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Friday, July 17, 2009

Bakemonogatari - Episode 2

When I watched this raw, I thought it had been more of a fanservice episode; but well, of course I was so wrong. The episode had been really good. I don't get why many complain about it for being so wordy, because the dialogues in this series have been really entertaining! And aside from those great dialogues, visuals are stunning as ever. So enjoy the visuals more while watching it raw then enjoy the dialogues more while watching the subs. Hehe~

The actual OP finally. It's creative and . . .WTF (come on, stapler sex? OMFG! Bwahahaha!). The song's okay. I like the godzilla Hitagi thing. Haha~ But it wasn't my type. I wish the OP had been more like the prologue's style. I've heard the next OP is going to be different, so hopefully it'd be more appealing to me.

Oshino promised to help Hitagi out, but Hitagi doesn't feel easy about being helped with nothing in return, so Oshino makes her pay 100,000. Looks like he also made Hanekawa pay on her case

Hitagi was told to change to clean clothes . . . so she and Koyomi went to her place.

Hitagi . . .has a very sexy ass. Shet, reminds me of Code Geass's C.C. I think most of the anime females that have been used for smexy fanservice have butts as their assets instead of their boobs. And like C.C., she's also not the type to mind the guy she's been torturing to see her butt naked. It's Koyomi's first time~

I see some people complaining about Koyomi being such a loser for freaking out like that. . . But I actually find his reaction decent! At least he wasn't exactly perverted! (some anime guys would've already imagined . . . things). He had not been an idiot who had panicked that way the whole time either 'coz . . .

later he finally got used to it. Though he doesn't want to get near (it's not because of what he might do, in my opinion, but more of what SHE might do. Even if the sexy goddess is providing fanservice, she's still dangerous~)

Anyway, it appears that she didn't mind showing off her body to him as a sign of gratitude. Men are assumed to be generally perverted. LOLz~ It's funny that she also wants her body to be praised by him. Like she's expecting him to drool over her but disappointed that all he could say is that she has a great body. Ha, I think she already likes him at this point. Girls don't mind perverted thoughts from the guys they like.

Funny that they got into the topic concerning virginity! Wahaha! It took a while before Koyomi finally admitted that he's a virgin (SRSLY PPL, What's so wrong in being a virgin???).

Then later they also talked about the glasses girl. Hitagi thinks that Koyomi has a crush on her. I smell jealousy~

I didn't get why Hitagi keeps on changing clothes from the raw. Funny that the first one was just because she forgot to dry her hair (Hitagi crack~) then the second one was actually because clothes are actually heavy for her. (but come to think of it, it also doesn't make sense, because if the clothes are already heavy for her, then how come she also has tons of school supplies hidden under her clothes?)

So they hadn't actually been for fanservice, nor had been for the typical reason like "girls take so long to decide on what to wear". I am happy that even though this episode had so much fanservice, it had not only been for stupid reasons.

Hitagi asked about the meaning of the pattern of the moon that Oshino had been referring to. Koyomi was able to fill her in with useful details and explain it well too.

That got Hitagi really really surprised that Koyomi wasn't exactly as dumb as he seemed. Koyomi may be poor in academics, but he sure is knowledgeable on the interesting stuff~

The grade comparison. Haha! Hitagi loves being so superior to him~

I also liked this part of the conversation:
Hitagi: The most useless person is the most foolish. That's truly a pleasant misunderstanding.
Koyomi: No, I never said that.
Hitagi: It's written on your face.
Koyomi: It's not.
Hitagi: I thought you'd say that, so I wrote it on your face.
Koyomi: Yeah, like you could really set that up!
I really love it that even though Hitagi verbally abuses Koyomi, he could actually talk back. He doesn't just take the attacks and act like a loser. I really love this pairing~

They had also talked about being optimistic and trust . . .

Hitagi clearly had issues on it. It became clear later.

When everything ends well, Hitagi wants to eat a crab. . . . with Koyomi.

It's like she's asking him to date him already~
Anyway, that whole scene of just the two of them at her house, and her not minding him seeing her body, they totally act like a bickering husband and wife already~ Ohohoho~

Since they're against a god, it's a better idea to have a talk instead of fighting them head on. Koyomi felt that it was too easy, since his case had been very different. It had been different alright, because he was being attacked by creatures with malicious intents. It's actually lucky for Hitagi not to have encountered something as horrifying as he did . . . but damn, Koyomi Vamp looks more interesting. I wish they really make an animated version of it . . .I beg~

Anyway, Hitagi's ritual began with some interview, until they hit the critical topic. And that incident had something to do with what's happening to her right now.

BINGO! It was the cause of her losing weight, and the crab god finally appeared before her again.

Only she could see it though. She was too surprised that she forgot what she was supposed to do.

Crab god got impatient and pissed so it attacked her. All Koyomi did was shout her name when she was hit at the wall . . . *facepalm* do something!!!!

Well, Oshino helped out. He thought that since talking won't work, time for war~ But Hitagi pleaded that she should give it another try.

She apologized and cried her heart out. She wanted those feelings back; she wanted her mother back; even if it won't exactly change things. Those are still precious memories. And it worked!

How it actually began: So when Hitagi got operated, her mother had been so sad that she needed something to ease her worries. That's when she discovered that occult. When Hitagi had been okay, that made her mother more obsessed with it. She donated most of their money to that organization and its leader even attempted to rape Hitagi and her mother didn't even do anything. Fortunately, Hitagi was able to hit the guy with her spiked shoe, and I think he died, and her mother got into trouble. Her parents had a divorce and she went with her father. She wanted to let go off those emotions that ties with her mother so the crab god helped her with that, since those feelings and relations have something to do with one's weight. In other words, it had been figurative and literal in a sense that the weight of those sad emotions and ties that Hitagi's been holding were taken away, together with her actual weight.

Now since everything's over and it looks like Hitagi weighs something now, she's happy . . .and she says that she's happy to have made a precious friend. That made Koyomi blush~

Koyomi actually looked perverted when he blushed on that scene (not on the screenshot above, that's the cute version, but his face after that is!). And as for Hitagi, she seriously looks better in evil mode. I hope Hitagi didn't get an attitude makeover though. I hope her personality will still be the same, but she just won't be as cruel towards Koyomi.

Episode ended with Koyomi's siters waking him up:

THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!


I am so entertained that the ahoge of the Araragi siblings are being used for comedy material. Not only at the end of the episode, but even during it! Sometimes only Koyomi's ahoge is being shown! It got me really really really AMUSED~

Oh it's such a wonderful episode. I'm very happy that even though it's not exactly what I expected it to be, it's still better than my expectations. I'm so impressed with this series. Definitely my favorite from this season!
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