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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Flavors: Isuca

by Takahashi Osamu
Shinichirou decides to looks for a job in order to pay his rent, and his teacher suggests that he work for someone at their house doing housekeeping. However, the person who hired him was Sakuya, a girl who is the 37th head of the Shimazu family, and her job is to exorcise and eliminate unwanted creatures. Shinichirou accidentally releases one of the creatures that Sakuya captures and they cooperate to catch it. A story of comedic creature hunting begins! (Manga Helpers)

Supernatural stories that have something to do with exorcising demons will always grab my attention. Hehe~ This manga is pretty new, so I thought of giving it a try.

Now that I've read the first chapter . . . .well, I didn't like it. It wasn't exactly extremely horrible to the point that I would want to curse the manga for all eternity, but it's still so bad.

The story actually has potential but it turned out to be so . . . duuuuh (translation: kinda boring and typical). What's worse that it added some ecchi for the sake of fanservice. Like it was forced to be there. And I find it stupid. The part with the enemy ripping the girls blouse for the sake of exposing her flat chest to distract or embarass her was just stupid.

And oh yeah, about the fight in this series? The enemy demon (in a catlike form) would be easier to defeat if you know its name. The leading girl, who is the exorcist in the manga wasn't able to figure that out. And then, the leading guy just had a random memory of seeing a stranded kitty with its name on its box. And what a coincidence that it was actually the name of the enemy!!!! *sarcastic* That is a seriously easy and DUMB way to resolve the battle! *facepalm*

And what's with the coincidence of the main characters bumping into each other early in the chapter then later they meet again because it happened to be that the job the leading guy wants to apply for is what the leading girl's offering? Oh destiny *sarcastic* (oh fine, maybe that part had only bothered me because of my great disappointment on the chapter)

Only thing that I find pretty nice in this manga is that the leading guy wanted to apply for an ordinary job but he ended up in a very extraordinary situation. And he was able to get through the barrier, so perhaps there's more about the leading guy than it seems.

But overall, it had been crap. It's not the worst crap, but still crap. None of the characters had made up for the bad story either.

I'm extremely disappointed on this. Dropped.

But if chapter 2 turns out to be decent, I might give it a chance.

Some may appreciate it though, especially those who don't mind about the things that bothered me with this manga's story. Fans of demon/monster exterminating stuff may enjoy this too.

Sapphire Pyro
READ: 1 chapter out of 1 scanlated chapter of a new ongoing manga
VERDICT: Dropped
I'm a sucker for supernatural shounen/seinen, so I gave this a try~
However, it sucks. Too dumb for my tastes. So, nah.