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Friday, July 3, 2009

+C: Sword and Cornett - Chapter 6

Manga Coloring made of epic fail OTL:

The beginning of the chapter shows us a strong-willed Amontel, then at the end an Amontel escaping for his life.
This chapters also features a different Orcelito. No explanation on how exactly that happened yet, but he's evil now~
Musca misses her brothers . . . but well, I don't give a damn about her.
And of course we also get to see how Belca and Eco are doing after their escape. Most of the time they were just being adorable, especially Belca. But Belca has also become pretty emotional in this chapter, especially after they had encountered that particular somebody.

I am really curious on what Shingetsu's role in the story is going to be. All we know so far is that she's not someone who just lets herself be abused just because of her race. And she's also strong for being a part of the race being treated as slaves. She also knows about Hector, but we're not sure yet if she knows him personally. It really looks like she has a big role to play. I hope she and Belca get to meet each other soon~

Now at the palace . . .

Musca's been giving presents to Orcelito. It got Orcelito's subordinates annoyed, so they just gave her something saying that it was from Orcelito. Of course little Musca is not satisfied with that. She wants to see her brother. Then later she gets to meet a guy who is about to resign. He had spoken to her informally, not knowing that she's a princess. It seems to be a big deal to them (or the maid was just overreacting). But Musca forgives him as long as he lets her ride on him and bring her to her brother.

She gets to meet her dear brother alright:

But he just ignores her.
Yeah. It was a complete shock for her.
Serves her right.

She had mentioned mean things about Belca again. It was late when she remembered that Orcelito's been telling her not to insult one's mother.

But every time she says such cruel things, Orcelito would usually scold her for that. But this time:

She was ignored once again.
Ignoring with indifference seems more cruel than yelling out loud.
I am so evil for this but I really love it when Musca's being treated this way. Mwahahaha! (Yeah, I HATE Musca)

After that event, I find this scene comical:

The dude was pretending to be a tree. Bwahahahha!
And wait, what do I see?! Not only has Orcelito and Kiliko have become very VERY close now, but they're close as in they hold hands even. Of course it's not exactly seen as something romantic . . . BUT STILL!!!

Not only that, Kiliko dresses him up too:

They reminded me of Ciel and Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji. *pretty disturbed*

Anyway, Musca doesn't stop. She still wants to see her brother:

She really really missed the old Orcelito. So kind, caring, and thoughtful. The brother who always wears a smile~

But when they do meet:

She receives a deadly glare instead!
I really love it when Orcelito was being evil to Musca! Mwahahahahaha!
I'm loving this evil Orcelito~
I also like the old him . . . but his evil side is also nice~
But I still want an explanation on how he turned out that way. . . . bummer.

Now let's see how our main character's doing:

They got into a town and were able to sell some of their possessions (specifically the dress and the sword). The part with Belca remembering his female disguise makes me giggle~ Heeheehee

Eco finally asks who their savior was:

But Belca can't answer. Bwahahahahahahahaha!

They camped out. Our dear prince is still not used to many things:

Eco was asking Belca why he hates Amontel so much but Belca changed the topic by acting like a kid who got burned from hot food~ He looks so adorable~ His reaction is totally like a little child's~
Eco then changes what he said. This time he says that for a prince, it seemed that Belca was alright with camping.
Which Belca objects. He's totally not okay with it and he has many complains about it. Oh he's like a little kid. So cute~

But Eco cheers him up saying that at least out there, there's no one who'll be bothered about his lineage:

But Belca changes the topic again by acting like a little kid who is extremely amazed on the food that he had eaten.

Belca is so freakin' cute that he's soooooooooo HUGGABLE, right? Eco thinks as well:

They look so cute!!!!!!

But from that body contact, Belca realizes that Eco has a fever. And he's totally not okay with the idea of his friend being sick:

Belca suggests to go back to town, but Eco doesn't want them to get caught so he just insisted for them to stay.

Suddenly, they encounter an Amontel:

The dude's one of those Amontels being sold in town. Eco doesn't want to harm the guy, but Belca really doesn't like what he's seeing. He's been calling the Amontel a monster. Belca was beocming emotional. His anger while talking to the escaped guy shows how much he hates his race. And he also slips the reason of why he despises Amontel:

Yes, it was because of his beloved brother, Hector. He still thinks that Hector died because of them. He didn't tell this detail to Eco though. But he slipped. Too late. Ehehe~

Then later the owner of the Amontel arrives:

Hello there, Hetalia's Austria's look-alike! Hehe~

We'll get to see what happens after this on the next chapter!

By the way, here's an extra crack portion at the beginning of the second volume:

It's like a game (I'm not sure of the proper term of this type of game) wherein Belca is the player. And you're also in a school setting.
I am VERY AMUSED with what Eco's called: RIBBON GUY!
And Belca's weapons, I get the steel sword, but what's with the onions, straw and frying pan???! Bwahahaha! There are even TWO onions! And options include attacking, talking, and escaping! Bwahahaha! So hilarious~

~ translations: b1px
~ raws: Diamonddust19
~ crappy semi-scanlation: Sapphire Pyro


fabelyn said...

I hate Musca as well, I can't see what's so cute about that brat, but I think she'll improve from what I saw in the raws...

I think it's explained that Orcelito was acting evil to make sure Musca didn't get hurt

Belca is cute, Eco is cuter *squeeeeeeeeeeeee*
colour page, I think Belca was choosing the Attack option XD Poor ribbon guy ^^

kanzeon said...

I'm still on chap.5 though, the latest scanlated one *fails*. But I won't mind spoiling myself out of curiosity xD. I just love this manga to bits~.

Glaring Orcelito is... O___O. But he's still cute xD.

The new megane guy is indeed like Austria xD, and he also looks like a nicer version of Kiliko ^^.

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ fabelyn
She did improve in the later chapters. Actually, she's already starting in this one.

But I still hate her =_=

It was explained? In this chapter? Or in a later one? Or in the previous one? *can't remember*

Orcelito doesn't seem like he's acting but he looked more like he had a complete personality switch. If he was doing it for Musca, then it must have at least shown that he felt bad about what he did, right? o_O


Haha! Yeah! So evil of Belca to choose the attack option xD Bwahahaha! Poor Ribbon guy indeed~

@ kanzeon
Hehe~ While I'm impatient when it comes to a favorite series~ Whee~

Yes, glaring Orcelito is still so cute *_*

He's so like an Austria-clone, right? xD Hehe! That hair and costume . . . oh I love seeing Hetalia clones in other series xD Hahahaha!!!

fabelyn said...

-Sapphire Pyro:
I think they explain in this chapter, since there isn't a translation for chapter 7 yet...WAIT! there is a translation for chapter 7!!! \o/ Anyway, I just checked chapter 6 and no, orcelito doesn't explain his actions so yeah, I was wrong -_-

I just realised something: shouldn't Belca's weapons contain a wig and a dress? lol

kirapika said...

Wow, this manga actually sounds interesting. ^^ I'm going to try it out when I have time~

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ fabelyn
there's already a translation for chapter 7? O_O *just saw it* I am sooo working on chapter 7 soon xD


@ kirapika
Read it soon~ xD

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