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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Akagami no Shirayukihime - Chapter 11

Whoa! This came out really earlier than usual. Of course I'm not complaining~

I love the chapter cover~ Zen looks like a sexy punk holding hands (or fingers rather) with a simple-looking maiden that is inviting him to look around a pretty room~

The focus of this chapter is on Obi, who formerly kidnapped Shirayuki to sell her but was pwned by Zen, though now he works under Zen. Our leading guy and gal also play a big role in this chapter of course. They took a big part in Obi's development~

Well, remember that our leading characters are in some sort of scandal? LOLz~ Well, Zen can deal with them but Shirayuki's not really that used to it. But at least she can sense if there's something suspiscious going on, unlike other leading girls (that I hate) who absolutely have no clue and are totally naive.

Her 24/7 bodyguard took care of the dude that was observing her. Looks like some officials or wealthy people are keeping an eye on Shirayuki to come up of something to be in favor to Zen. Yeah, looks like those pathetic people are still trying to win over Zen like they did to Isana. But well, Zen's no idiot. And he has a good spy-radar. LOLz~ His evil glare is awesome~

Zen thinks that Shirayuki would've also done something about it in the past. But since her actions might bring trouble to Zen, she doesn't want to make sudden actions without thinking about it carefully. Well, I think.

As usual, Zen tells her not to worry about anything.

But when they got separated, he finally shows that it also troubles him. He would be willing to be her bodyguard but he still has princely duties. But the one who would solve that problem of his has finally arrived!

He gives Obi the task of watching over Shirayuki. Obi has doubts of her letting him do that because of their unpleasant interaction in the past. But Zen thinks he could be trusted now, since Obi actually returned when Zen sort of gave him an opportunity to escape. He asks for forgiveness for doubting him. A prince asking for forgiveness to a servant . . . Obi is in shock. Hehe~

Kiki brings Obi to Shirayuki's workplace. I think it's the first time for me to see him without his hat. Or maybe I just don't remember . . .

Kiki asks Shirayuki if she already knows that Obi is working for Zen. She confirmed it. But Zen only knew that she knew pretty recently, and that pissed him off. Angry Zen is fun to look at~

Before Kiki left, she tells Shirayuki that Shirayuki has the right to fire Obi. Haha~

Obi was kinda bored with Shirayuki's work at first but he still wants to help out, and he sure had lots of fun at the garden.

He asked Shirayuki a question . . . and she answered with a loving face . . . THE LOVING FACE THAT IS COVERED BY A STUPID PIECE OF CLOTH!!!! SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING!!!!

Obi heard me. LOLz~ Both of them are surprised of what he did. Haha~

His hand moved on its own. It's because he heard a fangurl scream. LOLz~ Just kidding.
Ah well, some people will most likely think that what Obi did here implies that he's falling for her. Well, that's possible, but another possibility is that her face back then had reminded him of a special someone. But well, I don't mind it if he'll have a little crush on her. She's just too beautiful that it's a sin for an awesome guy not to be captivated by her. LOLz~
But wait, if that happens, this series will sort of become a reverse harem; with Shirayuki have three guys in love with her: Obi, Raji, and of course, Zen. Maybe Izana too.
Reverse harem sucks, but I trust the author of this series. It's been doing so good for 11 chapters; I can't believe it could go downhill that easily. Besides, Zen x Shirayuki is too obvious; there's no room for a forced reverse-harem.
But hhhmm . . .come to think of it, even if this becomes a reverse-harem, it won't be that bad. Blame Shirayuki for being such an awesome woman! Hahahaha!
But at this point, no, no, this series is no stupid reverse-harem manga.

Back to the chapter, Obi and Shirayuki are working alone this time, and they had some chit chat. Obi wondered if it'd be better if Zen wasn't a prince. (Because if he wasn't, then Zen and Shirayuki wouldn't be experiencing this kind of trouble. Oh Obi, you love your masters so much~)

However, Shirayuki didn't like the idea. And she warned Obi that she'll be taking it as an offense if he says it again. Angry Shirayuki has surprised Obi~

To have such a woman by his side, Obi is so amazed with Zen~ Hehe~

They bring the medicine to the chief pharmacist and then later she told them to try it out.

