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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pandora Hearts - Episode 17

This episode was full of touching moments and crack~ One of the most fun episodes of this series! Wheee~ So enjoyable~ I can't stop giggling . . . and going DAAAWWW . . . and getting teary because sibling or sibling-like moments affect me so much~


Break's first smile? Aaaww . . .

He will always be the number one heartrob to me in this show~


Break saying that Sharon's life is more precious that the thing he's been trying to get for a long time . . . aaaawwww

To me they're more like siblings though. I don't care if they'll stay platonic or will become romantic. Either way, they have been very sweet~

Oh our tsundere admits that his words had made her happy~ Yay OTP~


[ THE LOLz ]
I love Sharon for being the only character so far who calls Break a moron in a crack comedy way. Haha!

Pillow hitting! Violent pillow hitting~ And Oz is so ignored~

Now gigantic paper fan hitting . . . yay to Break abuse! Bwahahaha!

Uncle Oscar kidnapped the trio and made them wear school uniforms

this scene of Oz and Gil going shiny and have roses in the background make the series seem like some gay shoujo anime. Bwahahah!

Oz was reading his sister's letter, and in the end it says that she has fallen in love with someone. Possessive Unle doesn't like that news.

They're now on a mission to sneak into the school~

Uncle Oscar has the most ghey disguise~ Bwahahaha!

But his gay long is seen as pervertedness

Gil gets to see his best friend again

Oh how cute of chibi Gil freaking out because a kitty is clinging to him~

I laughed s hard on the Gilbert fainting scene. Bwahahaha!

Oz so shocked that Alice could actually sharp at times! Wahaha!

Of course she takes it as an insult~ Oz torture as usual. Wheee~

More Oz abuse~

It's not yet enough~

Jealous girlfriend is jealous . . . too bad for him she doesn't have any idea what a siblign relationship is.

Possessive girlfriend is possessive.

Servant doesn't like his master being treated as a servant

Fighting for Oz~ Ada sweatdrop~

Almost forgot secret mission~ Oh funny that even Alice gets scared of Oscar. Haha!

Ada asked Gil about the hat. Her relatives thought she was referring to Gil's precious hat. Then maybe it means . . .

Gil was the one they're looking for all along???!!!! . . . they think . . .

Possessive/overprotective relatives not happy with the idea. Even Oz is giving Gil the evil stare~

Ada's misleading smile made them think they had been right. Oh LOLz to their reactions (one crying and the other was like he lost his soul. Bwahahha!)

Poor Gil . . .Poor Gilbert . . . BWAHAHHAAHHAHAHA!!!!


Next episode looks like a very serious and intense one~ Bloody awesome~

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