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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ao no Exorcist - Chapter 4

Fourth chapter introduces to us a new character! This has been a great chapter as usual~

Rin used to be a punk that often got involved in fights. And it looks like even in his new school, he still has a "glaring buddy".

Hahahaha! Well, when I saw that guy, I already expected him not to become Rin's enemy for long. I was right but . . . how that happened had been fun~

Anyway, Rin wants to change. He's really serious on his studies so unlike usual, he didn't glare back to pick up a fight. He's trying his best to be nerdy~
Justify Full
He tries his best . . . but it's really difficult for him. OH HE'S SO ADORABLE!!!! Gambatte Rin!!!

His best wasn't good enough, so he still failed the exam.

Yukio is so disappointed. It's cute that Rin apologizes for it and it's funny that it's the younger brother who's disappointed on his older brother's grades. Haha~

Rin's glaring buddy, despite his delinquent-like looks, actually studies hard and is good in tests:

I love shounen series that show that people who study are COOL!!! Also that even punkass people can be intelligent boys! HELL YEAH!

Rin can't believe it though. He thought they were at the same level~ Haha!

They fight of course~

Yukio is such an evil little brother~

Oh they're so cute~

Later, Rin and Shiranui get to talk outside. So I'm right that it doesn't make sense for Shiranui to attend that school, since she doesn't really want to be an exorcist at all!!!! Then what is she doing there? Just for the sake of having a girl in the series? Gimme a break! Please provide a good explanation of this Kazou-sensei. Only this girl is ruining the series for me. And yeah, I don't like her.

She's even trying to make Rin her friend, since they know each other and are both friendless anyway. Rin denies of them being friends for now but I think they'll be friends eventually. I'm happy that there's no "blushing because it's a girl asking a guy to be a friend" mushiness. I think the blushes on this one is because it's kind of embarassing and awkward to ask to become friends all fo a sudden. Well, just be friends. That's all. Don't dare become a couple. Rin deserves a better woman. So Kazou-sensei, make an awesome babe show up soon, okay? Hehe~

Anyway, Rin and his glaring buddy (I forgot his name . . . eeep . . . Bon I think) have another glaring moment:

Is tiger + dragon a very common combination? ToraDora and Sengoku Basara came to my mind already. I just began to notice that . . . ehehehe~

They have a challenge in physical classes this time~

And it's Rin's expertise. He was so winning~

However, Bon doesn't want to lose that he'll even cheat:

I love it that even soon-to-be main characters also do somethign dirty (like cheating) and it was presented comically. Haha!

Teacher finds out, and they're told to stop. But only Bon got the lecturing:

The others find it odd as well. But from that Bon gets to know that Rin is some special student. Bon didn't know how much of a special case Rin was, he just thought Rin was just rich or a favorite of the head.

But while that happened, Rin gets to learn from Shima why Bon's acting that way. And it turned out that they have the same ambition: to defeat Satan.

Defeating Satan is such a big goal that even an expert exorcist will find it extremely difficult, so it's often a laughing matter when young dudes have such a BIG goal. Those poor boys~ Haha!

Anyway, we also get to have some more story background and also character background on Bon:

Something really tragic happened 16 years ago, which is most likely around the time Rin was born. A lot of exorcists had been killed by Satan inside a temple. From then on, that temple became cursed.

But Bon grew up from that temple, and he doesn't care if people mistreat him for living there.

He cares for the priest who raised him and swears that he'll defeat Satan and restore the temple.

Back to the current timeline, the teacher got a call . . . and they got a break:

Honey . . . kitten . . . bwahahahaha! I can't imagine who that tteacher could possibly be talking to with that looks. It would be awesome and crack if he's really talking with some sexy babe. Haha!

Since the teacher's not around, they do what they want again:

This time Bon challenges Rin to do something dangerous. If he makes it, he will recognize him.

Rin says that it's interesting but . . . he refuses:

The nose picking . . . bwahahaha!

Usually, when the hero is being challenged into something, they do it without thinking (Naruto is a huge example for that). Either that or they will refuse the challenge saying that it doesn't interest them or they're too lazy to do it (Akaboshi's hero came to my mind, but I know there are more). But in this series, Rin doesn't accept it because he it's dangerous. He worries that his Satanic power might be exposed, and that should be top secret. He doesn't want to risk that.

So he refuses the challenge comically, and awesomely:

You are so right. Petty shounen challanges are stupid. haha~

But Bon does it anyway . . .

And he got into trouble . . .

Our hero comes to the rescue:

Awesome . . .

I love this part:

Evil glare from the son of the Devil. Really . . .freakin' awesome . . .

Rin scolds him for being such an idiot:

He also claims that only he will be defeating Satan.

Bon's reaction:

Bwahahahaha! Stealing other people's ambitions~ Bwahahahaha!

Meanwhile, Mephisto meets up with someone:

The new dude's his younger brother . . . and it seems that Mephisto had also ran away from their father. It's still a mystery what the heck they're exactly talking about . . . especially the part that Mephisto says that he's taking care of their youngest brother (SO many brotherly relationships in this series~ I like that. Hehe~). Eh? Who? Can't be Rin, right? Anyway, we'll find out in later chapters anyway. But this is really interesting. I can't wait to know what they're exactly talking about.

Anyway, back to Rin and his classmates:

He's doing his very best to study hard again. His brother is in complete shock that he thinks it might be some kind of omen. Heeheehee *giggles*

His bangs are giving him trouble reading though, so someone comes to help:

Bon apologizes for yesterday and gives Rin a tool to help him in studying. That was so sweet~ But Rin is very freaked out . . . thinking that it might eb some kind of omen as well. Bwahahahaha!!!!

I think these two are going to be good friends~

Oh this had been a very fun, awesome, and interesting chapter. I'm very excited for the next one!


Mann said...

I think Mephisto's youngest brother is Rin;so their father would be Satan. They do share similar features like pointy teeth and ears.

Double H said...

and I still stuck at chapter 1! T.T

Double H said...

The guy with black and white hair reminds me of Arystar Krory.. O.O

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Mann
That also crossed my mind but . . . then that means Rin's not the only child of Satan? But then, they shouldn't have been weirded out when Rin, Satan's son, would want to become an exorcist if there was already a child of Satan who has become one, right?
Since they found it strange for Rin to want to defeat his own father, it made me think that the youngest brother Mephisto's talking about can't be Rin.
But oh well, I can be wrong. Maybe it really is Rin, but it just doesn't make much sense to me. I hope that becomes clear in later chapters ^^;

And oh yeah, I wouldn't have noticed that Mephisto and Rin both have the pointy teeth and ears until you've mentioned it. Haha!

@ Double H
Haha! You're right! He does look similar to Krory! He's like Krory junior! Haha!

Hope you get to read more. 3 chapters is easy to catch up xD Hehe~

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