However, evil chief had tricked them~ Perhaps she believes that the medicine is already good that there's no need for testing but she wants to have fun with them so she gave them wine instead~ Haha! (Shirayuki's mentor was just sleeping the whole time, cute~) Marquis says it was too strong. Obi liked it. While Shirayuki . . .

got drunk. Ahahaaha~

She was brought to a room. Then woke up later. Obi was told to guard her. Then she walks outside all of a sudden~

Apparently, she's still drunk. Haha! She wants to leave the place but she suddenly realized that she doesn't know how to ride a horse. She's now in despair~ LOLz~ Last time she was with Mitsuhide, then she suddenly wonders if that's how it feels like to have a brother like him (oh Mitsuhide will make a wonderful big bro!) . . . so cute that she suddenly goes off-topic.

The she forgets about it then goes to pointing + glaring at Marquis instead. Haha! Oh how could drunk Shirayuki be so cute~

Obi reminds him that he's watching over her. She thanks him for that. Later he says that she must've prefered Zen to be the one guarding her.

She does not deny it. Looks like she had really thought of borrowing Zen for herself but Marquis will scold her if she does that. Hahahaha!

Anyway, Obi changes the topic by asking her if Zen fits being a prince (she had a pretty surprising reaction earlier after all). She says that he's totally perfect for that role~

Her explanations had been cute . . . first reason is his haughtiness! Bwahahaha! So Zen = prince totally.

Obi says that Zen can be who he is because he has Shirayuki . . .

Shirarayuki is in despari once again! LOLz~ She thinks that she's draggin him down.

She doesn't like being a burden to him but she finally found the place she wanted to be (which is being near Zen of course~).

It pisses her off. And she finally revealed what's been troubling her which is the thing concerning Rax'd.

Zen keeps on telling her not to worry, but he was squeezing her hand while saying it. She knows that it's totally not okay and he's just trying to act cool.

Obi points out though that she's also the type who tries to act cool herself~

He offers to go along with her, but he tells her that he's actually been there already.

People at that place say that they're hanging on. Shirayuki becomes determined to do the same as well. She thanks Obi for that message.

Obi is not used to being thanked, and he especially did not expect that from a girl he once threatened. Haha!
I believe it's obvious that Shirayuki had already forgiven him long ago. I guess her experience was really just not nice that she feels kinda uneasy being around him for too long, not that she doesn't trust him. Or maybe she really still doesn't, just not fully.

She loses consciousness later, fortunately Obi caught her. I wish it had been Zen though.
I don't see any stupid blushing so I don't think there's a need to worry about Obi x Shirayuki from happening. Haha!

Obi thinks that Zen and Shirayuki are so the same~ They're both the types who do sudden actions when no one's around and can be incredibly humble and forgiving. They suit each other, totally.
Obi says that he only stayed there because he finds it fun to watch this two. But oh come on, admit it Obi, you've become attached to them. You like your master and the love of his life that you even treat her like a princess. Haha!
In my opinion, Obi is a Zen x Shirayuki shipper. Oh come on, he's been thinking that Zen not being a prince will lessen the problems of the love life of the couple, right? Ohohohohoho~

Anyway, Zen got Obi's message. But it was kinda vague (the message seemed like it's totally serious, LOLz~) so Zen went panic mode as soon as he saw it and sneaked out as successfully and looked for the two. Hahahaha!
He saw her carrying Shirayuki, but I'm glad that Zen isn't the type who gets jealous too easily that he'll be pissed off if another guy is carrying his girl. Hehe~ (Jealousy is cute, but don't be jealous on everything please!)

He sees that Shirayuki was just drunk but has dozed off now. Oh look at how Zen looks at the sleepign Shirayuki after being in worry-mode~ Daaw~

Shirayuki was brought to bed, the two guys had a talk. Zen feels sad for making Shirayuki worry~ Unfortunately he was so busy with princely duties~

Anyway, so it turns out that Shirayuki was like Obi's final test. Shirayuki approves of Obi, so Zen decides to fully trust Obi now.

Zen gives Obi an ID, which says that Obi is now officially Zen's personal messenger.

They had a staring moment . . . but Obi had a cute way of changing the topic~

Obi's surprised that he got that job instead of being Shirayuki's bodyguard. But Zen tells him that it's just a restraint.

