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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pandora Hearts - Episode 14

Latest episode had a new ending theme! The song's nice and I really like the artworks . . . so pretty~

Oz was still being bullied by the Cheshire Cat at the beginning of the episode, but after he got rescued, our dear kitty has become busy with other matters now:

It's Break's turn to counter-attack. Man, he looked so cool. And the Mad Hatter looks wicked~

Oz's savior is none other than his absolute look-alike:

I really cannot see these two as different people~

Anyway, Oz gets to see more of Alice's memories, and through those he gets to witness what happened during the Tragedy of Sabrie.

So many blood . . . and corpses . . . ah yes~ this is my gothic fantasy~ Heeheee

He sees a kid who looks a lot like Vincent in that incident. He can't believe it at first but when the kid mentioned Gil's name, he got it confirmed. (Yes, Gil-fanatic = Vincent. Haha!)

So it gets revealed that Gil and Vincent were from a hundred years ago. It explains their sudden appearances in the different houses fifteen years ago.

And Gil actually knew Jack. And he seemed to have been very close to Jack too. That's why Jack was really surprised when Gilbert pointed a gun at him. And Jack's reaction? Exactly what Oz had done. Too bad, unlike the manga, the anime didn't show a flashback of Oz doing the same thing a few episodes back. The similarities are too striking.

Gilbert can't remember his past, however. And like Alice, he didn't want to recall his past.

Anyway, when Jack and Oz met, of course there are many things that Oz would want to ask to Jack and Oz has also been pretty suspicious on Jack. But when Jack mentions about Alice, he's in full cooperation at once! Haha!

The question has finally been asked: What exactly is Alice to you, Oz?
And his answer has been that she's like the sun.
People need the sun to survive. Without the sun, we don't have light, the food we eat (plants) won't survive, no solar energy, etc.
That's how valuable he is to her.
Seriously, that's more romantic than just saying that he loves her.
Oz also mentions that Alice is a very honest girl. She cries when she's sad, smiles when happy, gets mad when angry. They are opposites. Oz is the type who doesn't show how he really feels.
But even though they are opposites, they share the same loneliness. They are sad of being alone. That's why they totally understand each other.
They are different and the same. They get along very well. I really love their chemistry~

Anyway, back to the episode. I actually find the part wherein "just calling Alice's name will let you find her" is pretty . . . duuuuh . . . but at least it wasn't Oz who actually gets to locate her. Ehehe~ So, when Oz finally sees Alice from her memory of the Sabrie incident:

He sees her dead. And of course that doesn't make him happy.

I absolutely cannot wait for this part on the next episode:

That's how freakin' important she is to him~ Yes. The chapter where the next episode is based on is my favorite. I can't wait to see that part animated.


vivz36 said...

This episode is overall a win, except for the fact that they cut some of Oz's dialogues about his feeligs to Alice and Vince's playing with the corpse (Okay, I'm pretty stupid to be hoping Xebec to do that :p)

Next episode: The crazier Oz is, the happier I am <3

Sapphire Pyro said...

I hate the cut =_=

Oz hadn't been as crazy as I expected in ep. 15, but I still love it =3 . . . working on it x_x

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