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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bloody Monday - Chapter 23

Falcon and J are like the official rivals of this manga. Haha! Bloody Monday's seem like an extremely serious bloody series yet it's very shounen~ Haha!

  • J looks like another genius who is around Fujimaru's age, but he's on the bad guy's side.
  • K is a mystery. I thought they were like long-time partners but they seem more like K is just interviewing J. They don't seem to be that familiar with each other.
  • J is recognizes Falcon's skills a lot. Well, Falcon was able to defeat a terrorist and an assassin for a non-fighter after all. Geniuses are awesome~
  • I'm not sure what kind of genius J exactly is. But he seems to know a lot of things, and he seems more superior than the previous bad guys.
  • J claims he has the blood of god in his veins. "god" . . . I'm curious on what he exactly meant by that . . .
  • So it appears that the file that Falcon's father had consists of an anti-viral. A vaccine won't be enough to cure a body infected by such a virus. Cool that there's a way to prevent that disease now. (from what I see on spoilers, yeah, they tried that out).
  • Wait . . . alpha and beta virus? two antiviral needed? Guuuuh~ why had I been so poor in biology . . . (am not really bad at it, but I fail in anything with computations and those that are related to the human body)
  • Falcon's so good that even if he's no biology boy, he's able to figure that out from a little research~
  • "If the son is the falcon, the father is the phoenix" . . .OH I LOVE YOU OTOYA! Great reasoning that Fujimaru's dad will be okay! Wahahaha!
  • Whoa! So Otoya was kidnapped as a kid and Fujimaru's dad rescued him? If the two were best friends already, then Ryuunosuke sure did his best in rescuing his son's buddy. But if they weren't friends yet, then most likely that incident made them meet and become close~
  • So another discovery in the end . . . two years ago, third eye was able to prevent the worst possible situation but there had still been a poison gas terrorist attack in a police headquarters . . . and many people died. From what I understood, one of the viruses that Fujimaru discovered were the cause. First "Monday" incident perhaps?
  • I'm already spoiled on this chapter but I still got surprised and impressed when I read it translated. Series like that are awesome~