The next day, Zen and Shirayuki talk again~ He says that he'll work harder to protect the things important to him and her. Of course she is not included in the general term for "things that are important to him". She is obviously more special than those important to him. Ohohohohoho~

Zen officially tells Shirayuki that Obi's working for him, and the dude's now his messenger. He'll be busy with his princely duties so he assigned Obi to take his place in guarding her while he's away. Hehe~ That gave Shirayuki headaches. LOLz~

Oh, here's something extra:

If I remember correctly, Marquis Haruka showed up before as another guy who took the pharmacy exam like Shirayuki. I remember Zen being a little jealous when he first met the guy. Haha!. But I think his name had only been mentioned in this chapter. It's nice to see more of him. I hope he gets to have his own arc or something, or will at least have a big role in another arc; because he seem sto be a fun and interesting character. Hehe.

Overall, this chapter had been awesome like the previous ones~ We don't only get to learn about Obi, but more about Zen and Shirayuki too. Oh those two are such dynamic characters.

It's good that this manga shows that . . .Zen is human . . .and he's a prince who actually does his duties; not just the type who has time to play around for fanservice to the fans (a lot of shoujo manga tend to do that). It also shows qualities of Zen that makes servants even more drawn to him; making them more willing to serve him for being such an admirable person. And of course, a prince can't help being troubled sometimes; and people close to him had noticed that . . .and that makes them worry.

As for Shirayuki, we get to see that even if she looks relaxed on the outside, she actually has a lot of worries in the inside and at times she hates herself for bringing trouble to the person important to her. We also get to see more of how much she respects and acknowledges Zen's being a prince. Her emotions won't stop her from seeing that being royalty is really the perfect role for him. She's no stupid leading female that only wants him by herself. And it's cute to see another side of Shirayuki: drunk mode. Haha! How could she be so adorable~

Lastly, this chapter had shown how Obi becomes attached to Zen and Shirayuki, and his bond to them gets really tightened now. And it looks like Obi had really changed his lifestyle; or the two had changed him rather. This chapter shows a lot of what he thinks of the two. The more he learns about them, the more he gets drawn to them. Oh blame Zen and Shirayuki and Zen for being too lovable. Haha! Anyway, it was a nice character development for Obi. I'm happy that he didn't just appear in one arc and had maintained a recurring character . . .which is not stuck as en's secret spy but had now leveled up to Zen's official messenger and Shirayuki's bodyguard.

Oh this series is so wonderful, I already have so many praises even if I go by chapter. Hehe~ I'm very excited that what the next chapter will be about! I'm certain that it's gonna be amazing as usual~

Though I have to admit that the last page of this chapter bothered me . . .greatly. It was a picture of Shirayuki in a magical girl costume. Please tell me that it was just fanservice or for the LOLz or the mangaka is just toying with the fans . . . . ('coz it will really SUCK if this series becomes a magical girl manga all of a sudden).

[ QUICK EDIT ] I think I've got some details wrong because it's been a long time since I've read the previous chapters. I'll be rereading them and will be making some corrections once I have. I apologize for some mistakes in this entry. Ehehe.


Anonymous said...

Hi ^^
I've been looking at this site for a while and I enjoy reading your guys' reviews
(I'm also a fan of this manga!)
But I noticed some of the things you wrote in your review were off and I went to check.

First, Obi wasn't the one who captured Shirayuki and tried to sell her. He appeared in Ch. 3 and was the one who tried to keep her out of the palace.

Also, the other guy isn't Marquis Haruka. Haruka is the man who didn't approve of Shirayuki because of her status and was also in Ch. 3. As far as I know, the other guy is nameless but was accepted into the palace as a pharmacist with Shirayuki.

I felt that I should let you know but I can understand how months of waiting can make you forget (like with me xD). However, I still like reading them and hope to see more! :3

Sapphire Pyro said...

Hiya! =D

Thank you! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying your stay in this site ^^

Oh thank you for the corrections. And haha, yeah, months of waiting made me forget some information, or remember them wrong. (So those details were from as early as chapter 3 . . . that's so many months ago. Oh my memory @_@)

I guess I'll correct this entry once I've reread the previous chapters (which I wonder when x_x). Perhaps I'll be reviewing my rereads as well (I love this manga that much =3)

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