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Monday, July 27, 2009

Axis Powers Hetalia - Episode 27

Yay for more Hetalia!
It's the official start of season 2! The official site labels it as Episode 27 though . . . so I'll follow that. The previous episode wasn't exactly a season ender anyway. Shows that the anime staff didn't really plan to end it with just twenty-six episodes, right? Haha!

The ED has changed. At least the singer was. I hope they had also changed the animation. That would be more fun~ And if it's still Ludwig who's gonna be singing the rest of the ED themes, it's making me think that Hetalia might have 6 more seasons (for Kiku and the rest of the Allied Forces). Oh well~ a fan can dream. Haha!

Now onto the episode:


Alfred: I know this is a recycled scene of the heroic me, but in this episode, I have great news for you guys!

Arthur: Hmm? (Don't tell me it's about your UFO friend.)
Francis: Hmm? (Did you finally follow my advice on dieting?)

Ivan: Hmm? (I wonder what Toris is doing right now?)
Yao: Hmm? (Is he going to let us have a long break today? I wanna eat)

Alfred: LOOK AT THIS! I found Ludwig's Death Note secret diary! We may be able to find out that bastard's top secret stuff through this!!!!

Arthur: (My "England's Notes" look cooler than this thing) That's awesome, Alfred. (I guess it wouldn't be bad to compliment this idiot once in a while).

Francis: (Oooohh . . . Ludwig's secrets . . .) That's a good find. (I wonder what he does at night)

Yao: (Aaw, it wasn't a break.) This is great. (But I'm also pretty curious about this)

Ivan: (Oh, Ludwig has a diary?)Yaaaaay~(I wish it was Toris' instead)


Feliciano: Hey Ludwig! Can I use your kitchen to make pasta?
Ludwig: Hmm . . . okay. Just don't make a mess in my kitchen.

Feliciano: Yessir!

He makes one of the most adorable grins ever~

Feliciano: . . . (What the f*** are you doing?)

Ludwig: . . . (Oops, I got caught making my kitchen more spotless than it already is)

Ludwig: Just don't mind me.


Arthur begins the trend~
Feliciano: Waaaah~

Ludwig: Hey! What the hell are you doing to my BFF?

Arthur: Eep!

He runs away~

Ludwig chases after him~

Second bully arrives~
Feliciano: Waaaah~

He senses Ludwig, then runs away~

Ludwig: Geez, why do they keep on doing that . . .
Feliciano: Waaaah~

Third bully arives~
Feliciano: Huhuhuhu~

Ludwig: Why the hell are you bullying your own comrade?
Bulgaria B-but . . . his face begs for it . . .

Wahahaha! Nice to see Bulgaria maing an appearance, though I don't think he had shown up more than this in the manga. *sad*
Only in Hetalia I have actually found the bullying so ADORABLE! Bwahahahahaha! Blame Feliciano for being too helpless yet being so cute~ They bully by just hitting him playfully, why he just sits there and cry. Hahahaha! I can't blame his comrade for having fun in hitting him too~ Bwahahahahah!!!!
People who see the cuteness in this know what a sadist feels like now. Wahahahahaha!


Feliciano: Ludwig seems to be busy at Africa . . . now what can I do . .

Feliciano: Aha! Perhaps I should do some attacking this time! I'll try Egypt because his pyramids are pretty~

Feliciano: Hey you! Prepare yourself! Because for once I've finally thought of doing something as brave as this!

Egypt: . . . . (Who's this idiot?)
At first glance, he seemed like the Asian version of Switzerland for some reason . . .

Egypt uses the same bullying method~
Feliciano surrendered . . . that fast~
Feliciano: Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! It hurts! I give up!

For some miracle, even though there aren't any cellphones around that time, Feliciano is able to call Ludwig wherever he may be. LOLz~

Ludwig is kinda hesitant to answer because he's oh-so-sure of who his caller is~

And he was so right. The princess is calling for his knight to rescue him again. LOLz~

And that has been happening really really really really often that the chibi him is becoming stressed in running around trying to save Feliciano's butt~

He's so tired of it . . .

Ludwig: I can't take it anymore!!!! I'm gonna call-

Ludwig: . . . . call . . .

Ludwig: I don't know who to call. I don't know what Kiku is thinking, and Feliciano's my only friend . . .


Alfred: *speechless*

Arthur and Francis: *speechless*

Ivan and Yao: *speechless*

Allied Forces: Friend? . . . just friends?


Feliciano: Baaw . . . Ludwig's been giving me torture training again. I can't have more of that. I need something fun and-

Feliciano: KYAAAAAAAA!!!! KITTY!!!!!!!!!!

Feliciano: I really adore anything cute and seeing something cute like you had brighten up my day~

Feliciano: I wish you're as cuddly as your owner. It would be fun if Ludwig is as cute as you~

ROGGK = Rolls on Grass Going Kyaa

The rolling was interruptedwith blood~

Ludwig: Sorry, but you ain't ever going to get what you've been wishing for!
Image merging made of epic fail *sweatdrop*

Oh what a fun episode~ I don't see this as a second season though, but more like just a continuation of the first season. It has been the same . . . yeah, still awesome and fun! Hahahaha!

The day (or night rather) I've been watching this had been very enjoyable for me because Arthur's Character CD was out on the same day! He was so awesome~ And his other song was really really funny~ The mini drama is pure crack~ I love the ending~ Haha! That part has to be animated! I beg~

~ I prefer human names because using their country names would be . . . kinda awkward ~
Axis Powers: Feliciano (Italy), Ludwig (Germany), Kiku (Japan)
Allied Forces: Alfred (America), Arthur (England), Francis (France), Ivan (Russia), Yao (China)


Anonymous said...

Take a look at your picture of Alfred in the Allied Forces Meeting Part B section. Look at where his eyes are. Can you see what the USxUK shippers see?

Chibikaede said...

This episode was so full of win <3
I loved it *--*

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Anonymous
You have such sharp eyes *_* I see it now xD

@ Chibikaede
Totally =3

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