love story~

And since it's a musical series/movie, of course there had been a lot of songs and tracks from this show . . . and they're awesome! I don't exactly approve of the main point of the lyrics of course (oh come on, why would I agree with raping people and killing parents? *sweatdrop*) , but the songs are still pretty addicting! Instrumentals seriously rock!!!! I had a huge smile on my face while listening to its tracks. They're so funny too! And that guitar teeth thing and the "rape in 10 seconds" thing. . . . Bwahahahahahaha!!!!!

Oh I really love DMC~ I didn't read the manga though (it's like my rule to prefer watching a musical series on TV/film than reading about it since . . . I can't hear the actual music! I've been like that to all music series except for Nodame Cantabile), but I've watched the anime series (and ova/special) and also the live-action movie! Both are terrific! I love them both but I think the movie had been better, story-wise. But still, both are very worth watching~ Hope you guys get to enjoy it as much as I did! (warning on the violence and the err . . . profanity and mature talk though. Haha!)


keikakudoori said...

DMC is hilarous. I'm not a big fan of live actions but DMC is one of the few that I've been meaning to watch.

I like your description of the show. Many people who don't like DMC are turned off right away by the profanities and don't see that there's a good reason why such things happen/are necessary in the DMC world.

galimagery said...


Sapphire Pyro said...

@ keikakudoori
those people who are turned off because of such reason just can't handle such language, so they can't help it.

too bad though, they just missed something so awesome xD

@ galimagery
he had been so awesome and hilarious in that movie!!!! he's such a great actor =3

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