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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Flavors: Butterfly Baby

Butterfly Baby
by Jaryuu Dokuro
Isayama Natsu is a free spirit: he doesn't wear socks, he sets butterflies free from rooftops, and he gives blow jobs to other boys in the school tool shed. And Taneda Kouki, who believes himself normal in every possible way, accidentally sees the last one while taking a shortcut. Isayama bewilders and fascinates Taneda, who also begins questioning his own normality... (Vices and Devices)

Baka-Updates says that it has shounen-ai. I'm okay with that, just not yaoi. But the real reason why the hell I picked up this manga? . . . . THE TITLE! It has the word "BUTTERFLY" *very very attracted to that word* Ehehe~ Sometimes such random things just attract me . . .I can't help it . . . it's my favorite insect~ Hehe!

So yeah, I did get my butterfly fanservice. The guy letting the butterfly fly at the rooftop from his hand is such a wonderful scene~

It's about two guys who met at random and the manga tackles the issue of "what is normal". The leading guy says that he's normal. He thinks that the other guy is a weirdo for doing things that aren't exactly what an ordinary student that the majority thinks does. But the other dude claims that "people who are too normal are the abnormal ones." This makes our leading guy reflect if the other dude has a point, and if he's indeed as normal as he thinks.

I like this manga for questioning what is really normal. I agree to the idea that people that are too normal are seriously abnormal. Well, people who do things that are considered weird or unusual are in a way very abnormal too but . . . it really depends on one's point of view. Or perhaps there's no such thing as normal at all?

This manga seems boring but that statement got me really impressed. I'm a sucker for stories that somehow deal with social and psychological matters. Hehe~

However, this manga also got me DISTURBED. I thought it was just shounen-ai! But there was a . . fellatio. Guh, that's yaoi to me. I don't mind reading manga with homo characters but seeing them having sex is NOT pleasurable for me. I don't want the risk of seeing these two main characters doing it in later chapters *really scared*.

So, even if the manga had been pretty interesting, I don't want to scare myself and I will certainly be dead if my parents happened to see what I'm reading and misunderstand me. Ehehehe.

So yeah, those people who don't mind yaoi and want to read a pretty interesting slice-of-life manga may give this a try. Though I think most people will find it boring. Oh well, I adore the scenes with the butterfly (I'm so biased to it I know) but . . . it's not the type that will be . . . safe . . .for me to read. Ehehehe~

Sapphire Pyro
READ: 1 chapter (out of 1 scanlated chapters released so far of an ongoing manga)
VERDICT: Dropped but it actually wasn't bad
I read it for the butterfly . . . wahehehehe~
Okayz, The manga questions the definition of "normal". It seems boring but actually pretty interesting.
However, genre list fooled me (it says it's only shounen-ai). It had yaoi! X_X Even if they were just like 2 panels and not fully naked. Still . . the act . . . no way . . . I can't.


Anonymous said...

I dunno, I thought it had an interesting premise and the fellatio wasn't all that graphic, so to me it didn't pass into the realm of yaoi, but that's just me, and i hope to see more more chapters of this scanlated.....

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Anonymous
It's true that the fellatio part wasn't that graphically exposed but still . . . it's sex x_x So I automatically considered it yaoi.
Ah well, perhaps it's just me.
I'm very interested on the next chapter but . . . *scared* I hope it doesn't have such content at all.

Anonymous said...

lol,,,no, i get it, cus i do get the feeling that the 2 main characters are probably gonna get down to the dirty bussiness the way the chapter ended...but to each their own....

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Anonymous
I get the feeling that it will happen as well so . . . *sigh*

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