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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

+C: Sword and Cornett - Chapter 7

This chapter cover looks really awesome that I wish that the mangaka had colored it:

Costume designs had not been as complicatedly detailed as CLAMP's designs but . . . they're also as gorgeous~
Anyway, this chapter has introduced to us a new character and we get more discussions about the Amontel. And as usual, Eco had been crack while Belca had been adorable. Haha! I love this chapter (heck, what chapter of this series did I not like? Haha!)

Previous chapter ended with the owner of the escaped Amontel slave showing up. He got his slave back and apologizes to Belca and Eco. Belca doesn't want to be involved anymore so he and Eco leave . . . but the nobleman insists on giving something in return for causing them trouble. Eco takes advantage of it:

Bwahahahaha!!!! Yes, Eco, in desperate times, no matter how much it will ruin one's pride, as long as it's for survival, take any opportunity you could get! Hahahaha!!! Eco's evil look amuses me~

The nobleman finds Eco's looks familair though and recognizes him:

Eco finally recognized him too. It seems that they haven't seen each other for about a year. (It was just a year and it took you guys a while to recognize each other? Haha!)

The nobleman introduces himself:

"I'm now Dietrich Noah, lord of Arlon."

Dietrich . . . sounds so much like Roderich (Hetalia's Austria's human name) . . . damn it . . . not only do they look freakin' alike . .. but their names sound very similar too. I apologize if I would accidentally call Dietrich as Roderich or Austria. Haha!

Eco explains to Belca how he got to know the nobleman:

It's so flowery . . . I got tempted to use a different and girlier color for that part. Haha!

Dietrich adds:

Eco joins drag contests? Bwahahahahaha! Eco's a professional crossdresser then. Bwahahahaha!!! Oh they look so cute and funny~

It's getting dark and starting to snow:

It's really better if they stay in Dietrich's mansion instead of camping out. It was really a perfect timing that Dietrich had spotted them (Eco has a fever after all).

At the mansion, Belca took a bath. He and Eco had a little talk, or more of Eco trying to make Belca talk.

Eco had been very curious on why Belca hates the Amontel. Eco got the hint that it had something to do with Hector. Belca still doesn't want to talk about it, then Eco didn't force Belca anymore but he had said his guess out loud: that Hector had fallen in love with an Amontel.

Belca got more pissed now:

Belca, you just made Eco confirm his guess. How could you be so obvious~ Haha!

Now during nap time:

Eco still thinks of escaping, but Belca really thinks it's better that they don't yet. That panel of Belca looking out the window . . . he's like a kid seeing snow for a first time. Haha! So cute~

Meanwhile, Shingetsu has beaten up some Amontel slave dealer. Her comrade doesn't want her to cause bloodshed, so she curses her victim instead.

I don't think it was serious cursing (as in there was something supernatural going on when she did that. It's more like a threat or something like that) but she was still so awesome~

The next day, Belca wakes up seeing the whole place covered with snow. Dietrich greets him:

Oh damn . . . there's a balcony . . . one at the balcony and one below . . . and I like seeing Belca as a girl . . . I imagine Romeo and Juliet in that scene! Bwahahahahahaha~

Dietrich and Belca have a playful swordfight:

Belca missed it~ They're having fun~

While fighting, they have some discussions regarding the Amontel.

In summary, Dietrich sees Amontels as human imitations (so they can't be equal to humans), and they should just be tools for humans (like making them do the dirty work).

After the fight, they eat a mandarin:

It looks like snow fell on Dietrich. How cute~ Haha!

Duty calls. Dietrich had to go back to work. He leaves Belca.

Belca thought that Dietrich is somewhat like his brother Hector (I love both but you brother is much better, Belca). He thinks that his brother might have been alive if Hector had been like Dietrich and didn't get associated with the Amontel (Oh he's so wrong. Officials in his palace have wanted to kill or at leat despised Hector even without the Amontel thing. Oh Belca really doesn't easily get things~)

Meanwhile in Sana, our favorite captain was supposed to go on vacation but he heard the news about an Amontel planning to attack some place. . .
Justify Full
And it's somewhere nearby . . . which is Arlon's place. So very likely (nah, it's confirmed, seed the raw chapters) that our Captain is gonna be meeting Mariebelle again! Bwahahahaha! This is going to be so much fun~

Before I end this entry . . . I can't help myself from drooling over this:

SHET! *nosebleed*

~ translations: b1px
~ raws: Diamonddust19
~ crappy semi-scanlation: Sapphire Pyro


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