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Thursday, July 30, 2009

07-Ghost - Episode 16

Oh this is so delayed. The love hasn't lessened but . . . I think I've been covering so many so my time for this is also lessening. Ehehe. But the next episode won't be as delayed, since it will soon follow after this one.


Anyway, I cannot compare this to how it was done in the manga since . . . I'm lazy to reread. (except for one part, which I will recall even without rereading). It was a good episode, showing us the twist that the Father that Teito knew might not be as good natured as he thinks he is. But he's the guy who saved his life so Teito puts his trust in him. The truth is still a mystery after all. (I'm already spoiled about it, and it was an even better twist. How could this series' story be so awesome~). Afterwards they hear about Frau's death sentence and of course Teito won't just sit around and will do anything he can to help Frau. With Razette's help, he was able to see Frau in the secret dungeon (underwater dungeon is awesome~) and he tried to free Frau but he can't . . .and Frau won't let him. Escaping would make him guilty of the crime anyway; but Teito couldn't think of any other way to help a guy who's gonna be sentenced to death really soon. Oh that darling~ But in the end, Teito had to leave . . . but he and Hakuren are now up to something . . .which is to find the real culprit.


Those two had been so funny and sweet~ Frau's the one in trouble but Teito's more upset. Teito's obviously freakin' worried. Frau thanks him for visiting him . . . and the one in prison is cheering the other up. LOLz~
I like their method of communication. Using zaiphon bubbles to talk in water . . . that was just so awesome~
Also, I can't stop going DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWW during their conversation~
I think this is fanservice to Frau x Teito shippers (Nah, I'm not one of them). Well, I find them very sweet in that moment but . . . I still don't see it as shounen-ai. Hehe.
The part with Teito actually smiling when Frau requested him too had been very very cute~ I was giggling like crazy when Frau had let go of his apple out of shock. Hahahahahha!

Ah, another favorite scene of mine. Any Teito and Mikage moment is a favorite scene of mine. I'm glad the anime added this part. I giggled on the part when Mikage told Teito that smiling can make him grow . . .and Teito actually believing it! Bwahahaha!
But I'm a little disappointed . . . because this part was more hilarious in the manga! They should've added the scene wherein they were being chased by a big animal and they both laughed in the end. It was Teito's first actual natural smile. How could they not include that???!!!!
But still . . . a Mikage flashback is better than none at all. Ehehehe . . .

Click thumbnail to see bigger version for staring pleasure. LOLz~

== CASTOR ==

My favorite Castor scene . . .

Why are bishops with glasses attractive?


Labrador with a not-so-Labrador-like expression

Labrador with plants~

== TEITO ==

Teito looking cute~

Teito being cute~

Teito going cute to the maximum power~


They look cute together~ but no, I don't ship them. Hey~ A guy and a gal can look cute together even if they're not a couple.

Oh so much sweetness~


He was left alone. DAAAAAAAAAAAAW BURUPYA!!! LET ME HUGGLE YOU!!! *squishes Burupya*


I am always amused when they have the same expression.

== MIKAGE ==

I will always love Mikage~

== MIKAGE and TEITO ==

Their happy moments together. Daaw~ I like the animal Mikage's playing with. Any animal with one horn on its forehead reminds me of unicorns~


Hakuren being pretty as usual~


Yay to these two working together~

== FRAU ==

Frau looks nice here~

Frau looks nicer here~

Frau looks nicest here~

== FRAU and TEITO ==

I like how this part was illustrated~


Absolute cuteness~


Anonymous said...

sooo cute :D

Anonymous said...

in the last pic teito looks sooooo kawaaaiiiiiiii!!!!

Anonymous said...

kyaaaaaaaaa i love teitoxfrau pairing

tamaki takashi said...

i love 07 ghost and i agree to ur comments about those pics.
I love the pics.
They are cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ All
Glad you liked them ^^ Thank you~

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